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Manga Comic Anthology Idea


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With the idea of Future History (a full length comic, hopefully going to be around 20 or so issues. There's a thread of it somewhere here, under "Comic Idea(s)"), I feel that I need some more comic experience, and so I have an idea for this. Ladies, gentlemen and unidentified others, I present to you an anthology of comic short stories.

[B]The Gifted through the Ages[/B][/CENTER]

The main idea of this comic is to show people with supernatural abilities (Superhero equivalents, henceforth known as the Gifed) through several stages of human history. The eras I was thinking of making the stories about were:
[*]The Spanish Inqisistion (focusing on the plight of Gifted "witch" and a Gifted Inquisitor)
[*]The Edwardian Period (A tale of murder and intrigue in the courts of England)
[*]The Victorian period (A Gifted policeman on the hunt for Jack the Ripper in the dirty streets of East London)
[*]World War II (The tale of a Gifted Gestapo enforcer)
[*]The Vietnam war (A Gifted American soldier and his struggle wth the spirits of dead comrades and enemies)
[*]Mordern Day (The story of a hithchiker and a woman who met him 10 years earlier, the man claiming to be an angel)
I'll post more information later (I need to take my dogs on a walk now, so we'll all be knackered when we get back). I was planning to do this anthology solo, but if anyone wanted to make suggestions or add their own stories to the list, I'd be more than happy to look over it.
Anyway, cheers.
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