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Request Banner and Avatar, please (Lot's of differnet options)


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[SIZE=1][B]Yep... I need a new banner and avatar, however, they don't need to be matching, here's what I want for the avatar:

[URL=http://img2.imagetown.net/63589763.jpg]THIS[/URL] Image with the Girl Robin only on it, and the colours to be red. The text is:
"The Girl Wonder, Robin"


[URL=http://img2.imagetown.net/56124029.jpg]THIS[/URL] Image, with the Girl Robin again and the text to be:
"If Tim could kick butt, then so can I."

And the banner:

[URL=http://img2.imagetown.net/79571164.jpg]This Image on the left[/URL], with the words "Robin Mask" over it
[URL=http://img2.imagetown.net/96415970.jpg]This image on the right[/URL] With the words "Kevin Mask" over it, and in the middle of the banner, the words:

"Like father, like son."


[URL=http://img2.imagetown.net/79571164.jpg]This Image on the left[/URL], and
[URL=http://img2.imagetown.net/56880232.jpg]This image on the right[/URL], with the words:
"There can only be one Robin in this banner!"

And my name on all of the banners. Thanks in advance![/SIZE][/B]
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One Robin Avatar and one Robin Banner hot off the griddle!



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