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RPG Heaven Falling [PG-13]


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[COLOR=DeepPink]?A half-breed??

In a world dominated by demons, half-breeds are scarce. The few who do exist are outcasts, either left in the rain, or forced onto the hot sand. Three goddesses, well half goddesses, were banished to the earth by the heavens.

Alice, The One Winged Demon, she was half goddess and half demon. She was the most unholy of all mixes; demons and heaven beings are not to mix. Arylle was the most human like of the three, only the wing stood in her way.

Skye, The Wise Human, she was mostly goddess, but had human blood mixed in. Shameful really, if that little bit of human blood wasn?t there, she would be the most wonderful goddess.

And Naomi, a dreadful wreck? Half goddess, one quarter demon, and one quarter human, her mixes enabled her great power, but made her an outcast on all fields.

The three were like sisters, always together, never apart, they stood in line, and killed those who wanted to kill them. Little did they know, the Gods were pulling the strings to make them fail. But they stood strong, walking on the hot sand, or running in the rain, heads held up high.

Today they turn 13. Returning to where they were cast down, will be a challenge.

They have one year.

A path that will test their friendship, power and heart. Only those who wish to live will join them. Heaven is decaying, and without their earthy power to revive it, it shall perish.


Alice looked at the rising sun. ?Happy Birthday.? She sighed, thirteen years on earth, now marked by a morning sun. A rose fell from the sky, and landed in front of her. Attached at the bottom was a note?

?Alice, my dear child? It was requested that I send you this message, The Demon King, your father, has cast a curse upon the heavens, only you and your friends can stop it? please? He is now sitting in the chair of the God of Angels, my brother?. God of Heaven? is dead. Please? you have one year.?
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Isaac slumped in the damp grass, already disgusted with the day. Nothing good ever happened anyway, so he could pretty much assume every day was a hell-hole. About the only thing he could think right now was how hungry he was. He hadn't eaten since the previous afternoon and what he did eat was rather meager.

He happen to notice the irony of a single rose drifting in the sky about half a mile away. He had good eye-sight.

That, he thought, was simply ridiculous. Might as well check it out though.[/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman]kye sat on the ground, braiding clover into intricate ?crowns?. She looked up as Alice sighed. ?What is it, Alice-chan?? Her friend turned to her, blue eyes shadowed.

Skye stood. Alice passed her the note, and she read it. Her face paled. ?Oh, dear.? She brushed a strand of blue hair out of her blue eyes, and brushed off her skirt. ?Well, we should still have the party. After all, we have all year, right?? She smiled wanly.

Skye sat back down on the ground, and continued weaving the white clover. From the basket next to her, she picked out some purple clover, and wove that in. Last but not least, she brought out three springs of herbs; one of mint(with three leaves), one of rosemary, and one of lavender(with three flowers).

She took the mint leaves, and wove those into Alice?s ?crown?. Next came the rosemary, which went into Naomi?s ?crown?. And then, she wove the lavender flowers into her own.[/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Isaac now watched the three from the cover of a bush, wondering what on Earth they were doing. He hid not because he was shy, but because he wasn't in the mood to start off the morning with more taunting and jeering as the others did. His head tilted side-ways as one of them began to weave flowers into little hats or crowns of some sort.

