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Carter walked out of his stepped into a puddle of mud. Wonder he thought as he walked down the road he saw another boy walking in front of him. He speed up to talk to him but he should have known it would be Josh.
“So what pokemon are you going to start with?” he asked “a bullbasaur, a squirtle, or perhaps a charm…”He was irrupted.
“An eevee and why dose it concern you?” Josh said, “What are you going to study it or experiment on it?”
“Well I was going to study all the pokemon that will be given to trainers early.” Carter corrected.
“Any way if your going to get a pokemon it way to early he said 11:30 its only 6:00!”He said in surprise.
“ I know what he is going to do and I’m not going to be part of it at all so I’m starting my journey early” He stopped and looked back “Why do you have a problem with it?”
Carter did not answer he continued to walk.
When they reached the lab Carter ran over to the table and released all the pokemon from there poke balls. A charmander, squirtle, bullbasaur, and an eevee came out with a flash of light.
“GO DRAGONAIR” he said
Another flash of light a dragonair came out.
“Hey buddy.” Said Carter
He began his studies of all the pokemon there and Dragonairs calming aura steeled them all down. Josh knew this would happen he knew he would have to what for this loser to finish. A loud crash caught his attention. Professor Oak came in with a sad look on his face.
“What’s wrong professor?” asked Josh.
“Well I had to go out and catch a pikachu but a Raichu stepped in the way of the poke ball and that was my last one and on top of that I don’t have time to run to Viridian City to get some more then catch another pikachu and tame it!” He slipped in to a chair.
“Well that some dilemma but I don’t care can I get my eevee and get out of here already!” said Josh.
“I suppose so Josh” he said hand me it please Carter “Here is your poke dex. Now have fun good by!” Oak said.
“No poke balls?” Josh asked.
“I don’t have any more but Viridian City is not far away and there are some there.” said Oak.
“Fine” Josh said as he stormed out of the door.
Then the to helped each other tame a raichu and study the pokemon. Carter just finished as the grandfather clock chimed. He looked at it was 11:00 the trainers should be here in 30 minuets he thought.
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Kazu glanced at the clock in his father's office, and, to his suprise, it was already eleven.

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Father, please excuse me. I should be leaving now, or I'd be late getting to Oak's lab. Do you have an extra helicoptor I could take?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray]Why do you need to go to Oak's lab son?[/COLOR]

[color=darkolivegreen]You may not have realized, but it's time for me to get leaving. On my journey, I mean. To be the best, you know?[/color]

[color=slategray]Well, it must have slipped my mind. You'll have to ride your bike then.[/color]

[color=darkolivegreen]From Saffaron to Pallet? That'll take me--![/color]

A lady in a red business uniform walked into the room, and whispered something in Kazu's father's ear.

[color=slategray]I need to go son, you can make it. Don't forget about our deal[/color]

[Color=darkolivegreen]Always about the deals, tsk. I don't see what's so special about that...what was it again?[/color]

Kazu, using his knowledge of where the routes connect (which he picked up on his dad's business trips), and his new bike, managed to make it to Pallet only thirty minuites late...
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Maura had finshed talk with her brother on the phone and looked at the clock it was already 11:00. She sighed,[I] time flies[/I]. Maura went over to her dsk and started packing her things into her pack. Her brother had sent her some pokeball as a gift and a special one too. Maura picked it up and looked at it her brother said it was a Ghost Ball(if that's okay).He said it can catch ghost pokemon much more easily. The stientists near his gym been working on them. The one she held in her hand was the one of the few that he had been givin. Maura clasped it onto her belt and smiled. She picked up her cloves and slide them on she clenched her fist and looked out the window smiling. Sure she was probley the oldest new trainer but that didn't matter it just ment that she had more experice. She would of started earilar like the other trainers at her age. Her brother had needed her help at his gym and she willing went to his aid. She learned much about ghost pokemon and studied his battles. He had trained her to make up for her missing out on stating on her pokemon jounreny. Maura slung her pack over her shoulder and walked down the stairs.
"Maura you have enough potions right? And my number? If things get bad you can call your brother and he can pick you up."Her mother had been asking and telling her things ever since Maura had signed-up to resive a pokemon and start her joureny.
"Mum, I not a kid anymore. I probley know about the dangers out there tan the younger trainers. And I won't need Greg's help. Ican take care of myself." Maura said the last part angerly.
"Oh, well call me you get a town."
"I will don't worry". Maura said a little more happier. She turned and opened the door, bright sunshine washed over her face. Taking out her sunglasses she put them on and waved good-bye to her mother. Maura shut the door and leaned against it and glanced at her watch.
"AH! Its 11:20!"Maura took of and ran towards the lab. She grapped open the door and walked inside.
"Hey." Maura said out of breath and saw that she was the first girl there. A boy around 11 stood near Prof.Oak. Prof.Oak looked a little woried about something but, Maura just leaned agasnit the cool wall not bothering to take off her sunglasses.
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Josh was amazed at how many pokemon spices there were. He hade made it to Viridian City and bought 10 poke balls. He hade 3 pokemon now, eevee, ratata, and mankey. His eevee was lv.10 his mankey was lv. 11 and ratata was lv. 9. He had considered going in to the Viridian Forest but decide that he would wait here and cream the other trainers that would soon come from pallet town. Then something caught his eyes it was a pink something that went into the forest, he followed it there stood a Clairfairy. He sent out ratata but the Clairfairy teleported away. Then a swarm of beedrill chased him out of the forest.

