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Writing One of my Poems


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That last touch shoudn't have ended.
I had yearned and longed for just one more time.
My heart coudn't be mended.
I was sore and broken.

Yur face so soft, and sweet.
Reminding myself, I cry.
When will we meet again?
I wonder when?

Once more --
That's not much...
My heart longs
For that one last touch.

:rolleyes: Okay, now, feel free to laugh at me! I don't mean to be sentimental...
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Well, it seems you've written a bit of poetry before, you lack the classic errors of being too simple in the individual lines and too complex in the meaning itself.

I wonder is the narrator saying this because a partner died? Or left them? I'm just curious.
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The poem is about a girl left alone by her lover. They broke up due to a long distance relationship. In the present, she is, again, yearning for the laughter and tears they have shared.
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