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[I][COLOR=red][SIZE=2] To hunt, to howl, to run free- that is the motto of the wolfrider elves of Triple Glade Holt. They do not corrospond with humans, as humans would try to kill them on sight. The humans, or five fingers as the short four figered elves reffer to them as, have been their enemies since the High Ones first landed in the Palace. Sometimes they trade with the trolls, but only in groups of two or three, and under ground. They gamble with the trolls, for weapons, food, news of the other world beyond the troll caves. They live in peace, hunting deer, ravvit(yes, ravvit, not rabbit), gathering herbs, living their lives. They live without fear- until one day a human see?s them, and they must be ever watchful.


[font=times new roman][size=2][COLOR=orange] Okay, I?ll give you definitions, but I really only want ppl who?ve read and/or is already part of an online holt.

Ravvit- what we call rabbit
Stag horns- deer
Puckernuts- a curseword
Dreamberrys- what they make wine out of, or just eat plain. I only want one dreamberry adict/winemaker. Poisonous to humans.
The Way- The wolfriders way of life
Recognition- when two elves find each others soul names. Can be given, but it is very difficult.
Cubs- children.
No-humps- Horses
Zwoots - camels

[b]NOTE:[/b] Having a magic does not get you out of having a position, unless you're a healer or a treeshaper. The magic also has to somehow fit into the personality and life of your character. Having a magic just for the sake of having a magic will not be accepted. Your character does not need to have a magic.

Chief/tess (1) - CLOSED
Hunter (1) - 5 OPEN
Tracker (0) - 8 OPEN
Warrior (0) - 6 OPEN
Scout (0) - 3 OPEN
Fisher (0) - 4 OPEN
Gatherer (0) - 4 OPEN
Herbal Healer (0) -1 OPEN
Healer (0) - 1 OPEN
Midwife (0) - 1 OPEN
Cubsitter (0) - 4 OPEN
Storyteller (0) - 1 OPEN
Winemaker (0) - 1 OPEN
Tanner (0) - 2 OPEN
Weaponmaker (0) - 2 OPEN
Jewerlymaker (0) - 1 OPEN
Tattoomaker (0) - 1 OPEN
Cub (0) - 7 OPEN

Sending - ALL
Wolfbonding - ALL
Long-range sending (0) - 4 OPEN
Magic sense (0) - 2 OPEN
Pseudo-healing (0) - 1 OPEN
Healing (0) - 1 OPEN
Shielding (0) - 2 OPEN
Premonition (0) - 2 OPEN
Empathy (0) - 1 OPEN
Dreamsending (0) - 2 OPEN
Treeshaping (0) - 3 OPEN
Fireshaping (1) - 1 OPEN

[b]Player Name:
Character Name:
-Previous Name(s):
-Cub Name:
-Soul Name:
-Known by:
-Soul Sibs:
-Dens with:
Tribal Position:
-Hunting Party Member:
Physical Characteristics:
-Facial Features:
Preferred Colors:
-Cold Weather:
Special Possessions:
Character Personality:
[u]Wolf Bond (if any)[/u]
Rank: (In pack)
Physical Characteristics: [/b]

[b]Player Name:[/b] Skye
[b]Character Name:[/b] Dusk
[b]-Previous Name(s):[/b] Mirror
[b]-Cub Name:[/b] Seel
[b]-Soul Name:[/b] Kveyt
[b]-Known by:[/b] Mother
[b]Age:[/b] 67
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Relations: [/b]
[b]-Mother:[/b] Dancefrill (dead)
[b]-Father:[/b] Weathervane (dead/former cheiftan)
[b]-Siblings:[/b] Quill (younger sister; alive)
[b]-Lifemate/Lovemate:[/b] Horizon
[b]-Recognized:[/b] None
[b]-Soul Sibs:[/b] None
[b]-Dens with:[/b] Horizon
[b]-Other:[/b] None
[b]Tribal Position:[/b] Cheiftess/huntress
[b]-Hunting Party Member:[/b] Yes
[b]Weapon:[/b] Javelin; throwing knives
[b]Physical Characteristics: [/b]
[b]-Hair:[/b] Her hair is a dark brown with gold streaks, waist length, and in the traditional four braids; two on eather side of her head, in front of her ears; the rest is loose.
[b]-Eyes:[/b] She has bright amber eyes with long, dark lashes. They are wide, and slanted.
[b]-Height[/b]: 3?6?
[b]-Build:[/b] Toned, firm, and feminine.
[b]-Facial Features:[/b] She has a sharp gaze, with high defined cheekbones, firm mouth, and a long nose.
[b]Preferred Colors:[/b] Browns, golds
[b]Clothing:[/b] Dusk wears a pair of fawn-colored doe-skin capris that are laced up the sides, no shoes, and a dark brown bikini top.
[b]-Cold Weather:[/b] Same as above; a hooded robe lined with fur and knee boots.
[b]-Jewelry/Adornments:[/b] She has two ear Peircings with small gold rings
[b]Special Possessions:[/b] None
[b]Hobbies/Likes:[/b] Has a thing for fires; Dreamberries. She likes designing jewelry, but it isn?t her job.
[b]Character Personality[/b]: Dusk is usually thoughtful, and bright, but has a quick temper; quick to flare and quick to cool. She can hold a grudge, but never really hate someone. She can be kind, soft, and friendly, but can be demanding, firm, and stern.
[u]Wolf Bond (if any)[/u]
[b]Name:[/b] Silentpad
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 4
[b]Rank:[/b] Alpha
[b]Personality:[/b] Usually quiet, like Dusk?s shadow. Very demanding.
Physical Characteristics: Silentpad is pure black, except for his paws, which are which. Amber eyes.

I want you to PM me about being the healer, or storyteller. The person who plays the storyteller MUST know how these things are in Elfquest. I want atleast five people if not all the ones to fill up the places. Remember: cubs are not numerous(why I said only 7) because elfs don?t reproduce, and reproduce, and reproduce. For Recognitions: I will choose them when I feel like it. I will tell only the two owners of the eves, and I don?t want them to tell anyone else, as this will spoil the plot line.

The chief line went like this:

Flameflower (m) x Frost (f) = Desertmoon
Desertmoon (m) x Vice (f) = Jester
Jester (f) x Lemuer (m) = Kingfisher
Kingfisher (m) x Longleap (f) = Weathervane
Weathervane (m) x Dancefrill (f) = Dusk; Quill
Dusk (current)

If you have any questions, ask me. Thanks! Truly yours,

Skye (Cheiftess)[/color][/font][/size]
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