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Two Days of Terror


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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]This is not a horror RPG. The title is just a hook. Sorry. What this really is, is a Dude Where's My Car-esque story about the two Day brothers.

Valen and Chris Day (middle names Tine and Mas...wait a minute, you'll get it) are two brothers, living in the peaceful suburb of Shoreline. They work at the local Trampoline factory, and live with their Aunt Holly (middle name Ween...you'll get it, don't worry).

One day, after a long, adventure-filled day at the factory (or, I should say driving to and from the factory. They'er delivery boys) they discover a bone-chilling note.

[I]"We have your Aunt captive, eh. If you ever want to see her again, eh, you'll give us 40 million dollars, eh. Unless you want her turned into hockey pucks, eh?

[INDENT]Signed, the Canadian Mafia."[/I][/INDENT]

Now, they're on a world wind trip, driving through the harsh underworld of...Canada...uh... in their dilapidated old Citroen. They must face down Hockey Players, Hockey fans, Eskimoes (or Inuit to you PC people), French People, and finally, the Canadian Mafia. Can they survive? Do you wan't them to?[/SIZE][/COLOR]

This will be done in a movie-style format, as have some other RPGs recently. You know...

Scene 1
Characters-Valen and Chris
Plot Points-Yadda Yadda

...like that.

If you're wondering where I got this inane idea, it's thanks to my friend Andrew, the guy who came up with the Giant Squid-Underwater Mines conspiracy theory (which is actually pretty good) and the Flaming Tubular Sex Weasle Luggage (A band name...less good)...oh, and their first album title, Paintings in Walrus Blood. He's insane.

Here's the sign-up. Oh, and there are rolls that need to be filled...

Valen Tine Day-
Chris Mas Day-
Love Interest 1-
Love Interest 2-
Mafia Leader-
Helpful Mounty-

I will also need several extras to play various rolls, but they just need to PM me.


Age: (Valen, Chris, L-I1, and L-I2 are 18-21, Mafia leader in the 30-50 range)

That's it. Have fun. I shall be the director, not an actor.
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