Carter ran back home as fast as possible. Professor Oak just told him something he should consider.


“Professor I don’t think there are any more pokemon here left for me to study, I haven’t seen any new ones lately.” He said as he sketched a picture of Charmander and was writhing down bullbasaurs favorite type of food.
“Well Carter you could travel with the trainers” Oak said, “I have a mission that I would like them to do for me and that mission will keep them together. You could study the pokemon they catch and you may catch some to, and any way it would be a great experience.”
“I know but I like it here I don’t think I what to leave.” He protested.
“But your right I’ll get a lot of information and then I’ll build a better poke dex. I’ll go home and get my things.
“You should hurry the first trainer is already here you know.” Oak said

He throws his things in a bag, grabbed some food from the kitchen, and scribbled a note to his parent and left. He was about to accomplish his dream! He could not wait
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]"I can't believe this," Aura said as she glanced at her watch, "I'm going to make it to the lab with only five mintutes to spare! Stupid me! Stupid brother! STUPID ALARM!" Aura was running through Viridian Forest. I fact, see was almost out. She could light glareing in through the other end.

In about ten mintutes, Aura stummbled into Pallet Town and quickly ran to the lab. When she opened the, paper were flying everywhere and stuff was knocked over. Aura started wonder what was going on when she heard Prof. Oak yell.

"Ok Maura," Prof. Oak said as some papers suddenly went up in smoke, "don't be scared to corner her. She's not as bad as she looks." Maura gave the professor a strange look. A Charmander suddenly ran between them and toward the door. Aura quickly grabbed it before it escaped.

"Hey there little fella," Aura said as she hugged the Charmander, "I don't think the professor wants you to escape. Besides, you're too young to go out by yourself. You're also to cute to get hurt." The Charmander slightly smiled and said its name happily. Maura looked at each other and then at Prof. Oak. Prof. Oak suddenly cleared his throat and made a hand motion to Aura. Aura slightly smiled and ran next to Maura.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Maura casted a glance at the girl who had grapped the Charmander. She never really favored fire pokemon, not to say that she hated them. The boy that was in eariler had ran in and looked over at her and Aura. She tried to remember his name.[I]Oh what was it? I think it started with a c? Carter? Ya that was it![/I] Maura nodded her head and noticed that one of the pokeballs was shaking. She watched it and arched an eyebrow.
"Um? Prof.Oak."
"Yes Maura?"
"One of the pokeballs its.."
"Oh dear!" Prof Oak hurried over and pushed a button a small glass thing closed over it and the pokeball went back inside the machine under it.
"Aura could I have that Charmander back?"
"Oh sure!" Aura handed Prof.Oak the orange pokemon back and smiled. The pokemon dissappeared it a flash of red light and it toke its place on the machine. Another boy came in yet, he was out of breath.
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The boy who ran in name was Kazu..He had come from saphron city on a bike. Oak greeted him and began to speak.
“Please if you came here for your starter pokemon please step forward,” said Oak.
Maura, Aura, and Kazu stepped forward.
“Now please collect your starter!
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Oak handed them their pokeballs. Aura had gotten the Charmander,Kazu was given the Bulbasaur. There were two pokeball left. One was going to another girl, Prof Oak pressed the button again and thpokeball cam back up. As soon as the glass came off a pokemon came brusting out and looked around.
"Maura this is your pokemon. It would be a Pikachu but well this Raichu got in the way." Maura smiled a elertic pokemon was perfect for her goal.
"It's okay prof."
"Great! Well why don't you all bond with your pokemon before will I get your pokedexs. OH and Maura Raichus don't really like to be in pokeballs. So it would probley be better if you didn't put him in one."Prof.Oak said will walking off Carter following him.Maura bent down and smiled at the pokemon that was now hers.
"It will be eaiser to catch ghost pokemon with you! What do you think about a nickname?" The pokemon tilted its head and fell over causeing Maura to giggle.
"What about Shin?"
The pokemon jumped up and down and shocked Maura when his tail hit her. Maura quickly recovered and smiled.
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]Aura was overjoyed to get a Charmander. Exspecially the little one she was holding earlier. Everything seemed to be going her way so far. Aura suddenly felt her Pokeball mover. Her new Charmander then appeared in front of her and said it's name happily. It seemed like Charmander was just as happy to have Aura as a Trainer as Aura was to have it as a Pokemon.

