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Writing Purpose(a story)


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Ok this a new story im working on and i thouth i'd post it here see what people have to say. I have the first tow chapters done 2s short but its supossed to be. Ok well im open for comments too.


Ch.1 Escape?
Have you ever wondered what your lifes purpose was? Well i have lots of times the question has crossed my mind."Why am i here." Luckly for me that question would be anwsered. Well i guess i should start from the beging, the day my life changed forever.

"Ok boys you know the drill!"yelled sargent Kaster."We are looking for a young english female,5'10about 115 lbs long black hair also a small tattoo on her right wrist." the sargent held up a peice of paper with the small tattoo on it, the smybol was a 10 point star. "I need a clean sweep in and out, dont you dare let her out of that building, we need to get her befor they do.....MOVE OUT!"He barked.

Shane threw down her jacket and headed for the freezer.Peering in at the bare ice box she pulled out a four cheese pizza. Ignoring the instrutions she pops the pizza into the oven and sets the timer for 50mins."Moms home tatty ." Shane says stareing at her six foot bowa sonstricter.Opening the cage shane drops two beaty eyed mice into her pets cage."Dont look at me like that, you know i dont get payed until next friday."shane says strokeing her snake. She frowns and shuts the cage. Sheding her cloaths shane hops into the shower. The warm water splashes around her almost makeing her drift off to sleep.Shane jumps in surprise as the stove alarm gose off. Grabing a towl shane heads for the small kichten. Opening the oven and pulling out the bubble cheese cake she turns around and says"Pizza's.........done?"stareing back at her are 4 masked men whit atomatic rifles pointing at her head."Well if you wonted some you could have just asked." shane says sarcasticly. Thinking fast she throws the scolding pizza at the man on her left. He yells in pain, bolting for the door shane grabs her jacket. She flees down the hallway and narraly misses the elivator. An old little lady gives her a bewildered look. "Hmm its a bit nippy in here."shane admits. "Next time i go somewhere i really should rememeber to put some cloaths on. "she says giveing the little lady a toothy grine. Dashing out of the elivator shane bursts through the front doors."HALT OR WILL BE FORCED TO SHOOT."yelled one of the masked men.Looking around Shane dodges her way into an ally. Close behind her are the four men."STOP"he yells shane tries to run but its to late. One man fires a sleeping dart into her neck. Shuddenly the ground comes crashing into her face, and she falls into a dreamless sleep.


Gasping for air shane awakes on a sleek steel table.Tubes and needles sticking out from her in all directions. a voice from above calls out."Mis. Waters stay calm, we're not going to hurt you." the room fades in and out."wheeere ammm i?"she says words slurring.Perceing her left forearm A thick needle injects a clear liquid into her vains. And once again she drifts off into nightmere.
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