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Wolf?s Rain

In the book of The Red Moon it says that wolf?s were first to walk on pure earth and man became its messenger. In other words men were created from wolves so says the book of The Red Moon. In the outskirts of the lands there are several cities that are massive in size. Cities scattered across the world sense the war.
Ruins lie in wastelands of this war. There is only bent metal left. Many of the wolves have left their natural home to live in cities after they discovered their power. Humans don?t believe there is a trace of a wolf left in the land. For on a list was the names of all species of animal that became extinct.
Now that wolves live in the city they lost all reminder of paradise. Paradise is a place where all wolves could be free from the humans, until they came and destroyed it. Now that is all left is the memories of paradise. Yet it says that paradise was reborn and made in a place where humans couldn?t reach.
All wolves? ambitions are to find paradise and frolic in the lunar flowers. Lunar flowers are vast fields of flowers that bloom only in a full moon. The sweet nectar of wolves? dreams. Now the wolves are searching intensely to get to paradise.
Extremes are come to be known as pets, to survive. Savages are another. The middle type of wolf is more of a wonderer in humans? eyes. The scents of lunar flowers are intense so wolves nestle in any state of the three above until the time is right to leave.
Many wolves that have ventured have told about ruthless days without any food. There are many concerns other than that one. To set course to paradise is to set course through amazing ventures beyond your imagination. Now this is where all takes place. Now in the city of Kobana four wolves are distinctly known throughout the district.
These wolves will be whoever signs up. They have their human identity on record only. Now instead of making one record this one calls for two. One is your police record and your wolf record. Only a few know the wolves? identity. These are human hunters. They hunt for wolves with their dogs. If you are a human make a person record and a dog record if you have one. Dogs can speak to wolves but only in their wolf form.

Here is sign up:
[COLOR=DarkRed]Wolf human:[/COLOR]
Living Quarters:
Human Pesonality:
Type: (The three above, pet, wanderer, savage.)
Living Quarters:
Wolf Personality:
Occupation: (This will include a discoverer who feel sorry for the wolves and start searching for them, a Medium who doesn?t care but does want to look for them, or a hunter who searches for them day and night rain or shine.)
Living Quarters: (Will change in the story.)
Personality: (Toward other humans. The occupation part includes what you are.)

Now let?s get started. (One wolf is already taken. We?ll need seven to sign. If you really want to be in it and all seven are taken then PM me.)
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Wolf human:
Name: Scarlet
Occupation: waitress
Living Quarters: Small apartment
Appearance: Dark long red hair, red eyes, tan skin, red dragon tee, black torn jeans, tennis shoes.
Human Pesonality: Scarlet likes her space.She is very calm and motherly with children.

Species: Red Wolf
Type: wanderer/savage
Appearance: Small like a coyote yet a little bigger,dark red fur w/ black belly,red eyes with scar over both eyes.
Wolf Personality: Murdurious when in a bad mood.A little nicer and less cold than normal when a wolf.
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[I][COLOR=Teal]OOC: I going put info. for both Human Wolf and Wolf because I think you want both forms, right? If not, just tell me and I'll fix it.

[B][U]Human Form[/U][/B]
[B]Name:[/B] Kikira
[B]Occupation:[/B] Waitress as well, but she takes odd jobs as well.
[B]Living Quarters:[/B] Her late owner's old house.
[B]Appearance:[/B] She has shoulder length brown hair with blue eyes and kind of on the pale side. She wears a white belly shirt who's sleeves show her shoulders, black leather flares, black boots, a black pendent around her neck, and two black bracelets with bells on them. She also has a scare over her left eye, two on her stomach, and a X shaped one on her left hand.
[B]Human Pesonality:[/B] She kind hearted and gental. She really doesn't like to hurt things and just adores children. She can have a mean side though. Just don't tick her off.

[B][U]Wolf Form[/U][/B]
[B]Species:[/B] Ummmm.....not quiet sure.
[B]Type:[/B] She was a pet for awhile, then she became somewhat of a wanderer after her owner died.
[B]Appearance:[/B] She has black fur on top and white fur on the bottom. She as the same scare over her eye, on her paw, and on her under belly. She has the bracelets and pendent still on too.
[B]Wolf Personality:[/B] She's still kind hearted, but not as gental. She's a little more mean and edgy.[/color][/i]
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[U]Wolf human[/U]

Name: Leilani

Occupation: Journalist

Living Quarters: Dorm

Appearance: Leilani has back length, honey colored hair. Her eyes are amethyst. She wears a black belly shirt, with a periwinkle overshirt. She also wears
white, low-ride pants, and black boots. And on the side, she also has a pair of sunglasses to go with her outfit.

