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D12: D12 World


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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]I just picked up the new album by D12, D12 World and I have to say it's far better then there first album Devil's Night. They each come harder then before, even Bizzare is serious on a Track or two. My only complaint is Eminem and Proof arent on as many tracks as I hoped. But Swifty is on alot of tracks and he in my opinion is D12's 3rd best MC with Eminem in 2nd and Proof in 1st. If you liked My Band (personally I hated it) that doesnt mean you'll like the album in typical Eminem fashion he comes out with a popish single (My Name Is, Purple Hills,Got Some Teeth, The Real Slim Shady,Without Me) to sell the album to surburan audiences and the rest of the album is harder.

I have been following D12 for the past 3 years and have been waiting for there 2nd album for about that long and I have to say that this album didnt at all dissapoint me. They finally are showing there real sides instead of trying to stick with there psychotic side more shown on the Devil's Night album. Eminem's lyrics are a mix of his Slim Shady LP style with a little of his Eminem Show's style his beat making skills are getting better as well, Proof comes as hard ever, Bizzare never dissapoints to come with something wild, Kon Artist makes some good beats, Kuniva's style is the same as ever,and Swifty steps up a level. I just hope it sells well so it wont take them 3 years to come out with a third. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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