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  1. [quote name='2007DigitalBoy][COLOR=DarkOrange']If you think reading CLAMP manga like XxXHolic or reading DNAgel makes you unique and crazy, you are sadly extrmely mistaken and need to spend more time on the internet. Believe me, if it's being released in America, it's more than likely pretty popular, and if it's got the CLAMP STAMP then you can bet everyone and their grandma has read it, lol.[/COLOR][/quote] [color=darkred]First of all, my grandmother does not read manga. She thinks it is the devil's work :devil:. Like Roxie said earlier, she never said or even alluded to the fact that she is unique and crazy (and being her best friend in real life, I can confirm that that is true.) Also, being an avid reader of manga, I have only ever read and owned one series by CLAMP, Legal Drug. I find it funny that you think everyone reads CLAMP. QAlso, while some manga may appear incredibly popular in Japan, I have read a few that I cannot find anyone else who has read said manga. For example, Demon City Shinjuku. It never leaves the shelf at Borders. And lastly, I don't think I know anyone who spends more time on the internet than Roxie (except me, but that doesn't count because she at least sleeps an hour or two a night). If she were to spend as much time at an internet cafe as she does at home, she would be poor in about two weeks (even with a steady income). I own more manga and anime than she does, but she knows more about each and every series than I do. She is addicted to the internet. We went on a trip to Hawaii, and the one thing she hated about it was that she could not get on the internet. We have another trip to Italy coming up. A whole two weeks without the internet. I have no idea how she is going to survive. Considering some of your other posts, I think [i]you[/i] need some more quality time with the internet.[/color] [quote name='2007DigitalBoy][COLOR=DarkOrange']DNAngel is VERY cliche. It is made up of four general plotpoints. 1.) a romance story, but you said it has nothing to do with it, so I'll leave that out. 2.) A kid who tranforms into an older guy, which has been done before (if you want, I could go find some examples) 3.) the whole 'master theif' thing, which I think was pulled off terribly since the heists are probably the most boring part of the story. and 4.) a love triangle/square/pantagon/whatever shape you feel describes it. I can't see anything unique about it.[/COLOR][/quote] [color=darkred]... O_o I don't even know what to say to this. [i]Do you actually read manga?[/i] Well, following your general plot point list: 1. A romance story: I have yet to see a manga, book, movie, anime, song, play, or anything (except newspaper articles) that does not have "love" in it somewhere. Heck, even rap songs have love and sex in them. The theme may not be as obvious in some things, but it's there. After all, all you need is love. This should not even count in your list toward what [i]you[/i] think is a cliche because if it was counted, then EVERYTHING IS CLICHE (just like everything can give you cancer). 2. Kid turns into older man: Okay, please provide examples. I need to see these. And no, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok does not count because he gets younger, not the other way around. But you know, the fact that you have to go [i]find[/i] these examples make it pretty obvious that these stories are not as common as you seem to think think. Okay, he turns into an older guy, but he does it to rob museums and it [i]prevents[/i] him from getting the girl, which is not normally how it works. The only thing I can think of where a kid gets older is the movie "Big". I think DNAngel is alot different from the whole "magical fortune-telling/wish-granting machine making someone big" plotline. 3. Master Thief: Huh? Can you give me another example where a kid comes from a long line of [i]hereditary[/i] theives? I also believe the heists are the best part. Maybe not up to "Italian Job" standards, but hey, this is a kid robbing museums. I personally am disappointed there is not enough concentration on what Dark's actually there for. They need more heists, but they are not boring. I still don't understand why you think this is a general plot point. 4. Love Triangle/Square/Pentagon/Whatever: See point 1.[/color] [quote name='Luminaire][color=darkred]1. A romance story: I have yet to see a manga, book, movie, anime, song, play, or anything (except newspaper articles) that does not have "love" in it somewhere. Heck, even rap songs have love and sex in them. The theme may not be as obvious in some things, but it's there. After all, all you need is love. This should not even count in your list toward what [i]you[/i'] think is a cliche because if it was counted, then EVERYTHING IS CLICHE (just like everything can give you cancer).[/color][/quote] [quote name='2007DigitalBoy][COLOR=DarkOrange']Now, what I was implying in my post is that you do not by any means have a 'weird taste in manga,' because if it was weird there wouldn't be so many people who read it, and there are a TON of people who read both.[/COLOR][/quote] [color=darkred]Being Roxie's manga librarian, I would have to say I think her tastes are a little strange. I don't like xxxHolic, for my own reasons and opinions that I don't care to share. But when Roxie calls me and tells me she finished reading volume 7 and then asks me to bring her "Whistle!" the next day, I think her tastes are a little strange. We are going from Supernatural to Soccer. And then she'll call me and ask for "X-Day". Now we are going from Soccer to "Let's Blow Up the School". Let's not even go into "Gravitation". Maybe "weird" is not the right word to describe her interest in xxxHolic and DNAngel, but I believe the genre variety and order in which she reads them, could be called a little strange. But that would also make my interest variety strange.