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Writing A Poem For Review


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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Here is my attempt at poetry. I tried to imitate the metaphysical poetry style, like Ann Bradstreet, Edward Taylor and John Donne. I'm afraid that my conceits are too obvious. Well tell me what you think.[/COLOR]

[B]A Tree Mourning the Death of Her Leaves[/B]

The icy chill of death comes upon the tree?s green leaves,
Turning them red, yellow and gold with denial toward the reality of death.
The tree is reluctant to let them go,
For a tree cannot understand how to live without her beloved leaves.

Taken for granted, the leaves protect the tree from evil,
They make her whole and bring sunlight to help her grow.
The necessity of leaves cannot be appreciated until they fall and are gone forever,
For trees without leaves seem empty and alone.

On the ground the crisp brown leaves are crushed and swept away with time,
And it seems that only evanescent memories remain,
But the roots of this great tree are fed through remnants of leaves,
And these memories keep the tree alive through the winter.

The tree mourns the loss of such dear leaves and feels abandoned,
Standing in a forest of other mourning trees and feeling alone,
Hope for closure is found in the comfort from her grove of trees,
For the tree must not grieve alone, but share her burden with others.

Though winter has come and the tree has lost loved ones,
There is still hope for spring and the new leaves to come.
It will be hard to move on, but the old leaves will always be in her roots,
For the snow will melt, and she will grow through the memories of leaves long past.
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