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Sign Up Weapons [ Contains Violence ]


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[size=1][color=SlateGray]Weapons: [ Contains Violence ]

[b] At a scientific lab.[/b]

?Sir, here is another one that we have caught.?

?Go ahead and do the experiment! We have over 1,000 others going on as well. If this goes right? You, me, and everyone else that is working and funding this experiment will be utterly rich.?

The scientists worked night and day for years. Adding metal, twisting DNA, changing the thousand people. Metal being put into a person that could fire out of rockets or other such materials from their hands People who had plates of armor so small that fit into the skin cells, making them a walking armor. Custom muscular tissue that let the human body lift number of tons. People who could use there body to conduct electricity?.Many experiments was and had been made.


Seconds from hitting it?s target. Piercing the air, sound, and motion. A piece of metal, small but deadly, slams its body into the tree. It?s target was hit, sinking along with the bullet. Looking quickly at the dot, noting that the bullet went through the trunk. Highly powerful! He thought, before he realizes it he measures the width of the hole. Around two inches wide, he held the custom .45 colt, it?s partner still in its sheath. The maker of this gun knew what he was doing. This custom .45 range is nearly as long as a rifle and more powerful. How could anyone have made this? Are they more that are this powerful? Although the most important: How could he have gotten such powerful weapons? He shot again, as he pulled the colt?s trigger he started running. In a instant, that seemed longer than that, he was gone and was running as fast as the bullet, then speeding on he stopped in front of the tree way before the bullet hit.

He thought on that a moment, remembering his past couple of years?.

[b] \ Years Before /[/b]

Walking down the lonely, isolated streets of a large city. It?s sounds, lights, vehicles and weapons. He was turning to walk down another street to a restaurant. A man, seeming to appear out of the shadows, reached him a suit case and was gone back into the shadows. He stopped a couple of blocks before reaching the restaurant, opening the black leather suit case. Shocked at what was on the bottom of what he was given, two custom .45 colts and sheaths to hold them. Looking to the lid he could see there was a abundance of ammo. Two notes was within, on was the instructions to make the astounding ammo, the other:

[I]Weapons?.Weapons of utter Chaos. Many has been released, many are still being worked on. Please I ask you stop the making of the weapons, most importantly?stop them from destroying everything! Remember! They are ones that will help![/I]

He thought of how he felt so concerned about the planet, its trees, flowers, plants, ground, rocks, and people! So deciding to do what was right he put on them guns and went out into a lonely forest, away from any civilization.. There he learned he had a ability he never knew he had! There he mastered his new found technique. Practicing along with the new found guns, he soon mastered the skill of speed. dodging bullets that he had fired, learning to master all of the techniques speed could be used for.

[b] \ End of Flash Back / [/b]

Listening to the people that had passed through he got word that in other towns there were people stealing money, destroying homes. Money, that was important, so important that it was to buy food for their families, house them?to survive. [I]The note was right?[/I] He also caught from travelers that the people with the abilities to do this was called [b]Weapons[/b]. Weapons was being noticed all over the world. Some of them that was good, protecting people and the earth, others that was destroying everything in their path.



[U][B]Sign Up:[/B][/U]



[b]Alliance:[/b] Good, Bad or Neutral

[b]Appearance:[/b] A picture will be okay. If not describe your character in two paragraphs or more.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Only two, this does not include the persons ability. Please have a description of the weapons, and where they are located. You can choose not to have any weapons.

[b]Ability:[/b] Only one? Example: Strength, speed, controlling electricity, firing missiles from the body. Note: there was a thousand people that was being experimented. So more that one person can have the same ability, keep it around one or two though. Along with the ability I need to know how he/she can use this ability. That way people will not get confused, do not name the attack.


Light blue eyes seemed to be seen through the clear night. Electric currents made a aura that filled the air., blue currents of electricity was coming out of the body and eyes. Lifting his/her hands the electricity flowed through the arms, hands, and muscle. It flowed freely through the air. Lifting up the tree that the electricity had hit. Roots dangling, dust flying through the air.

[b]Personality:[/b] Two Paragraphs [ How does he get along with others. ]

[b]History:[/b] Two Paragraphs or more.

Sorry if it sounds like you have to type a lot. It is best for the rp though.

- I have the right to accept and deny anyone that applies. Most everyone will be accepted though.
- We need to balance the good and bad. So please look over other people?s sign ups and see if they are good or bad.
- When Rp?ing in the Adventure Arena, please have at least three paragraphs.
- The most important rule! Have fun.


[U][B]My Sign Up:[/u][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Seijo Mitsuomi

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Alliance:[/b] Good


Blonde hair blew with the wind. Dust rising behind him, his white shirt flapped slightly in the powerful wind. Blue eyes watched the surrounding areas knowing that around each corner, or in front of him, there might be another Weapon or danger. His colts was in there sheaths moving along with his legs, each was secure. The dust that flew the air missed his blue jeans, no dirt or mud appeared to be on them.

He stopped in a small meadow close to a small lake. Looking at the ground he saw his shadow. His 6?2 of a figure seeming to be larger than that. His arms was strong but not strong enough to take on a weapon that could lift tons. He knew he would have to use his speed. Dropping down his right hand, he drew one of the .45 colts. In seconds the bullet had hit a fly that had landed in front of him. That was his marksman ship.


Two .45 custom colts. These colts was given to him by a mysterious person seeming to appear and disappear with in the shadows. Made out of unknown material to him, these colts have proven them selves powerful. Located on his right side is a sheath that holds one of his colts, the sheath made out of brown leather. The other sheath located slightly lower on his left leg, so that he can kneel and fire quickly. Both colts have diamond like handles, carvings on them so that you can have a better grip.

[b]Ability: [/b] Speed

Seijo dashes frontward, dust arising from behind him. Both of his colts are in his hands, ready to fire. Circling a old tree running, he starts to create a suction. Firing the bullets towards the tree, their small like bodies swirl along and slam into it?s trunk from many different directions. The tree, along with its roots, began to lift off the ground. Dust fills the air. When it clears, the tree lay around 200 yards away, its roots still in tact.

[b]Personality:[/b] Seijo gets along with others fine. Although he keeps to himself, not talking. Having flash backs of what he had gone through, after he had found out he was a Weapon. He knew very little people after he went to master his technique. Love for the planet and its people, he would fight to the death to see both live.

Loyal to his comrades, he would take anything head on to protect them. He does not dislike all Weapons, but the ones that destroys basically everything, enrages him! From the start he knew that this might kill him but because of him being stubborn. He started tackling it head on, fist to fist, or any other means necessary.


Flash backs, flash backs is basically all he could remember when he was going through being experimented. Before that however he remember he was around 11 years old. His Dad and Mother cared for him so much. They worked hard to pay the rent, food, and clothing. When he turned 13 he told his parents that he was going away for a while to make money so that they could have a better living, they did not like it but agreed.

As soon as he was about 5 blocks away from his house. He looked back, looking at his house, not noticing the vehicle beside of him. It?s blue doors open and grabbed him. His tried to yell but a hand that felt ice cold went over his mouth. It even looked like ice. So cold it put him asleep.

When awoke he was strapped down to hard metal bed. Lights pointing towards him. Tools next to his legs.

?Let?s begin!? He noticed a scientist step into the light, after that he could not recall anything except flash backs.

Maybe with his new found ability he could remember what had happen![/size][/color]
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