[/color] [quote name='2007DigitalBoy][COLOR=DarkOrange'] I wasn't trying to insult you - yeah I was probably quite a bit condecending, but that's just me being an *** XD[/COLOR][/quote] [color=darkred]Well, if you had to write this and make excuses, you obviously should not have posted in the first place. This topic was created for people to share their interests in different varieties of manga and maybe interest other people in new series. We are not here to criticize what people like and enjoy doing in their spare time. Being an "***" does not give you the right to criticize and upset other people. In the future, if you feel you are going to be an ***, [b][i]KEEP IT TO YOURSELF[/b][/i].[/color] [Color=royalblue]Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I will tell you all my own interests. I am a big fan of angst and action. My favorite series is Saiyuki (and Saiyuki Reload). I enjoy some sports manga like "Whistle!" and "Prince of Tennis". I love stories with lots of character development and a good romance from time to time. I am also an avid reader of yaoi manga. "Only the Ring Finger Knows" is probably my favorite love story of all time (yeah, it even beat Shakespeare and I love Shakespeare). I enjoy Sci-fi and supernatural stories as well. I pretty much buy what I like, so here is what I own: Saiyuki, Prince of Tennis, Whistle!, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Brain Powered, Passion, Little Butterfly, La Esperanca, Only the Ring Finger Knows, Gravitation, Fushigi Yuugi, X-Day, Ragnarok, Kill Me Kiss Me, Legal Drug, Beyond My Touch, LoveHolic, FAKE, Cantarella, Fruits Basket, Descendants of Darkness, Demon City Shinjuku, Heat Guy J, Godchild, Demon Diary, Loveless, Candidate for Goddess, DNAngel, Gundam Seed, Eerie Queerie, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Gundam Wing: Blind Target, Gundam Wing: Ground Zero, Getbackers, Juvenile Orion, Angel Sanctuary, and Cross. I hope that's everything. We're moving so I packed some of my manga already. ~Luminaire ^_^[/color]
  2. [color=crimson]Our team rocks, Roxie. We are so cool. I wish I could go to Nationals with the rest of our team... For those who don't know, I am in the same school as Roxie and also on the Academic Decathlon team. It was an awesome year so far. I won an individual alternate Honorable Mention in the Super Quiz category (Renaissance) and an individual alternate Gold Medal in the Language and Literature category (Shakespeare plays and Renaissance poems). It was a blast. I'm thinking of buying a plane ticket to go down so I can see Ken. ^_^ Oh, and support my team. ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  3. [color=darkred]Well, I don't think my hair will be long enough for Witch Hunter Robin, but I could always wear the dress, which then I will look like a nun. I could always throw on some horns and be an oxymoron too. Nun + horns = ......Has anyone ever heard of a demonic nun? O_o Or I could go as a bride, I have a wedding dress. >imagines dragging long train around shool< XD I don't know if I want to go trick-or-treating because when I moved into the main town, there was no one to go with and not alot of houses to visit. I was really lonely and it was awkward going by myself down the main road. ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  4. [color=darkred]When I went down to Otakon, I read a random sign by the 35mm Theatre and it turned out the TBA movie on Sunday afternoon was "Howl's Moving Castle". I told my two traveling companions that we had to stay for it. They had wanted to leave on Sunday morning. We stayed and watched and enjoyed it thoroughly. Since I had been kinda disappointed with the convention...Howl's Moving Castle made it worth it. I really enjoyed watching it. When compared to the book, which I am a huge fan of, I thought things were done just right. I agree with you, Dagger, about Howl's room. I can't wait for this to release on DVD... ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  5. [color=darkred]Funny that this topic should show up. I just bought the entire series this past weekend. I got the whole series for $50. Good deal. I originally watched this series on MTV2, which was shocking. MTV play anime? Unfortunately, I don't think they even aired the whole series. When the manga came out, I bought that. While it was good and all, I liked the anime more. Luckily, the cheap anime stand at Otakon had all seven DVDs. I actually thought the dub was mediocre. I saw a few episodes in Japanese and I was in heaven. The characters are really interesting and different. There is quite a bit of action and it is easy to follow. The music is pretty good too. I don't have a particular favorite character. I like Shun and Daisuke individually, but when they are put together, I like them more. So I guess my favorite characters are the Aurora brothers, together, not apart. Boma comes in close second though. ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  6. [color=darkred]Hi. I know I haven't posted in awhile, been working alot. Anyway, alittle while back a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to Otakon in Baltimore. Being only 17, I had to ask my mother. Originally she said "no". And last Sunday, she changed her mind and now there are parents going too. My friend is running it by the group again, and I should be going. Is anyone else going to Otakon? Are you going to cosplay? If yes, who will you be? Anyone up for a get together? I should be cosplaying Robin Sena from Witch Hunter Robin, but I recently cut my hair really short so I have to make sure I can still do the hairstyle. I don't know if I will wear that for all 3 days. ~Lumi ^_^ PS: I'm willing to exchange cell numbers with anyone who wants to meet up.[/color]
