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Anime Ultra Maniac


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Why am I starting numerous threads of anime not in the forum?
I keep on seeing animes which I know but are not officially posted.
This is yet ANOTHER new anime thread I've started.

Ultra Maniac is oe kind of the many Mahou-Shoujou animes
It's all about Nina Sakura, a witch from a magic kingdom and her human friend, Ayu Tateishi.
Nina was sent to study at a human school because her grades were low in the magic kingdom.
She soon meets up with Ayu who first was shocked, but soon got used to it.
Nina uses her magic for simple uses like determining who loves who....
And for serious situations like searching for the five holy stones she's supposed to get to become a powerful witch.
Nina's witch rival is Maya Orihara who is also competing for the holy stones.
There's also some romance.
Ayu and Nina have some crushes who [spoiler]tag along later in the story.[/spoiler]
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I've seen this and I must say what's cooler than a teenage girl having magical powers (even though she can be annoying at times, lol)? The pairings make me giggle like a thirteen year old, lol. I like Ayu because she's matured and all.

This is one of those animes that is really relaxing. Animation is fine and the story, though lighthearted, is really interesting. The ending is quite shocking in a good way such that everybody lived happily ever after. I think there's only a few episodes that you can watch all of it in one day, or maybe just one afternoon. Anyway, cool anime ^_^.
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