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Actually I'm still learning ImageReady (I mean I'm kinda at it... A few weeks, that's it... But usually gif animating somehow seemed to work), and I was trying to do a banner. I picked up some optimized jpegs (14 JPEGs with Final Fantasy logos@_@), assigned a layer to each one and frames per levels - as usual. Now the question. Why the dam' it won't save it as an animated gif but only as a static image??? Any hints?
BTW, these were my first tries which I used as avatars. Anybody wanna 'em? I mean, if anybody wants this Alucard/MMLich ava, you can take it @_@

Me sleepy...
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In the Optimize menu, it probable says JPEG near the Format option.
Change that to GIF format

Or just go to "Save Optimized as" and save it as a GIF
JPEG's don't move
GIF's are the moving pics

For example:
[img]http://img19.photobucket.com/albums/v56/M0nsterDeLag/ralphpaste-chov.gif[/img] is a gif
[img]http://img19.photobucket.com/albums/v56/M0nsterDeLag/MonsterDeLag.jpg[/img] is a JPEG
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[QUOTE]JPEG's don't move. GIFs do[/QUOTE]
I know. It just wouldn't save itself as an animatied GIF
[QUOTE]only a gif can be used for a moving picture[/QUOTE]
You mean the source? Well, than thanx sir! I'll go change the format straight away. I really didn't knew it @_@ Welll, let's try.

(Logging back in after a while)
Nope. Well, it lets save itself as a GIF. As an image-only one. No animation.
Hints? 13 layers, 13 frames and I'm at the edge of giving up tht idea 'cause ~300 kbytes is a real lot for just-a-banner, but well... Still any hints?

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