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The Spell of Death


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The Spell of Death

In the times of who knows when the spells were essential among the elementalists, witches/wizards, and don?t forget warlocks. Spells helped treat their crops, help them lift, and cook. They all lived peacefully. Now the landscape had all the different land types among this continent.
First there are the mountains which were usually occupied by water elementalists, wizards in training, and warlocks in training. There are also the warm deserts which were occupied by fire elementalists. This land was full of places from sea to sea and peak to peak. People inhabited all areas. They lived peacefully until the day came.
Wizards and warlocks foretold the events of what I will explain now. It started with one child. He was endowed an elementalitst of the dark element. In grade school of the academy of elementalists he picked on kids. In middle school he was a bully. In high school he was still a bully. He was a bully but he got good grades. After he finished college he killed his parents so uniquely that he got away with it and inherited their wealth. Next was so bad that this is small compared to the next thing.
He next became a general and treated his men like nothing. He led them into battle a couple times and most his army lived. He resigned from general and then he devised plans. His plans were a hostile take over of the entire continent of Jilad. He loved torture. He studied how to take over, like what he should take over first and all that. He finally was done and invaded the kingdom. Just he was able to take down all the guards in the castle. He then announced a resign of the king and put him in command. The king refused. Finally he unleashed the deadly spell. He killed the king.
The spell was made so powerful that only the most educated wizards know how to use it, yet they still use it sloppily. This spell is also only used in last defense. For now let?s call it the death spell. (Hence the name of the story death spell.) Anyway let us get back to the story. Now after he was king the years passed and nobody dare disrespect him or his orders. Then finally, ten years after the hostile take over, a good emerged. His name was Kiften Liant, but we will call him Kif. So Kif was trained in the art of light element. This art was forbidden so he did it secretly. He went straight to the castle and demanded for his reign of terror to stop.
So what they did was simple. They had a good ole battle. Unfortunately this battle lasted for two days. They fought and fought. In the end Kif won. So many thought of Kif as a hero, yet nobody knew the dangers within one thousand years. This past story ends like this. Kif died but got reincarnated the same time Valton, the evil guy, was reincarnated.
Now yet more bad news, one of the two remembers their past and the other one does not. This is why it is called bad news, the one who actually remembers their past is Valton. He only remembers it because his spirit has lost memory after he died, but because his spirit lingered so long within the realm of humans he heard talk about himself. He remembered everything with one word. That word was Kiften.
Kif on the other hand just inhabited a body. He has been within this body for 19 years now. He can remember all his past if someone says the right word. Yet, this word isn?t Valton. {Now for some dramatic irony} The word is Jilad. Nobody remembers the land of Jilad, for it was banished from their memories when Kiften died. Only 2 people know two things. The first thing is that this teen named Tilan is in reality Kiften. Second is that if he dies again he can be any of the following, resurrected, reincarnated, and/or given life. So the people who know this are the 1500 year old wizard who banished the memory of all the people and Valton. Valton yet again killed his parents and this time all his relatives.
Now both the wizard is going to try to get Kiften his memory back and Valton is going to kill him. Now the wizard has the tougher job because he has to get to Kif first and teach him the art of light element. Valton, on the other hand, has to get to him and kill him.
Ten years later neither of them actually has caught him do to his constant traveling. Kif now has a wife who is pregnant a final home. He is at age 29 and they are going to be within a miles range of his house in two weeks. Now within one week his wife had her baby and they called him Tinda.
Finally in that next week his wife and the baby had to go to their new house. Tilan said he could stay behind which is a big mistake. Then the deadly door bell rang. Kif opened the door and the person in front of him was Valton. They decided to chat. Valton, you guessed, likes to be crafty with his kills now. So they chat and chat until Valton has to leave. Once he leaves Kif dies. Valton planted a seed form of his death spell when they shook hands.
Now as I said Kif had a son which if said to the same word to he will remember Kif?s past. Now this time the wizard gets to his son first. He tells the wife about what happened. She burst out in tears. His son remembered everything and the wizard changed everything back to what it was 1500 years ago. Castles and what not. Now when Tinda got married his children were the strangest little things of all. Each of them was of different elements and jobs. Yet, this is a bit of a sad ending to people who have some emotion. They all die tragically from Valton and he finally kills Kif?s son Tinda.
So now the kingdoms have to face off with Valton in one final attempt to save the kingdom. For in the legend it doesn?t speak of one person to defeat Valton for the final time it speaks of five with or without companions. So there for this is where our story begins. The King of the land has been killed again and each of the five kingdoms has selected their one person to go out and join with the other kingdoms to defeat Valton.
Now for some rules. No super charged people on the good side. Valton is really really tough to beat. Finnaly you must select and name the Kingdom you are from. Now also to tell you about the jobs. There are four. First there is Knights who are ready to fight for their kingdom. Next there are wizards who can summon creatures to aid them in battle, they can also use magic. There are also warlocks who can use both wizard and elementalists abilities but half the strength of both. Elementalists can form useable weapons from concentrating their elemental energy. The elements are as follows water, fire, thunder, wind, earth, light, and dark.
Now in your little thingy you must put your name, age, job, element (if needed), bio, and companion. If you have a companion you must put down name, age, job, element (if needed), and bio. Bio should include appearance. Hope you recruit to write this.

First kingdom Hero-[COLOR=Red](closed)[/COLOR] sonofdragon
Second kingdom Hero-(open)
Third kingdom Hero-(open)
Fourth kingdom Hero-(open)
Fifth Kingdom Hero-(open)


Name: Lily Oshi Nishi
Age: 20
Job: elementalist
Element: Dark
Bio: She wears a lot of blue and black. She loves to be with her little sister and her little sister is training to be a royal dark elementalist. These two are the best warriors in their kingdom. The kingdom they serve for is the castle of Kilak. This castle is high above all castles. It is on top of a mountain. It is quite. So she does a lot of training. She would do anything for her kingdom even if it means sacrificing her life.
Companion: Her little sister is her companion on this journey. They both have to venture to gather the others to unite and defeat this Valton. The easy part is to meet with each other, the harder part is trying to beat Valton, or at least get to him.
Name: Rita Oshi Nishi
Age: 19
Job: elementalist
Element: Dark
Bio: she loves to follow in her sisters foot steps. She will do anything for her and the kingdom. She wears lots of blue and black like her sis and she loves adventure. She is active and will love the journey. She doesn?t mind killing. She feels strong about this situation. She loves to use her dark sword to kill enemies and trains with her sis in the peaks of the mountains.
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