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  1. Just out of interest, is it too late to join? If not then im definately interested. Syn
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone :) means a lot that some people could actually be bothered to comment :) As for the clouds in the lower scene, yes they are just circles overlapped with a bit of shading and so on, the clouds in the top scene are airbrushed though.
  3. Well this has been a long time coming, almost a month i've spent on this and im finally happy with it. I started out with the name, the idea sprung into my head and that was it, I set out making it. I wasn't sure whether to go for a completely 2D look or a slightly more Cartoonesque look. Eventually, with help from Hitto, I decided to use both. I shant say anymore because..well..I dont want to. Please do comment, it does mean a lot, and especially with this image as im particularly proud of it. EDIT: It looks like Photobucket resized it *hiss* so yeah...*not impressed* So here it is: [CENTER][SIZE=3][u][B][COLOR=black]Twilight is MyLight[/COLOR][/B][/u] [/SIZE][/CENTER] [CENTER][IMG]http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y195/5graves/MyLight.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER]
  4. So yeah, havent post in a while so i thought i'd see what you all thought of this little thingy I was playing with. I was going to add some more to it but then I thought it'd ruin the simplicity, so i didnt bother. I must say im fairly pleased with this now i've done it. Nothing too flashy yet fairly pleasing to look at. Let me know what [I]you[/I] think anyways. [CENTER][U][B]Divine Intervention[/B] [/U][/CENTER] [CENTER][IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24762&stc=1[/IMG][/CENTER]
  5. Syn

    Art New Beginnings

    heh, I might have been out of the scene for a while but I know how to use layers. x_x Was just a mixture of lazyness and regretting it later thats all.
  6. Well here ya go, the backgrounds an edited version of "New Beginnings" umm...I chose to put your user name on the avatar rather than the quote or whatever you wanted on it, hope thats ok. Anyways, see what ya think. [b]Avatar[/b] [img]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24623[/img] [b]Banner[/b] [img]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24622[/img]
  7. Syn

    Art New Beginnings

    Mmm, thanks for that everyone, and in all honesty, the top right corners only there because I ****** up and needed something to cover it with ._. But yeah, im still exploring the program, its like being totally new to it again x_x But anyways, thanks again.
  8. Thanks for your reply and i'd be honoured to make you something, i'll get on it tonight when I get back from college.
  9. I've recently acquired Photoshop CS and actually got a crack for this one, so its a permanent feature, this means I can start making graphics again properly. So here it is, my newest piece after a hell of a long time. Quite fittingly entitled: [center][b]New Beginnings[/b][/center] [CENTER][img]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24619[/img][/CENTER] Let me know what you think. [b]EDIT:[/b] I know this is only a small piece but its only an experimental piece to see what I remember from 7.0 and such, anyways, hope you like it.
  10. [B]Kitty[/B] Firstly, to get it out of the way, I dont like the fonts. I think the piece is generally subtle and the font just doesnt do it justice I dont think, too bulky and "in your face". (although I do like the glow effect you have on the text) The background to this however I find very pleasing to look at, the subtlety of the background with obvious complexity is very effective and I think this has been overlooked. The big bang theory, not something I would have thought of for this theme but that in itself is compelling and fits perfectly with this piece. [B]Ozymandius Jones[/B] I'd agree with Retribution about the colours, perfectly chosen, soft, warm and calming. Again, im not fond of the text and I think the border really takes away the simplicity and depth of the image. So my vote would have to go with [b]Kitty[/b] purely because it has the artistic side to it as well as the theme. (although it [i]was[/i] close)
  11. Mmm, hokay...thanks for replying to my thread again, means a lot. :) Now...to busines, the first banner I cant say im too fond of, purely because its too..full. The text seems, to me, badly placed and too big. Now the other version with less text is much better. I dont think its bland as such, just simple, which isnt a bad thing. (The picture to the left of the banner reminds me of axl rose though o_O) The next couple of banners are the same I feel. Though the 3rd banner has text over the character, which really makes the banner look messy and amateuristic. Again, the 4th is so much better. Simple, to the point, no messyness. The 5th banner, i must say, I really like. Its easy on the eyes and I like how you overlapped the images of the two characters to the right. Normally i'd put it down for going for the collage type effect but I think you pulled it off quite nicely. The only complaint I have about the 6th banner is that im not a fan of the text colour. Looks like..blegh..for lack of a better word.the rest of the banner looks fine though. And egh...the last banner, it looked so much better the first time round. If you have to have the extra text in there, I think it'd look better in the gap under the original text. This is just me but yeah...text over the characters...*shrug* :) -5Graves
  12. I dunno if this is what you were lookin' for.
  13. Couldnt be bothered doing both but heres the .Hack banner if you want it.
  14. Syn

    Art 5Graves

    My latest and. in my opinion, greatest; [center][b]Midnight Romance[/b][/center] [img]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=22527[/img] I decided to try out some airbrushing, so I thought clouds would be a nice easy way to start out. Some abstract design at the bottom, using pretty much the same method I used for "I Miss You". Im not overly happy with the stars, they dont look random enough....ah well. Comment/rate if you would >_> -5Graves
  15. Syn

    Art 5Graves

    Hmm, I assume the grainyness of the text, which is what puts me off this piece as well, is down to the rotation of it. With photoshop you get the Strong, Crisp, Sharp and...smooth? setting, it anti-alias' the text by itself so it shouldmt be grainy. I dont know, not bad for my first, particularly proud of the Band though. (great band, if you havent heard them, check them out) EDIT: Ok, heres my final edit of "I Miss You". I think im totally happy with it now, the border reminds me of a frame from some art in a gallery or somethin'...what I was goin for anyway. The point of this piece is to show a spirit, got inspiration from the infamous "orbs" that are apparently ghost apparitions. Thats what the top right is about anyway. Mourning for a dead lover. anyway, here it is. [center][b][i]FINAL EDIT[/b][/i][/center] [center][img]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=22526[/img][/center] [b]To elaborate:[/b] [b]Aequitas Gloria:[/b] but that image is liiiiike I dunno.... the reality to love? [b]Aequitas Gloria:[/b] like...when your "in love" [b]Aequitas Gloria:[/b] you get the whole not wanting it to end and thinking it wont [b]Aequitas Gloria:[/b] that image is meant to like...represent the loss of that feeling [b]Aequitas Gloria:[/b] but at the same time the beauty of the afterlife
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