"Hey there girl," Aura said as she crouched down, "You're too cute to have a plain name like Charmander. How about a nickname?..............Ummm..........how does Charlia sound to you?" The Charmander blinked it's big blue eyes and then slightly smiled.

"Char," Charmander said happily, "Charmander!" Aura smiled and picked her Charmander up. She then rubbed her head.

"Then Charlia it is," Aura said with a brighter smile, "That name fits you perfectly! I think you're going to be the best." Charlia snuggled closer to Aura as she gave her a hug. Aura seemed really happy about this. Maybe it was the fact that her brother wouldn't try to show her up this time.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Rorohiko reached the lab, and saw everyone talking with their Pokemon. [i]They look like they're bonding,[/i] he thought. [i]I hope they realize that that will take a while. You can't bond overnight.[/i]

He walked right past the new Trainers and into the lab. "Hello, Rorohiko," Professor Oak said when he saw Rorohiko. "Any progress?"

Rorohiko nodded. "Yes, actually. That Ash kid was helpful-thanks for setting up our meeting, by the way-but his companion May had the piece of information that told me where I can find what is probably the key to understanding why Absol have the disaster thing."

"Good. Be sure to tell me if you learn anything."

"Not if," Rorohiko replied. "When. I will figure it out, and nothing will prevent that. Now, I believe you wanted me for something?"

"Yes," Oak replied, "and I think you'll be interested once you learn where you'll all be going. Wait outside with the others. They're having a little bonding time."

"Well, that's probably good. They should at least be familiar with their Pokemon. Just please don't make me wait too long."

Rorohiko walked outside and sat down. He grabbed the Ultra Ball his sister had captured his Absol with, though he didn't think of the Absol as his in the sense that most people use the word in, ownership. Rorohiko's Absol was his partner.

"He knows what we have to do next, you know," Rorohiko said. "He knows that there's an Absol in Ferina. Ash told him. That's why he directus us to Ash and company. He thought that Ash might know something useful. I didn't expect we'd be able to get such detail of the whole thing. I can actuallyvisualize all of it without having to make anything up at all. Though I suppose with four people, at least one person will remember each part of an event.

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the Absol in Ferina is the key to figuring out the mystery of your kind that I mentioned. Oak believes that whatever he wants with everyone here will involve a trip to Ferina. I guess it's better to go with a group than by ourselves, though these newbies are just as likely to get in our way as they are to help us. Well, at least they give us the advantage of numbers, and they might not be that bad by the time we get to Ferina. I just hope Oak doesn't expect us to devote ourselves to whatever task he has for us, because there's no way I'm going to leave without giving the Absol there a very thurough study.


OOC: No, I did not make up Ferina. In the movie Jirachi: Wish Maker, Jirachi's home is Ferina. An Absol acts as Jirachi's protector.
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((Sorry I'm so late, My older sister was online all freaking day. @@ So if I missed anything in my post, let me know...and I might have missed something in my post, cuz I'm in a rush and I couldn't exactly read through everybody's posts..))

