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  1. Gail jumped out of bed and walked into the bathroom.Wire was takeing a shower."Hmm hey babe you going to the club with me tonight?" she peeked in at her love."Ya dont you have a gig there to night/" she said "Ya its going to be great our first real gig im soo pumped up but......ya know what would make me even more pumped up?"she smiled and jumped in the shower with Wire. Gail grabed a towl and wraped it around her."No not for you." she grabed Wire towl and hit her with it.They laughed and got dressed. Gail put on her outfit as Wire walked into the liveingroom."So do you wont anything b
  2. that would be cool i dont mind at all. i was kinda hopeing someone would.
  3. Name:Claire"Gail" Waters Age: 18 GenderFemale Description: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/46-2.htm]click me![/URL] Talent: plays bass and sings for a band called Reckroom souls right now Gail is a stripper at D's bar. Bio: Gail grew up with her drugie mother who was never home. Gail would find her moms pain pills and pop those. But than she started to find new things better things. She snorted mescalin and acid. Once overdoseing one speed and aicd all at once she ended up in someones basement. After becomeing a drugie like her mom Gail started to exsplo
  4. GUNG-HO GUN- Name: Alane waters Nick-Name: Baou Age: 25 Gender: female Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/33-6.htm]click me[/URL] Weapons: baou uses a long black ingraved bowstaff. Power: Baou can change the dencity around her makeing it easy for her to move around if she makes the dencity low or make it hard for others to move. also she can crush her enemies but theres a down side to this if Baou makes the dencity around her low or hight she sufers from pain in her body that can only take so mucu after a while if she uses her power to much she
  5. Clou watched as the kid sat down and fell asleep. She glared at him."I wonder what he's thinking."she thought. Slideing closer to Aeomni she says."Hey do you know that guy that just won the last match?"she asked." Oh who Matt...ya he lives in our village."she said."Ive never seen him befor."she said a little jelous that Aeomni mit actually like him."So what are your fellings for him....not that its any of my concern its just he keeps on stareing over here."Clou questions.Aeomni looks back at Matt."Well im not sure i can say."she said looking at her feet.Laughing Clou puts her arm around Aeomni
  6. Ohhh this looks like fun!! OB Character Name/Codename: CloueX/Karen Kasumi Age: 20 Gender: Female Appearance:[URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/11-4.htm]click me[/URL] Personality: I can be a little quiet at times but i love to chat if im in the mood. I get along with men ok some times. Im quiet the femanist. I get along with girls far better (maybe its just because im a lesbean) its easy for me to trust them.sorry fellas. Im outgoing and very laid back.Normaly when something needs done around the house it takes me about a mounth to even get started on it.At ti
  7. Hope you like them and fell free to add any coments. Dark hearts light up the streets turning them into lanes of sorrow Fear and pain walk at night Filling in bars and dark alyways Pale faces cry out for help While death rapes thier souls Killing love with hate So bright in thier eyes Shine the crys for release Will hope die in thier hearts When love and pain are all apart Of life and its leasons to reach the end With one finall blessing Or will sin send the falling Into these streets again. ps(im not christean(sp) just in cause the poem made you th
  8. Clou sat next to Aeomni as the battles ended she was getting very nervous."NEXT CLOU VS.LANE." Clou's stomach did a flip as she stood in shock."Well it had to happen sooner or latter."she said.Looking at Aeomni."Good luck i know you can do it."she gave her a thumbs up.Clou gave a weak smile and jumped up onto the ring. "OK THE BATTLE WILL BEGIN........NOW!"yelled the man. Her challenger was a frail bodied boy about the age of 13-14. A smile appered arcoss his thin face. Clou gathered her energy and let it flow through her. Her eyes glowed a light green she waited. The boy's body be
  9. Clou stared into Aeomni's eyes. Blushing slightly Aeomni says"What will we do if we have to fight?"she frowns "Im not sure......i dont think i could fight you but if we do please dont hold back on me."she said "Because i wont hold back on you."she said looking at her feet."I know we will just try our best and maybe we wont have to fight each other."she smiled. Clou looked around the room."There sure are alot of men here only a few girls hmm but some of them look pritty weak and a little to proud of them selves(sp)."Clou says."Ha alot of egos are going to get hurt here."Aeomni and Clou laugh. s
  10. Clou looked up at the city gate. "Finally im here."she said. "Look at all these people how they have fun when others must suffer!"she said to her self.A young man walked up to her."You must be in the tournament."he said with a smile on his face."Ya so what if i am?"she said glareing at him. "well i can take you to the castle if you like."a toothy grin spreed arcross his face.Clou thought"hmm i really dont know my way around."she said "Sure that would be great."she said. He lead her down a dark ally way."why have we stopped?"she asked the man smiled."AHHHHHHHH." shane punched the man with her e
  11. Shane tried to get up but she was still a little shacked up."Wow take it easy" said Tamara. Helping her to her feet shane gave her a smile."What happend anyway?"asked Jim. "Im not sure what happend......i fell asleep under this tree than....."She trailed off, not wanting to talk about seeing Kathy die again."It really dosent matter dose it?"she said."Well how about the cut on you cheek?"he asked her. "I must have done it by aciddent(sp) when i was sleeping."she glared."Are you sure i cant help?"he said. "No ill be alright!"she yelled, and turned to her car to get aher first aid kit."Her let me
  12. Clou woke up early that morning, olny two more days till the tournament she packs her things and heads fro home. When she arrives her mother is sitting at her post normally where clou works. "Hello mother....I need to get a few things befor i leave for the city."she says with a smile.her mother just keeps working. Shane walks inside and to her bedroom. Packing a few cloaths she takes a last look at her room, than walks to the kitchin. Lookibg around shane sees a small food packadge laying on the small wooden table a note was laying next to it. "Dear child i hope you the best o
  13. (umm since no one signed up for edward he will not be in it) Shane looks around as she steps from out of her car.Being the first one there she walks up to the front gate....."Locked." she says. Moveing back to her car she pops the trunck and pulls out a par of wire cutters. Going back to the gate shane forcefully breaks the lock open, and pulls the gates open, She jumps back into her car throwing the pair of cutter's in the back seat.(HINT HINT) She slowly pulls up to the clock tower eyeing it as she moves closer, Finally she stops next to a big weeping willow. Gettint out she lo
  14. Ok this a new story im working on and i thouth i'd post it here see what people have to say. I have the first tow chapters done 2s short but its supossed to be. Ok well im open for comments too. Purpose Ch.1 Escape? Have you ever wondered what your lifes purpose was? Well i have lots of times the question has crossed my mind."Why am i here." Luckly for me that question would be anwsered. Well i guess i should start from the beging, the day my life changed for
  15. ok people im opeing the post today so lets try and keep it gpoing YA! hope you all like it and fun! :D
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