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Writing Poems bye CloueX


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Hope you like them and fell free to add any coments.

Dark hearts light up the streets
turning them into lanes of sorrow
Fear and pain walk at night
Filling in bars and dark alyways
Pale faces cry out for help
While death rapes thier souls
Killing love with hate
So bright in thier eyes
Shine the crys for release
Will hope die in thier hearts
When love and pain are all apart
Of life and its leasons to reach the end
With one finall blessing
Or will sin send the falling
Into these streets again.

ps(im not christean(sp) just in cause the poem made you think that.)


I wish you were here
My love my dear
I long for a kiss
But there is only bliss
I feel all alone
But then you come home
I hold you so tight
As we sleep through the night
But then i awake to a misery
It was all but a dream a fantasy.
-to my love forever and always Brandi.


There is a secret that i must hold
Until i grow cold,withered,and old
But wait
Its to late
Ive gone to the grave
My soul yo cant save
You gave me a kiss
That i always must miss
This secret I hold
Must now be told
Of the life that i stole
Now i must pay the ultimate toll
Im bound with these chains
My home forever in flames.

ok im done. :D
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