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Skateboarding Sizes.


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[FONT=VERDANA][SIZE=1]I'm pretty new to the skateboarding world and i am looking to build a board. While i was browsing around i came across different sizes for your trucks, wheels, deck , and etc. How can you determine which trucks fit your deck, what wheels fit your trucks, and etc.? I knew that there has to be at least one person that skates on this forum. Can anyone help me?[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[size=2][color=purple]*announcer voice* Attention please, may I have your attention please. Will the one true skater here please stand up?[/color]

[color=darkorchid]*stands up* I?m Nate, the neighborhood shreader and general psycho soldier right here. So, your wondering about sizes on the deck, trucks, and wheels? Decks are between 8.25(biggest widthwise) to 7.5(whoever came up with this should be shot). The second number is the width size, don?t worry about that. It?s the smaller number that is important. Trucks should come within ¼? of the deck width, so that you can generally see the wheels but don?t look like a turtle (I?m thinking of old-school right now, lol). The wheel size has nothing to do with the deck and truck size, but the diameter has stuff to do with?a lot of stuff, lol. Wheels go from around 49mm to 63mm, give or take a mm either way. IF it is under around 53mm, you don?t need a riser pad, though I would use one anyway. There is no way in the world of skateboarding you can have wheelbite (wheel hitting the deck and stopping the board while you go flying-very bad on vert and extreme {I keep thinking of Danny Way flying on the mega ramp}). If you are using between 53mm and 57mm, you should probably use a riser pad, but it isn?t absolutely necessary-If you are doing soft corners and very little direct downward pressure on the board, you?ll be fine. Anything above 57mm can?t be done without a riser pad; you can?t even put the wheel on (of course I think anything above about 59mm is insane, but your choice).[/color]

[color=purple]I think that pretty much answers your question, if you need help, post here again or pm me.[/color]

[color=darkorchid])\( @ T 3[/color]

[color=purple]EDIT: And I noticed, you said you were new and you wanted to build a board. I would say, go to [/color][url="http://www.ccs.com"][color=purple]www.ccs.com[/color][/url][color=purple] and go to their skateshop, and go to preassembled one, and get one from there. That way you know everything will fit everything, until you learn the stuff better.[/color]
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