Mizu was franticly running down the streets of Pallet Town, yelling at herself, and could probably be heard by the people in the houses that she passed as she ran. "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!! WHY DID I TRUST MY STUPID DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK?!"


It shows a bad thunderstorm that must have been from last night, and it shows Mizu's alarm clock getting shut off after a loud BOOM of thunder from the storm.


"UGH! I'll probably be too late to get my first Pokemon now!!" T.T Mizu can now see Prof. Oak's Lab in the distance. "I'm almost there..!!" Suddenly, she busts threw the doors of the lab, completely out of breath, and looks like that she could pass out at any second. @_@;;;;;;;;;;;
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]'Yawn" Oh, today is the day that I go to get my Poke'mon ^^ 7:00 A.M.... Better wait, I'm early.(It's really 7:00 P.M.) Oh, what the heck. Early is better than late. *Puts on roller blades and vest and started packing* "Lalala I hope I get one of those nice bug Poke'mon that I watched him catch... Scither... I really wish I could catch one of those..." *Puts on backpack and starts eating a granola bar and skates out the door* "Maybe that nice little boy will be there... Carter, I think. Oh, bye, mom!" (mom):"Oh, be carefull, honey. make sure you have everything." *nods*

*Arrives at lab* "Hi, all! Oh... Where is everyone???"

(Oak):"What are you doing here now?? I gave out Poke'mon alredy... You're too late. The only ones left aren't meant for you."

"What!? T.T NNNOOO!!!" *Feetle position* (Oak):"Wait! Oh, ok... I have a few that you can choose from..."

*Looks at poke'mon out the glass door* "OOH!!! I want Scither!! I wa.... Oh, why is that little Venonat all alone??"

(Oak):" Oh, it seems fairly anti-scocial... I can't get it to listen to me. Hey, why don't you try to talk to it?"

*Katai was alraedy outside petting it* "I'll take good care of you, promise ^^"

(Oak):"Venonat it is, then."[/COLOR]
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Oak had asked the trainers not to leave town just yet he waited till every one got attached to their pokemon. Then he gathered all the trainers at his lab.
“Now it’s time I tell you the reason I have gathered you here.” He said.
He explained the situation of the rarest pokemon and the orbs of each region.

In Pewter City Josh exited the gym he had won against Brook.
“Gym leaders are push overs, their job is to lose to trainers …hmm and they are respected over the other trainers HA HA HA that so pointless.

Oaks Lab: “The auras of these pokemon are destroying the world” he said
“What there auras are disturbing the world how is that possible….”Carter trailed off
“Well the auras are bringing out the true actions of the soul,” he said, “so basically its turning people into what their soul truly is…. So if they’re really mean on the inside that’s how they will act.

Pewter City: A dark cloud covered the city, then out of know where flashes of light ,dark light, came from the sky striking the ground the whole city was engulfed in darkness all of it .
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"I knew we'd go there," Rorohiko said. He didn't think about the significance of the true actions of soul thing.

"And where's that?" Carter asked.

Rorohiko looked at Oak, who nodded his permission. "An area called Ferina. Ferina is Jirachi's home. I would have gone there by myself if Oak hadn't called me. And no, I have no interest in Jirachi. I'll explain later. What matters is that I owe Oak big time for getting me to the people who directed me. unknowingly, to Ferina. That's why I'll do this."

Rorohiko turned to Oak again. "I know how to find Jirachi, but I have no idea where Mew and Celebi are. I assume that you do, and we need to know that. So please tell us. Where are they?"
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She blinks as she holds her Squirtle in her arms. (She tends to somewhat baby her Pokemon @_@) "Wow...and I thought trying to be a Pokemon Master was gonna be tough...but now this on top of that..?" Mizu thinks about the situation a bit more, and raises her hand. "Prof. Oak? Howcome the Elite Four or somebody doesn't do all this? I mean, I really want to help, I'm just asking out of curiousity"
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"Preconceptions," Rorohiko guessed. "They know too much. This is something that hasn't been done before. You can't apply prior experiance to it. People with experiance would try to use the techniques that have worked for them in the past. Those might not work for what we have to do, so it's better to bring in people who don't have that experiance. That's already applied to my life."

