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Anime Saber Marionette J/Again/J-X


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[color=crimson][size=1]I've never seen it, but a friend of mine is a big fan and he really enjoyed it. He also is a big fan of Bastard, but I don't think the two have any connection, but that's just sort of trying to help you out with the tastes of this guy. But the animation is somewhat cute. I'm pretty sure you can look up some sort of summary or find some kid of rating by looking up the series at [url]www.anipike.com.[/url][/color][/size]
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Who here has seen it? Lime is my favorite character (check username ^_^ ), she is also my favorite character out of all animes. I thought it was a great series, but they kinda didn't do a very good job in SMJ Again. The computer graphics that they decided to use in certain parts were pretty annoying (like that house moving in the 1st episode, and it bugs me that the voice actors were different. I think I'm gonna buy the Limited Edition box set of this anime, which has SMJ, SMJ Again, and SM J to X.

So, anyone else seen it?
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[COLOR=Navy]Lime, please make sure to check the Directory before creating a new series thread; it'll save me a lot of work. :whoops: On a side note, this is a mod-approved double post.


Hey everyone! I'm not very active on this site... I don't know why, but I'm back! Lol :D

I just got that limited edition box set of Saber Marionette J/J Again/J to X. Its signed (individually) by the Character designer, and is limited to about 5000 units (mine looks like it says 8000) worldwide! Its so awesome! ^____^ Its great for me, since this is my favorite anime series out of all that I have seen! :love:

Anyone else like it?
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So far, I've seen the series of Saber marionette J.
It was really cool.
Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry have SUPER awsome powers!!
Well, of course! They're marionettes with Maiden circuits!
My favorite character just HAS to be Cherry.
She's cute, humble and quite a good chef.
I'm not a super fanatic of this series but I like it a lot.
The second-to-the-last episode was really touching.
I almost cried!
[spoiler]Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry were going off to the Mesopotamia ship but Otaru was begging them not to go because they could lose their lives forever....[/spoiler]

uh.... uuhh.... [SIZE=4]WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!![/SIZE]
But it's better watched than explained.
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[FONT=Century Gothic][I][SIZE=3][COLOR=Green]I've seen Saber Marionette J and Saber Marionette J to X, it's actually one of my favorite animes!! :D
The storyline is quite nice, and I really like it; it also shows the need that men have to be with something resembling a woman,like an android; and what they do to have her, and be happy, or put the rest of the world on the brink of chaos. (Hope I didn't insult anyone here :( )
The character designs are cute, but, in Saber Marionette J to X, the character designs are really different and modern, compared to Saber Marionette J, which is more of a less "CGed" (Color Generated) Style.
My favorite character from the whole series would have to be Bloodberry, because, she's like the most "mature" of the Saber Sisters (Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry).
If you like it or not, it really depends on your anime likes and dislikes, maybe you'll like it, and maybe you wont :confused: . It's a has a bit of action, but it's more of a comedy, and a romantic story;it's a romantic comedy; if you ask me.
But, I believe this is a really nice anime, and, it can also get very touching and sad at times, so, it has a little bit of everything!!! :toothy:

HetepKa :angel:[/COLOR] [/SIZE][/I] [/FONT]
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I got the special edition thing for this and just finished watching the rest of it yesterday. I thought as a whole it was good. The only issues I had with it was that they constantly changed the voice actors. I kept wondering"so what will lime sound like this time?" "Wow middle aged canadian woman suprising!". My favorite character was marine. Im really upset that[spoiler]they never ifxed her even though they said they would[/spoiler]. I really think they should make a new seaso of this anime. Matbe if I buy a couple hundred more of those special edition things it will get bandai's *** in gear. I mean it hurry up and get started on a new one. NOW! :mad:
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