He never understood why people did such silly things... like he had any passion for such matters as making flower hats. He sighed silently and brushed his hair out of his face, the feeling of tiny horns behind his ears reminding him of his unfortunate leaniage. This lead to the thought of why a demon would bother to have him with a human in the first place. Who cared. He was here, and his life sucked.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue]Leon stood their crouched holding one of his axes in each hand.
"Bring it!!'he shouted.
The demon charged at him, it looked like a dragon.It had dark red eyes that almost blinding any who looked into them.It was covered in scales and had massive claws.It hovered mysteriously in the air almost as gracefully as the moon.
It got tense with rage and prepared to attack him it was slowly aprroaching in a very intimidating way.Leon turned his back.
"Haven't you ever learnt not to turn your back on an enemy?"The demon retorically asked.
Leon silently and swiftly turned around and flung on of his axes at the demon.The axes span and was inbedded in the demon's shoulder.While the monster was disracted he ran forward and threw is other axe directly hitting the monster's other shoulder.The demon could not concentrate it crouched in pain.Leon bounced off the monster's gignatic kneee into the air, while he was doing this he drew his sword.He landed behind the demon and said.
"What if we're back to back?"He quickly asked as he span his sword aboth his head and beheaded this behemoth.
He turned around sheathing his sword and picked up his axes.He then walked into the mist of this dark, mystical forest.[/COLOR]
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Maura smiled at the dead demon at her feet. She had watched the man kill the beast. Trailing after him into the forest trying to keep quite, not wanting him to know that she was following him. Hiding behind a tree as he looked behind him. Maura stood behind the trunk of the tree and tried to slow down her breathing. she looked around the tree and saw that the man had started walking again. She followed him again realesing the daggers in one of her cloves. Becoming more catious the further they went into the forest. Her eyes wondered forward and she noticed the man was gone. Cold metal was against her neck.
"Why are you following me?"
"I was bored."Maura repiled smugly.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid] Naomi smiled and watched her friend weave the crowns.
'It must be nice to be able to do such things and just.....let go....' she thought. Of course she knew none of them [I]could[/I] ever let go even if they wanted to. The challenge these days was keeping up the act. Naomi sighed and sat down on a tree stump. Now they had something else to worry about. She looked over to Alice,
"What the hell are we going to do about his mess now? It's not as if we don't have enough of our own worries!"
Skye cringed and set down her weaving, "Please, Naomi," she said gently, "I know you must be angry, I'm sure Alice is to, but....well....what else is there to do??
Alice cut in, "Yeah, if we don't do anything everyone will suffer...everyone in all the kingdoms."
Naomi folded her arms, "Well ?everybody? never did anything for us...so why should we help them?"

At that moment they heard a twig break behind them, Alice spun round to see who it was.
A boy, obviously a half breed demon, was emerging from the bushes and his face bared an expression of confusion and interest as he looked at the girls.
As he stepped forward Skye spoke up,
"Who are you?"[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue]"You're the one who tried to kill my master, your father corr-"Leon as cut off.
"Yes but don't even try it I can drop you easily."She threated.
Leon grabbed her arm and said "Maura, that is your name isn't it, you couldn't hurt me if you tried and I'm not here for a fight.Any enemy of my former master is a friend of mine."

The earth started trembling viciously.Dark lightning bolts started flying every where.

They both shouted at the same time.

The darkness began to consume the forest.Theys tood abck to back with their weapons drawn.

"Ha two of my greatest traitors at once, the day couldn't get any better."A strange, mysterious voice said.

"Well it's not very hard to betray you."They both said.

"Get them minions."The voice ordered.

Suddenly as group of demon arose from the darkness, they prepared for a fight.[/COLOR]
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"Crap! And I was starting to think I was going to have a good day!"
Extending the daggers in her gloves she went at two of the demons. She slashed at them and flipped over to a a tree branch and muttered some words.
"!" A blast of light went racing at the demons. It spilt into three different beams. Two hit the demons she was fighting killing them, the other destroyed the demon that was sneaking up on Leon. Maura turned towards Leon watching him attack the demons with his axes.
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]"I..." Isaac stood not but ten feet away from the three girls, somehow fascinated and entranced with them. This went against his depressing, dark nature, but he replied, "I'm Isaac... I..." his voice trailed off, and the three girls didn't seem to hear the last part. He stood there awkwardly, waiting for something to happen. His eyes drifted towards the ground, trying for some reason to seem modest around these three.

There came an awkward "Hello" from Skye, who had asked in the first place. Naomi and Alice looked at each other and then back at Isaac, who's face was growing more and more like it's old self... depressed.

"Well," Naomi spoke up, breaking the silence, "I'm Naomi, this is Skye and Alice." She motioned towards each one in turn. Isaac nodded, keeping his eyes on teh ground. However, his eyes seemed to have different plans as they looked up towards the girls, analitical. He waited for the oncoming insult or 'polite' dismissal.[/COLOR]
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