"How has it applied to your life?" Mizu asked.

"I have one goal, and it's almost undoubtable different than your dreams are. Nobody has made any progress toward figuring out what I want to figure out. I looked at none of the research that has already been done, because it would give me preconceptions that would quite possibly be incorrect. Better to start from scratch than to work off of possibly misdirected research." He turned to Oak again. "Is that the reason, or is it something else?"
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[color=darkolivegreen]So, this Bulbasaur is mine?[/color]

Kazu, still half exhausted from the trip, looked into the eyes of the Bulbasaur. [i]What should I name you? Should I name you?[/i]

[color=darkolivegreen]Maple. I'll call you Maple. Seems like a good enough name...

So, these items, these Pokemon...things of legend, exist? Things only heard of in fairy tales, you expect me to believe them so easily? Well, truthfully, I think you're all nuts.[/color]

Kazu turned and scoffed, and then started to leave.
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]Aura looked down at Charlia and then back at the group. Some5thing was wondering though her mind. She wasn't no amature. This was just her first Pokemon. It's not like she hadn't worked with them before.

"Ahem," Aura said as she slightly cough, "I believe every word of this if some of you do not. You see, my uncle is a world know Ghost Trainer and he has heared about this for sometime. My uncle may not be the one to trust all the time, but when you hear it from more then one person." Rorohiko looked just a tad irratated. He crossed his arms and started tapping his foot.

"What exsactly do you know," Rorohiko asked with an impatcient look, "Do you think you know anything about what I want to know?" Aura shook her head. She had heared much and if it was about a Pokemon, she only knew about Fire, Dark, and Ghost types. That's only because she wants to become a master of those three types. Her uncle's prized Haunter may have scared her before, but she still loves Ghost types.

"I'm sorry," Aura said with a low voice, "I probbly do not. I do think we should hear out Prof. Oak though. Besides, we can stop by my uncle's for more info if Prof. Oak can't provide all." Everyone seemed to talk among themselves for a few moments. Carter suddenly cleared his throat. Everyone's attention foucesed on him.

"Aura might have a point," Carter said kind of sheepish, "I think we ALL should lend an ear to the Professor." Everyone seemed to agree and waited for the Professor to answer questions.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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"Wow, these Legendary Poke'mon sound so awesome!!" (Secretly agrees with Kazu, but doesn't want to start any confrontation) "Well, see you guys later!! Venoat and I have training to do ^^ Come on, Venonat."

"Ven, Venonat!!"Venonat squealed, cutely.

"I'm gonna name you Spore, O.K.?? OOH!!! Let's go try to catch other Poke'mon and beat the first gym leader, Brock, right? Josh said he's a cinch to beat, even for newbies, and hey, we're newbeis, right? Hehe!"

"Veno Veno..." *Shakes head"

"Lalalalala" *Trots off towared Viridian forest with no exp, no items, and no sense.*

"You know, we should probably follow her..." Carter stared at Katai as she went out of sight.

"We should, shouln'd we? She'll kill herself" Kazu muttered, then went on walking.

(Meanwhile, at the entrence of the forest)

"Wow, look at all of those Kakuna! And where there are Kakuna, there are bound to be Beedrill!!! Let's go find them!! But be quiet, or they might feel thretened by us and attack, ok?"

"Ven, veno ven? Venonat!!!" *Oh, so if we're quiet we're safe?? Yeah, right, stupid!!!" *Venonat runs the other way*

"No! Come bach, Spore!!!" *Chases Spore for a few minutes* "Oh, crap... I'm lost again... too bad I have such a bad sence of direction..." Katai muttered.
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"Let her go," Rorohiko said. "She'll be fine. She's headed for Pewter to face whoever's there in Brock's place, right? he'll have to pass through Viridian Forest first. Either she'll make through fine, or she'l freak out and come running back here. If you want to go looking for her, that's fine with me, but I'm not coming. We have a job to do, and the first thing we need to do is figure out where to find Mew and Celebii. As I said, I already know how to find Jirachi."

He notices that everyone is looking at him. "How do you know she'll be fine?" Carter asked. "Do you not care about her?"

"No. I've never seen her before in my life. The only two things I know about her are that her name is Katai and that she has a Venonat. I have no reason to worry about her. Besides, nobody ever has much trouble in Veridian. It's a beginner's area. She'll be fine."


