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Sakura was walking down the sidewlak of teh busy city.She bumped into Naruto "Oh..hey Naruto..".Naruto didn't say a word but he started to sweat.Sakura sighed,she obiouvly was tired this morning.Sakura looked at Naruto "So..since theres no training today you wanna hang out?".Naruto nodded,somehow Sakura was begining to think he was cute.Naruto finnaly uttered a word "Sakura..".Sakura looked at him "Yes?".Naruto said "I forgot...",Sakura sighed and walked with Naruto,she saw Temi across teh street "Hey Temi!"

OOC:I know its short..but please bare with me
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Guest jro13
He forgot there was no training and got up really early that morning, and was drifting to sleep.

Sakura: WAKE UP!

She and Temi just look at him and shrugged and sat down.

Naruto: Where is Sasuke?

Temi: I saw him at his house training,

Naruto: That damn, Sasuke always trying to be better than me. Sorry Sakura but I have to go meet the brat that follows me all the time.

He walked away and Sakura seemed to be sad.

Sakura: not even Naruto wants to be with me.

He kept walking down the street until he saw a bush follow him.


Konohamaru got out of the bush.

Konohamaru: so what do you want to do today big guy.
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Kiki grinned as she spotted Sakura, "Hey! Sakura!" she waved. "What's up?"

"Nothing... just bored..." Sakura responed

"Really? Somthings always going on.. some just never see it..." kik was always full of 'wise' words... though somtimes they lead to trouble... "Where's Naruto? did he oversleep?"

Sakura sighed "No, for once he didn't, I think he's after Sasuke"

Kiki laughed and ran down the road, Naruto always did exactly what he wanted, which disgusted many, but amazed few. Sakura seemed to hate him though... Like totaly dispise, Kiki found him funny, and Sasuke acted like he was better. Sakura had a crush on Sasuke... it wasa obvois... Kiki didn't like him at all... too... 'Yuck, like old ramen.' as Kiki would say.
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"Hes nto old..Kiki,hes mature...and cute!" all the girls giggled."but i think you find Naruto more cute than Sasuke i bet!" Temi added,Sakura face got red "THERE BOTH EQUAL!!!".Inner Sakura Dances and says "I got TWO boyfriends i got TWO boyfriends.!"

OOC:I need to go to school,so thast why its short,ill be back though.
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"Bleh.. whatever. Naruto.. is a little too.. boreing, his tricks get old. At least my tricks have creativity!" Kiki grinned, "Kiki does mean chaos." She smirked and said to them, "Ah, but... Sasuke... is.. boreing. He's only doing it for his clan. Jeeze..."

Kiki skipped down the path after Naruto, before he did something stupid. Agian. Behind her were snickers of laughter. "Laugh at me all you want, prissies, I'm going to have fun!" They were stunned, they thought she was too far to hear them.

OOC: Sorry... Busy... gotta go.
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Sakura appeared before Naruto "Hey Naruto..."she was hoping he asked her something."Um hey Sakura..."Naruto said as he continued to walk.She went to hold his hand,he stopped and looked at her.She liked him,alot and she hoped he liked her as well as she did to him."Sakura...you wanna go...go out on Saturday night?".Sakuras face lit up "Of course i will!"Naruto nodded and pulled Sakuras arm toward him.

Sakura said good-bye to Naruto as he walke dinto his house.She sighed with happiness and started to walk home she twirled down the sidewalk happy as can be.
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Kiki stopped dead, she was going to ask him if he wanted to alunch fireworks with her on saturday night... she had bought tons of them the day before. She glared at Sakura. 'Damn her.' She sighs and walked off down the road, she needed to let out her anger on a bunch of stupid thewives, and she knew just where. As she skipped down the path, sky growing darker, a few kids walked along the road, going the oposit way she was. "Creek?" she muttered.

"Yeah, but they have arms for once." The boy showed her a cut along his arm.

She smirked "Don't worry, so am I." she flashed her explosives and shuriken from the bag she was holding. The shuriken glinted in the moonlight.
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