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Here are two of my drawings.

This is one of my own characters. It's the character I'm using in my RPG - Saeri Luenus.

This is of Rei Ayanami. Don't ask why I drew her in a fighting stance with fighting gear. I started off with her head and her left arm in that position, and the rest just followed through from there. I don't like the larger eyes look, so I didn't use it.

Now usually I would draw my characters as neatly as possible, but with these two I decided to adopt the sketchy look. What do you think?
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Al, you've gotten very, very good.

I never realised you could draw quite like that.. heh.

Love the sheer detail you've put into it, very impreesed by the line-work, and quite frankly I can't see why you've not got more responses so far.. heh


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[color=firebrick] Your drawing are great to look at, Rei_Man. I especially like your first picture and how you drew her hair. Her skin in the shoulder and neck area is neat too, because of the pencil stratch marks you made. ^_^

One thing you may want to work on is coloring. For these two drawings I'm specifying the blue shirt-thing the first girl is wearing. As you can see, people can tell where you stopped and how you colored it etc. because it's not smooth enough. You have to try and color the whole thing in one direction without stopping mid-way or anything. Also, try and study how to draw leg muscles well. Not a biggy, though. ^_^ Hope to see more work![/color]
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