OOC: Brock travels with Ash, so he's not at the Pewter Gym. I forget who replaced him.
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Mizu thinks more about everything, still holding her Squirtle "Hm....so we just have to figure out where Mew, and Celebi are.....Celebi....." she looks down as she thinks more, as if trying to remember something long forgotten, then looks at the group "Hey! I think I might know where Celebi is! There's a legend about a forest near..Azalea town, somewhere in Johto, and the forest is called...I think it's "ILEX Forest", yeah, that's it. ^_^ Anyway, the legend talks about a gaurdian that watches over the forest, and it mentions that the gaurdian is some type of grass Pokemon...and even though Celebi is a grass, AND psychic element, I think that the gaurdian of Ilex Forest IS Celebi!"

OOC: ((Oh yeah, I didn't make up ILEX Forest, or that legend by the way. ^_^' it's actually in the game Pokemon Crystal...and maybe in Gold and Silver......I can't remember. @.@))
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"I've heard that rumor myself," Rorohiko said. "It can't hurt to take a look, and compared to the distance we'll have to travel to get to Ferina in Hoenn, Ilex Forest is nothing. If Oak can get us into Indigo Plateu, which I'm sure he can, it'll be even easier. Otherwise, we'll just have to do it the hard way: hike through the mountains. Either way, we should end up in New Bark Town, if I remember the Jhoto layout correctly. From there, it's to nearby Cherrygrove, then Violet, then through Union Cave to Azalea. And for those of you who want to take the Pokemon League Challenge, Vilot and Azalea are where the first two Gym Leaders of Jhoto are found."

He turns to Oak. "All right. We still need to know where Mew is, and can you get us entry into Indigo Plateu?"
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"Well, the only thing that I know about Mew's whereabouts is that it should be somewhere here in Kento. If we knew where it was hiding, we could get Mew, fallowed by Celebi, then Jirachi. But sence we don't know where Mew is hiding...which Pokemon are we trying to catch first?"
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"It's my desire to go after Jirachi first," Rorohiko said, "simply because it's in Ferina, and I have other business in Ferina. But there are reasons that apply to you as well. First, we can find Jirachi. We don't know where Mew is, and Celebii can travel through time, so until we can figure out a way to call it to our time, we'd have to get really lucky to find it. There's also the fact that Ferina will be easier to reach than Ilex. We can take a boat from Pallet to Cinnibar, and from Cinnibar to Slateport in Hoenn, which isn't too far from Ferina. To get to Ilex, we'll be on foot the whole way from here in Pallet, and even if we get the easy route through Indigo Plateu, it's still quite a hike. However, Slateport serves Olivine in hoto, and if we cut cross-country, we'll be at Azalea in no time at all.

There's one more reason why we should go after Jirachi first: Jirachi will be the easiest to capture by far. See, Jirach is currently sleeping. It won't wake up for another thousand years. It's part of the problem because it absorbs energy from the Millennium Comet while awake. Normally it only does this once, right before it goes back to sleep.When it awoke recently, it absorben energy twice-long story. Twice as much energy is being released while Jirachi sleeps. TO stop that, we need to catch it, which will be simple due to it's being asleep. We'll only have to worry about its protector, an Absol, and I can deal with him. So, hat's my oppinion. Any other oppinions, or do we go for Jirachi first?"


OOC: Again, the Jirachi stuff is from the Jirachi: Wish Maker (I really dislike that title) movie. Oh, and because Pallet is on the coast (as anyone who's played the R/B/Y games should know), so one would think there would be boats that at least go to nearby Cinnibar. Cinnibar, as a resort island (as you should know if you watched the two episodes of Ash vs. Blaine), would have boats arriving and departing from and to basically every city with a decent-sized port (like Slateport). Logical, right?
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Mizu nods "Yeah your right, it would make more sence to go after Jirachi first. But it's kinda a shame that Jirachi is sleeping, cuz it would have been cool to see a real one up close. uu' But oh well, at least it will be easier to capture, and I think THAT is what is most imortant....aside from getting Mew, Celebi, and the Orbs and such of course. <.<' But wow, your ability to memorize all of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn is very impressive!" ^_^
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