Human Pesonality: Leilani is basically very secretive and serious. She tends to keep her emotions hidden, yet her anger breaks through when nescessary. She hasn't been very close to anyone, let alone children. Leilani keeps her thoughts to herself and is usually unexpressive, or emotionless.

Species: Gray Wolf

Type: Wanderer

Appearance: When in wolf form, the fur is a blended pattern of gray, white, and some black. The eyes are a pale cream-yellow.

Wolf Personality: When a wolf, Leilani is very swift and agile, not to mention immensely placid.

[I'll still have pictures]
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Wolf Human: Male
Name: Tsumi
Occupation: Local city trouble maker
Living Quarters: A run down abandon apartment building.
Appearance: A shirt with smoke gray lining. Jet black hair and a torn black vest. A couple of scars on his arm and a bracelet on his right hand. The bracelet has many rings.
Human Personality: Hates most humans for taking away his home in the war. He searches out the flower maiden to heal his home to what it was. If that is not completed he also searches for paradise.

Wolf: Male
Species: Timber Wolf
Name: Tsumi
Type: Wanderer/Savage
Living Quarters: Same as Wolf Human living Quarters.
Appearance: A smoky gray wolf with the rings on his right paw. Tall as your waste and yellow eyes.
Wolf Personality: Generally just wanders. If a human crosses his path he usually is a human. He carries a ready to fight attitude to wrap it all up.

There is mine please we need Humans.[COLOR=DarkRed][/COLOR]
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Wolf Human: Male
Name: TY
Occupation: Wonderer
Living Quarters: what ever he can live in
Appearance: Outfit is blue it?s a like a cloak only it has a hood and a slit in the sides. For his arm?s All he has under it is some old warrior pants that are blue. He also haves a long sword with a wolf on it
Human Personality: Hates every thing!! Those haves to do with humans

Wolf: Male
Species: a blue and black wolf
Type: Wanderer
Appearance: he is blue and black and has a lot of energy and speed
Wolf Personality: the same as his human mostly in wolf form
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[COLOR=Pink][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Human:
Name: Tala Eshana
Occupation: discoverer
Appereance: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/52-10.htm]click[/URL]
Living Quarters: a travel tent.
Personality: Feel sorry for the wolves and started searching for them. She hates any human who tries to hurt one and would give her life to protect them.

Name: Ribbons
Breed: Siberian Husky
Apperance: Black body with white on the stamche. Blue eyes and a white tip tail. Has a small triangle she patch of white on her back.

Hop this is okay.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Please PM me if you really wnated to join. Other than that Cyriel is the only one who should post a bio for the charecter. After that we can gop to the adventure arena. Cyriel is the flower maiden.
Allright I'll just go and put this on the arena. Cyriel can post the flower maiden information in the OOC
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[B]Name:[/B] Veiya

[B]Occupation:[/B] Sympathetic human - Flower Maiden

[B]Living Quarters:[/B] A small, run-down laboratory in the city.

[B]Personality:[/B] Gentle, kind, and almost celestial. She's extremely bonded to those that are wolves, and is sensitive to their movements and feelings. Being the Flower Maiden, Veiya was developed in a laboratory in the city by a female scientist. However, the scientist thought that the experiment had failed, and left her deserted in the lab. Over a number of years, however, the scientist's young son, a Noble named Mykel, discovered the lab and the Flower Maiden. She resides still in her orb of liquid, waiting for wolves to awaken her into life. She is kind to everyone, but she has an unbreakable bond with the wolves. She was born for them.[/COLOR]


[B]Name:[/B] Mykel

[B]Occupation:[/B] Noble

[B]Living Quarters:[/B] A rich house in the city

[B]Personality:[/B] Serious and innocent, Mykel feels that he must protect the mysterious Flower Maiden - Veiya. After discovering her in his mother's deserted lab, he read the book of The Red Moon, discovering wolves and the Lunar Flower. He realized somehow that he had the Flower Maiden in his hands, and was drawn to her mysterious presence. Now he watches her in her orb, almost an obsession in which he wishes to keep her to himself. Thus, he feels aggressive against wolves, and vows to keep her from them. However, his intentions are not evil, but merely...one-sided.[/COLOR]

OOC: Sorry for taking so long.
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