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Manga Battle Vixens


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[color=darkviolet]I came upon this manga today while I mindlessly wandered Media Play. I don't even know why i picked it up. I know I didn't buy it, just picked it up and looked it over a bit.

From what I get the story is about this high school girl that fights too much and something else about these three warriors who tried to unite China a long time ago and failed. Somehow the two are connected. (I know, I should've bothered to read it a bit more than what I did. *bad CHW!* :flaming: )

The artwork as you may want to know is well, strange. I think it has some gratuotis(it's 12:25AM, you want me to spell correctly :drunk: ) nakedness of the main character who has bossoms the size of watermelons while her waist is way too small to support that weight in a natural fashion. There are also a few panty shots. Which is probably why the manga is 16+. Oh that and the whole swearing thing.

I'm curious if anyone else has seen or heard of this manga yet. MAybe someone can give better insight than me. Or I can just sit down in Media Play and read it tomorrow to give a better review and summary of this manga. Maybe I can even remember who created it. :D [/color]
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Somebody mentioned it before, so I looked into it on the net... from what I understand, it is definitly a 16+ manga and anime. For one, there's quite a bit of sexual content in the various scenes, and as you mentioned cursing... and since this is a fighting action type manga, there is violence as well. The main goal for the main character of the story (as well as a few of the other characters) is to become Ikko Tozan - Warrior with the strength of a thousand men. That's as much as I remember, and I hope it helps you.
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