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  1. I just recently bought Crackdown. But since Microsoft introduced the platnium hits line for 360 I have been buying games left and right. I mostly bought Crackdown for Halo 3 Beta. But if all works out soon i'll be laying down 300 Bucks for a Wii + Zelda.
  2. BlueGender

    Dane Cook

    I use to love Dane Cook. But then I found out he has stolen a large amount of his material. A good bit of it from Louis CK(who is hilarious by the way). I lost a little bit of respect for him after that, and now he's gotten really mainstream. Not that thats a problem, but its kind of a Dave Chapelle type of thing. Eventually you just tire of people repeating the same joke over and over again. Plus his movie wasnt really anything special. I was expecting another waiting... and i got a average romantic comedy. I prefer Jim Gaffigan and David Cross.
  3. It was alright, it wasnt the worst comicbook film ever. But it was also far from the best. I didnt like that Johnny Blaze was tricked into selling his soul to the devil (woops finger prick). I think it would have been better if they stuck with him willingly selling his soul and spending the rest of his life trying to right his wrong. From the looks of it were probabally going to see a sequel.That makes me cringe. Atleast it wasnt Hulk.
  4. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]I have to say my all time favorite movie fight has to be from my all time favorite movie Fight Club. When Edward Norton's character fights himself in his bosses office and his inner monologue says "For some reason I thought back to my first fight with Tyler" all the way to when the security guards barge in on him on his knee's nose busted open and he says "Oh thank you god, please dont hit me anymore" everytime I see that scene I cant help but getting a huge grin on my face.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  5. BlueGender

    Chop Suey

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Im a huge SOAD fan I have all 3 of there albums, and am looking forward to there 4th. Alot of there songs dont make much sense though I think they mean for it to be that way, I remember reading somewhere that they look at each one of there songs as a puzzle. But I always thought Chop Suey was about abuse and it leading someone to committe suicide. The part where they shout "why have you forsaken me" I always thought it was the person talking to god asking him why he has put them in such a horrible life. When Serj Tankian says "I cry when angel's deserve to die" that to
  6. Eternal Darkness - I dont know why but this game was only a cult hit, in my opinion it's in the top 3 Gamecube games. Resident Evil to me has never really been for anything but cheap scares and jumps. But Eternal Darkness was overall just a scary experience. It constanly had me wondering if I was playing the actual game or experiencing a sanity effect. There is enough to have you go back and play the game 3 times and even after that the game is still entertaining. The Legend of Zelda Windwaker - Now I will admit I was originally one of the people who looked at Windwaker and wondered where
  7. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]I really dont look at breast size when iIgo for a girl I myself have dated girls with all sizes and it doesnt really matter to me. Breast arent what attract me to a women I usually go for the type of girl I can have fun with and joke around with. I mean I guess I want something there but as long as you have breat period then im fine. I do like legs and behinds though I have no idea why but if I see a girl with nice legs or a big butt I turn into a drooling fool.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Thats pretty interesting I remember reading years ago about a possible Sailormoon live action movie staring Kirsten Dunst as Serina. This was probabally a little after Spiderman was released, so I doubt that the idea ever went anywhere because I havent heard anything new on it recently. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
  9. [size=1][color=blue]Yeah its probably hormones they'll settle down eventually around the time I had my first growth spurt I started getting really depressed and would just start crying for no reason and it still continues to this day and its been about 2 years maybe becasue im still growing (6'2 and counting) but it comes and goes sometimes i'll yell at my friends for no reason and flip out on them because i just want to fight with someone its weird. But it's beginning to settle down and im getting less and less hostile.[/size][/color]
  10. [size=1][color=navy]As a black male myself I really dont find it offensive to be called black or African American if someones describing me.But there are awkward times when I have been around white people and hear them whisper "that black guy" im like you shouldnt feel the need to whisper the designation of ones skin color and why would I be offended by that? I believe skin color shouldn't be the deciding factor in anything but I believe there will always besome racists as long as there is skin color. I mean I have been in stores and been followed while a white customer is also there and
  11. [size=1][color=navy]Fight Club: This isnt just a movie it is a whole philosophy of life. Tyler Durden is by far the coolest character of all time I have seen this movie seriously over 100 times. I once watched it 3 times back to back. If your a fan of the movie there are little hidden things throughout the movie you'll notice by watching it over and over again. This is the film that turned me on the Edward Norton films I have never seen a movie with him I havent liked. Pulp Fiction: Another film which I never get tired of Quintin Tarentino's best film in my opinion. The film just sucks me
  12. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Huge Harry Potter fan atleast of the book series and I got out of school early to see the third movie today. I have to say I fell asleep on the first two movies but even rteading the books this one kept me on the edge of my seat. Best movie yet Sirius Black is by far the best character of the series and Lupin is great as well. This movie was alot darker then the first two and managaed to scare 2 or 3 kids in the theather I was in into crying ( mostly the dementor scenes) I would eve go as far as seeing this film a second time I really hope they get back this films director
  13. [size=1][color=blue]Name: Karl Mellow Age: 24 Gang: The Crimps (constantly at battle with a rival gangs) City: San Andres Biography: Grew up in a small neighborhood in Compton. He grew up on the streets he'd be on the playground playing and right across the street there would be dope being sold. He grew up dirt poor so he started selling drugs at 11. His mother didn't care as long as he was making money. He had shot his first person at 15 and has been decencatised to death. At 21 he started making so much money he didnt know what to do with it he was quickly rising in the r
  14. [size=1][color=navy]Beyond Good and Evil is a game that was very critically acclaimed it just came out at a tiem when it would have been generally ignored. It sold so bad It quickly went from 50 to 20 dollars you can find it in a bargain bin in just about any game store now. It your into any of the Legend of Zelda titles you'll most likely enjoy this game. Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes one of the most engrossing titles for gamecube especially if you never played the original. It can be beaten in 3 hours without cut scenes so if you want a game with gobs of replay this is definately not it.
  15. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]I just picked it up today and have played it maybe an hour or two. Its an okay game I just wish there was some story between chapters maybe im just not far enough. I picked it up for X-Box because I heard it has an extra level, better graphical detail, faster load times, and is X-Box Live aware ( means youc an be invited to play X-Box live titles while playing). It is more then I thought it would be when I saw the trailer a few years back but it doesnt seem like a groundbreaking monumental title, I am having fun though.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  16. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]5. Linkin Park: There songs I can just identify with and when I listen to there music I see images, its like a video that plays in my head.The blend of Hip Hop and Metal also appeals to me since im a fan of both forms of music. Favorite LP Songs: 5. Points of Authority 4. In the End 3. High Voltage 2. Faint 1. My December 4. No one Ever Really Dies: The Neptunes are great and there alter more experimental group N.E.R.D is great as well. I like there first album much more because it's style just appeals to me more. But there follow up has its shining mom
  17. BlueGender

