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A newbie wants to say......

Guest darksuzakurera

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Guest Wolfen Man
heh, first post is it? mine as well, although I've been a member for about a year... I think, don't remember exactly when I became a member... anyway dude, welcome! Hope you do more posting than I do, and I'll be seeing you around!
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Century Gothic]*enters introduction tape*

Welcome to otakuboards. FEAR THE SHEEPS!!!!

*ejects tape and puts in the corrected one*

Hello welcome to Otakuboards, as you can see ALL INTRO POSTS WERE CLOSED. As well will this one. Good day.

*turns off recorder*

Like the tape said, it's sorta against the rules to make intro posts. There used to be an intro forum, but it was too spammy so James and company deleted the forum completely from existance.

Welcome to Otakuboards. Read the rules, wash your hands, read the topic, post, repeat stop 2.
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Hey, I remember when I first joined (It was not to long ago). Well one of the first questions I had was when do I become a member and not a new member and from what I have been told it is after you post 100 posts.

Oh yes and a "fear the sheeps" Shippou says confused

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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Hello! well replying to these is always fun even if they always get closed! :D but anyway... welcome to the boards! and you should make an account at the [URL=http://www.myotaku.com]MyOtaku[/URL] site here too! and have fun posting!

and i hope i become a "Member" soon instead of a "New Member"!

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