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  1. If your going to gang up on me and force your your opinions down my throat fine. If you wanna go on and on about the same old **** fine. Excuse me for trying to talk about something else for once.
  2. And every other genre of music without a core at the end...
  3. In 8th grade I was a shut in. Just like I am now. Drama is boring. That's why I don't get into it. Anyhoo why does everyone has to keep secrets eh? Why not just tell the truth? Your in 8th grade it most likely isn't that serious.
  4. [QUOTE]I think the point of the thread is to talk about Extreme music though, not music that is more underground than it is mainstream. [/QUOTE]One of the definitions of Extreme is [QUOTE]situated at the farthest possible point from a center [/QUOTE]. If you use pop music as the center I'd say NMH is pretty for away from that. Making them extreme in that sense of the definition. Also they fit in with the definition given at the beginning of this thread. [QUOTE]Extreme Music is categorized as forms of music that use elements that the average mainstream fan might find unappealing or even repulsive.[/QUOTE] Anyway talking about these core bands gets so boring after awhile. I'm actually starting to understand Jakes stance on the whole thing. So yea I am gonna do my best to bring up things that aren't what people normally think of as extreme but still fit in. It will keep the thread interesting. Dammit.
  5. [QUOTE]Hmm, you do have something there. But extreme music in my mind... is stuff that's just freaking insane. Hardcore punk, mathcore, screamo, deathcore, death metal... all the heavy stuff. Haha.. Neutral Milk Hotel aren't exactly my number one mosh-to band. [/QUOTE] Yea I know but to be honest I am just trying to bring different things to the table. I mean sure most people here could name a thousand good whatever core bands but I think it's more interesting to look over other types of music that don't get much popular expose. Does Neutral Milk hotel make heavy music? No. does it make strange music that the masses might have trouble digesting? Why yes it does.
  6. Anime

    [quote name='ledzepplinrules']I'm still convinced it works. Don't bring me down man.[/QUOTE] OK if your going to go against common sense. I just finished watching the show today. [spoiler]Ed actually says that Alchemy does not work in this world.[/spoiler] Therefore both my reasonable and unreasonable bases are covered. Oh yea and after watching the whole show Lust is my favorite character. I could just sympathize with her is all.
  7. Music

    [B]Afro Man-Beacause I got high [/B] This song still brings me amazing lulz.
  8. Anime

    [QUOTE]becase we both love Alchemy (I'm convinced it works)[/QUOTE] No it doesn't. People tried it thousands of years ago and ditched it for actual science. Anyway I am at episode 40 and my favorite character so far is Scar. He was a douche at first but now his actions all make sense. Plus he isn't a little girl about killing people.
  9. [QUOTE]Haha... Extremely un- extreme.. My ex-girlfriend loved them... along with This Providence... Rocket to the Moon... Honorary Title.. Brand New and other un-extreme bands. She did like some extremely extreme bands though. Fizzy Dino Pop, for instance. Those... kids.. guys.. girls... whatever they are... were Extreme. But Neutral Milk Hotel are strange. I'll give you that.[/QUOTE]Well they are outside the norm of general pop music which is what I thought we were going for.
  10. [quote name='Aberinkula'][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"]Heh, [B]Timmy & the Lords of Destruction [/B]from South Park is a bonus song on Rock Band. Anyways I just finished listening to 'Desecrete Through Reverance' proof that [B]Waking the Fallen[/B] is Avenged Sevenfolds best work, I just wish they'd go back to their roots :([/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE] I don't. City of Evil>All as far as I'm concerned. There is plenty of "chuuga chuuga" out there as it is. That's just my opinion though. And I do like metalcore. It's just that so much of it is the same old ****. The same riffs, rhythms and lyrics over and over until you don't care anymore.
  11. [QUOTE]One Bad Pig[/QUOTE] Man I thought you said Man Bear Pig. Extreme Southpark related band=win. Oh yea[B] Neutral Milk Hotel[/B]. These guys have some weird indie alternative folk vibe to em. Very odd stuff to say the least. It was one hell off a pain in the *** to find them. Now that I have I can enjoy their strange strange music. A must hear if you into indie.
  12. [QUOTE]Speaking of trendy metalcore... I've been listening to As I Lay Dying a little bit... After hanging with my friend Oran last night (drummer for my old band) and jamming, I started playing "Through Struggle" since he could play it on drums... I believe we might practice this song more.. AILD is a good metalcore band, though it seems they try too hard to appeal to scene kids... They also, should work on... individuality. Their songs all sound, well.. Extremely similar. Nonetheless, I enjoy the music. [/QUOTE]They are one of the first metal core bands I tuned into. I never liked them that much their vocals were just too bad and their instrumentals did not make up for it at all. However I do like All that Remains which is a pretty"trendy" metalcore band. But wait...why are we talking about trendy music in this thread?
  13. Whoa I just started listening to [B]Mr.Bungle[/B]. What the hell? How did they make the money to make more than one album? Don't get me wrong I do like it very much. It's just...I don't really see how anyone else could. It's infectious yet it's just basically random sound... Ah oh well I like it and that's all that matters.
  14. Music

    I am listening to Radiohead and a few songs from their greatest hits record. My Iron Lung is a really nice song. It has that gloomy creepy vibe to it which is neat. Yea Radiohead ftw!
  15. Woo let's argue about subjective things! Hell yea that's productive. Anyhoo I just started to listening to these bands yesterday. [B]Kylesa[/B] Goodbye Face recommended this as a metal band with a good female vocalist. And he was right! They have a sorta thrashy sludgy feel which is cool. I should get more of their music. [B]Unexpect[/B] I found out on my own about them. They have a really weird feel. Like if you mixed Ion Dissonance with a female Opera singer this would be the result. Very good stuff but I doubt most of you guys would like it. [B]Made out of Babies[/B] Another goodbye Face rec here. The lead signer of this band joined Battle of Mice afterwards. I think I prefer this as it is a bit more abrasive and faster. Also it has rhythms that are a bit better than Battle of Mice. Yup that's it.