    Hip Hop

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Lately I have been alot more heavily into hip-hop. I just got Twista and Cypress Hills new CD's and theyre both great Twista's album I can listen from beginning to end while Cypress Hill's I like 80% of the songs. All types of music appeal to me its just lately I have been into a heavy hip hop mood. I also picked up D12's new album and if you cant tell from my banner im a heavy Shady Records fan. It has to be one of my favorite albums of all time already. Loyd Banks album has to be my most awaited album this summer I also want to get the new Method Man. I picked up th
  18. [size=1][color=blue]I am a fan of Nirvana I guess you could say, I really didnt get into them til last year. I am not really sure what I think his cause of death was sometimes I think it was suicideother times I think it was murder(if you would like to read evidence of murder go to: [url]http://www.karisable.com/cobain.htm[/url]). But either way Kurt is gone and yeah theres no real use in my opinion arguing over the way in which he died. He left behind a bunch of music and will have fans for years to come and people will be debating this for years I think suicide is the only reason Nirvana is
  19. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]I really cant believe Anna Nicole Smith and Jessica Simpson are as dumb as they portray. I have heard that in person Jessica Simpson is actually one of the most intelligent people you will talk to and have heard people say Anna Nicole Smith s actually not at all dumb. I think there both television persona's I mean would you really watch Newley Wed's if Jessica weren't so dumb? What about the Anna Nicole show? I dont watch them cause I cant stand most reality TV, im like this person is a regular person no better then me I have my own problems, I wouldnt watch myself on TV fo
  20. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]I suggest you show a little bit of all sides of anime, show some dramatic scenes then show the lighter side. Most of my friends are also into anime but anime's that my family enjoyed are: Akira (alot of dramatic visually mpressive scenes) The Animatrix (the fact that many people have seen The Matrix would increase interest) Aeon Flux Excel Saga ( may get a few laughs and laughing is a good way to draw attention) Vampire Hunter D Vamprie Hunter D: Bloodlust Speed Racer It might help if you use some action clips from maybe DBZ to draw attention at first
  21. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]I suggest you check out Outlaw Star great series just like Cowboy Bebop, it's about a bounty hunter by the name of Gene Starwind and his band of friends traveling the universe looking for bounties in there ship. It's alot more light hearted then Cowboy Bebop and aired on Toonami about 2-3 years ago.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  22. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]It's a great series I like the beginning of the series much more because it focuses all around Onizuka while in the later-half of the seires it follows the students more. It's actually my favorite anime I have the whole thing on DVD, I have only read one of the manga issues but I hope to collect all of that. I also hope they release the live action GTO series in the US. The ending of the series kinda dissapointed me [spoiler] but if they make a continuation of the series where it starts with him teaching in California [/spoiler] I wont complain.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  23. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]I use to be a cutter but stopped almost 3 months ago and have thought about it since but always stop myself before I do. I feel like sometimes I deserve to be hurt because of things I do so I use to hurt myself because I thought I deserved it. It made me feel some sort of relief afterwards. I stopped doing it was because my friends made me sign this contract saying I would never do it again, I know its not legally binding but hey it made me feel like I owe something to my friends, you may want to attempt to get your girlfriend to sign one. My only other suggestion is
  24. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Well here in Maryland our summer doesnt start until June 17th this year although Sr's last day was today. I am attempting to get a job this summer working in the kitchen of a retirement villiage if I cant work there i'll try being a bagger at the asian market. My mom wants me to take college courses this summer so I can get some credits now but im like I really need a break, this has been by far the most depressing school year so far. This summer I am also going to Florida on vacation first time i've left the state on vacation in almost 7 years im pretty excited. This
  25. [COLOR=navy][SIZE=1]I beleive people listen to the music they do because it has touched them in some way shape or form and they feel connected to it. Music is something that is always there and it's so personal it can uplift you, make you laugh, cry, and smile. I believe music can change the way people identify themselves because music like poeple is an ever evoling and chaning thing and if people hear the right song at the right time it can change there life.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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