  7. [color=darkred]Roxie just called me and she has a problem. She installed a pop-up blocker called "wyvern" and then tried to uninstall it. She uninstalled it successfully. Then she wanted to remove the spyware that came with it. She went to ?add/remove programs? and found a bunch of things that shouldn?t have been in there (She does not really know the names of them). She removed a bunch and then when she she got one of them (not sure of name) and hit the remove button, the computer got stuck. Not a complete freeze, she could still move the mouse. She started clicking randomly on the screen and then after a while it unfroze. And then, in the add/remove programs list, there was nothing. Not a single program. She closed the window. Then she was clicking around on the desktop and nothing would work. Every time she double-clicked an icon, nothing would happen. So she used the key on the keyboard to open the Start menu, and then she restarted the computer. On the shutdown options menu, Standby is normally on it, and it suddenly wasn?t (I don?t know if that is important). She restarted it in Safe Mode. And it said: [b]Explorer - this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor.[/b] It says that whether she has it in Safe Mode or not. If she hits "close" nothing happens and it won't finish starting up. All she can see is her wallpaper. No taskbar, start button, or icons. Nothing. If she hits "details" it says: [b]EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in module EXPLORER.EXE at 0177:00401f31. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=0177 EIP=00401f31 EFLGS=00010246 EBX=00000001 SS=017f ESP=0080feec EBP=0080fef4 ECX=c1689bc0 DS=017f ESI=00000000 FS=23c7 EDX=0080fefc ES=017f EDI=00000000 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 08 50 ff 11 8b 45 08 50 8b 08 ff 51 08 8b 45 Stack dump: 00401ee0 0080fefc 0080ff34 00405cac 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000001 00404436 00000000 0059fc0c 00000001 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 [/b] I hope that is useful to someone because that was annoying to type. >_< She has Windows 98SE. And at the moment has the disc ?Windows Microsoft Operating System? and the floppy ?Windows 98 Emergency Boot Disc?. Can either of those help? When she puts in the boot disc, she thinks she needs to enter prompt commands for the A drive or something. She doesn?t know how to do that. When she presses F8 when it is first booting up, it gives her the choices: 1. Normal 2. Logged (/BOOTLOG.TXT) 3. Safe Mode 4. Step-by-step confirmation 5. Command Prompt Only 6. Safe Mode Command Prompt Only Should she use one of those? If so, which one? How does she use it if there are no instructions? Should she try each? If nothing else works, would reformatting her computer be the best solution? If yes, how would she do that? Please respond immediately. She is very upset. She is on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. Thank you in advance. ^_^ ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  8. [color=darkred]This is tradgic. Never before have I needed help with myO. Alas, I ran into a problem. Yesterday, I went to change my avatar on myOtaku and it didn't work. I tried about twenty or so avatars, but everytime, the picture remained the same. I've been going to [b]Edit Picture[/b] then choosing a picture from my computer and hitting [b]Upload My Picture[/b]. Then I get the message that my image was uploaded successfully. I go to my site...and voila! It didn't change. Am I doing something wrong? ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  9. [color=crimson]I just wanted to put up my two favorite photos which i am submitting to an art show. Which do you like better? A second opinion is always nice. BTW, the person in the ninja photo is my brother. He's so silly. ~Lumi^_^[/color]
  10. [color=crimson]If I could, I would spend my entire life reading and/or writing fanfiction. I love it. I'll read alomost any kind, except MarySue. Fanfiction.net is my favorite site simply because they have so many things to read. I love stories with mystery and indepth character analysis. I'll read humor, but I have read too many stupid ones to be a huge fan of humor fics. You can also google for many fics. Some of the best fanfiction I have ever read was something I found on google. I print and read it during school or at home. I'm kind of an addict. O_o ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  11. [color=crimson]I don't know if this thread really belongs here, and I apologize if it doesn't, but I am in dire need of speech help. Let me explain the situation: You go into a room and deliver you prepared speech to two or three judges. I have that part down. Next, after you finish the judges read you three prompts...you have thirty seconds to decide which you would like as a topic. Then you have one minute to prepare a 1 min 30 second speech. The judges dont know you at all by the way. Basically here is my problem. I pulled it off wonderfully my first time, at regional competitions. As we practice in school, however, I find myself unable to deliver the spontaneous speech. I'll make an outline, but I might get through the intro and it will fall apart. Tonight, I got through about one point in my intro and had to stop: Impromptu Topic: "Who is the most influential person in your life? Why?" "If I were to name the most influential person in my life and why...I would have to say William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is unique in many ways. The way he spoke. It was like learning a new language. He even has his own dictionary now. His language............................... ........................." And then I just said I couldn't do it. I really couldn't. I had lost all train of thought. >_< So now, I am trying to think of what to write about for impromptu topics that I have been told to write about. Person (family and nonfamily), an achievement, a book I have read, and something pro-America. Something about a world issue would probably help too. I need a suggestion for the world issue. I think I might post with what I come up with. Or does anyone have any tips for speech giving? Here's one for most influential person: If I had to name one person who has influenced me the most and why....I would actually have to name two people, my friends Andrew and Ben. It was these two friends that taught me a song that I will never forget. "The Alligator Song." It tells the tale of an alligator who just wants to be a friend. He wants to be accepted as a friend as well. There is a great lesson to be learned from this children?s' sing-along: "The alligator is my friend. He's very very fat. I'd rather have him as my friend...than where him as my hat." While these lyrics may seem silly, there is a deeper meaning. Look at yourself and people from a different perspective. In terms of the alligator, take look at him. You see the scales that make a popular trend in fashion. But if you look deeper, there is a living creature under that possible merchandise that could someday be your friend. Don't always just look at the outside. "The alligator is my friend. He likes to sing the blues. I'd rather have him as my friend...than wear him as my shoes." Within this simple song, you are taught to look past outside appearances and look for the "alligator" in everyone. They say true beauty is on the inside, not the out. Ben and Andrew showed me that a four-year-old can learn to see inner beauty, just by singing a song. "The alligator...can be your friend too." That was 1:34 when I first recited it. ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  12. Luminaire

    Art 5Graves

    [color=crimson]oh, I like that. Very nicely done. Simple and touching. Because all romance should eb at midnight. O_o What's it meant to be used as though? Background? Does it have a purpose? 'Cause it's my desktop now. I am a huge fan of black and white. So that may be why this piece appeals to me so much. I have to say though, the font is a little hard to read. It took about a minute to figure out that you hadn't misspelt "midnight" by including an "L". ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  13. [color=crimson]If worst comes to worse, you could always use another bar for the diagonal. There are many part to Sonata in C. I don't know if perhaps you used these certain bars, but perhaps a combination of quarter and eigth notes or quarter and sixteenth notes would look less jumbled. Just a suggestion. All together I find the piece very interesting. Putting "Amadeus Mozart" in was very nicely done. BTW, I like the song Sonata in C very much, good choice in music. ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  14. [color=crimson]I would have to say I have four favorite seiyuu. All of them are male, bu I do have some female ones I like, but I'm too tired to list them all right now. [b]Okiayu Ryoutarou[/b] - Takurou Kimura from DiGi Charat, Dark from DNAngel, Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist, Shigure from Fruits Basket, K from Gravitation, Treize from Gundam Wing, Kentaro from Love Hina [b]Seki Tomokazu[/b] - Ogata from Angelic Layer, Alexander from Ayashi no Ceres, Shimbo from Chobits, Kaishonachi from Ebichu, Seele from Evangelion, Suzuhara Touji from Evangelion, Van Fanel from Escaflowne, Kyou from Fruits Basket, Sosuke from Full Metal Panic, Shuuichi from Gravitation, Touya from Card Captor Sakura, Bart Garsus from Vandread [b]Toshihiko Seki[/b] - Duo from Gundam Wing, Iruka from Naruto, Isshiki Makoto from Rahxephon, Sanzo from Saiyuki, Benitora from Samurai Deeper Kyo [b]Ishida Akira[/b] - Satoshi from DNAngel, Kaoru from Evangelion, Athrun Zara from Gundam Seed, Gaara from Naruto, Hakkai from Saiyuki, Sasuke from Samurai Deeper Kyo I like many others, including many of the seiyuus mentioned in previous posts. But, those are my top four and its time for bed. Good night....morning. ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
  15. [color=crimson]Here are the last two. Thank you Altron for your constructive criticism. I understand what you mean by bland, but the pictures used in the banners were already greyscale. How would you propose I make it a little less bland if the pictures were to stay greyscale? Should I make the background color? And I am changing the fonts now. Centaur should work better. The colors of the fonts correspond to the eyecolor of each character. I'm glad you liked one of the quotes, by the way. ~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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