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  1. [quote name='Gavin'][SIZE="1"]Sorry Jamie I would be posting more often but my life has become very hectic lately with exams for college. If you like part of a post I was going to write was Dawlish meeting up with the Czenovian Constabulary (are they still called that Josh?) to go over the details of a new patrol craft they'd ordered from him and if Esther would go in his stead explaining he's visiting his recently hospitalised uncle it'd make sense.[/SIZE][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"]Hur, that is handy to know, thanks hon. I know you're busy at the mo', so I didn't want to have to depend on Dawlish. I'll try and think of something over the weekend, if not sooner, though you may get there before me.[/SIZE]
  2. [SIZE="1"]I'm honestly feeling a little lost on what to do seeing as Gavin just isn't posting, it seems. Any suggestion on how to fix this without Esther having to follow Dawlish around like a lost puppy would be really appreciated D:[/SIZE]
  3. [SIZE="1"]Next month I will have been here FIVE YEARS. Okay, granted, I didn't post for a couple of them, but I was still lurking. And I'm proud to say I only ever had one warning on my post, and that's because I posted in the wrong forum. Hoyes. My best memory is probably modding the Arena. I still love that place, and it saddened me to see it lose quality, which is part of the reason why I left. There were some early role-plays which were such good, innocent fun. They're how I met my lovely boyfriend, Trevor (Unborn Lord Xion, any arena babies remember him?). The Survivor series was awesome, too. And Labyrinth was a great event. Also, MAMAs intense outing to the forums. IT WAS LIKE A WALK OF SHAME, hur. I feel old ):[/SIZE]
  4. [SIZE="1"]I HAD A GOOD IDEA? :O Even if someone doesn't know WHAT their stock is, they're going to know where they got it from. Posting a link to the site, letting people know what keywords they used, etc., should be decent enough. I know sometimes you probably just have a nice looking image lying around, and that can't be helped. I'm sure someone would find something about it...at some point. BOO I WILL HELP YOU IN WHATEVER WAY I CAN.
  5. [SIZE="1"]As much as I love dogs and dislike people beings jerks, I have to agree with Lrb. There's no reason for your dog to be going over and laying on his porch. Just keep your dog on your own property and he shouldn't have a problem =/[/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE="1"]Agreed; I'm sometimes curious about the artists, and it's also good to give credit where credit's due if the art is more personal, rather than straight out of the anime/manga. There has been some really nice stock used so far, it would be nice to know where it came from. Maybe specify details that can be given when posting your final image? Or perhaps Boo can keep a catalogue, of sorts, in the main thread next to people's submissions?[/SIZE]
  7. [SIZE="1"]I'm waiting for Gavin to post before I do anything with Esther again, but I suppose if we've moved on to the next day that doesn't really matter. Hm. If Gav hasn't done anything by some point in the weekend I'll jump in with Esther.[/SIZE]
  8. [SIZE="1"]This is one of the few things that makes me proud to be British. I would rant and cry less about the state of everything if we only had that as our flag ): *woe*[/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE="1"]-A big box full of shoes. I have an addiction. -A box of summer/swim wear -Scarves and gloves (In a box. I
  10. [SIZE="1"][B]REPO! The Genetic Opera [/B]soundtrack is my current obsession. The songs are so wonderful and grungy and addictive, especially Zydrate Anatomy.[/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE="1"]I shall claim next~ MY RETURN TO THE WORM. I missed it. Let's hope I haven't gotten too rusty. [B]EDIT: DONE[/B] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/AzureImi/graverobber_09.jpg[/IMG] Guess what I've watched recently? I checked the transition and it looked good to me, I hope >_> If the seam is off let me know; something weird happened when I adjusted the colours. I tried to fix it to one shade of blue, but if it's still off too much let me know and I'll fix it
  12. [SIZE="1"]Ufufu, my text message ringtone is the[B] FFXII Victory fanfare[/B]! I wish I had the FF7 one, but I'd feel like a fake seeing as I haven't completed it. Also, the XII version is more orchestral and dramatic. My phone call ringtone is [B]Returns a King[/B] from, yes, [I]the 300[/I]. Because I am so damn epic I simply can't have anything else.[/SIZE]
  13. [SIZE="1"]Heya! No idea if this is what you had in mind (it's horrendously dark, I know). I'm sure jigglyness will provide you with something much sleeker, but I'm very much out of practice and need to get back into the groove, haha. You were my first practice run (s-sorry) [/SIZE] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/AzureImi/Franny_banner.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/AzureImi/Franny_banner_avi.png[/IMG]
  14. [SIZE="1"]I refuse to believe half of the men posting in this thread [I]actually have that much stuff in their pockets[/I]. You all carry manbags; stop denying it. (That, or you look really dumb with massive, clunking pockets). I hardly ever keep anything in my pockets, because my jeans are too tight. If I do, it's usually just some spare change and my phone. The contents of my handbag are far more interesting, and apart from the obvious [B]wallet[/B] and [B]keys [/B]and [B]iPod[/B], always includes a large amount of [B]painkillers[/B], [B]lipgloss[/B] floating around the bottom, old [B]bus tickets[/B], a [B]memory stick[/B], [B]hairbrush[/B], [B]perfume[/B], my [B]glasses[/B] a [B]good book[/B] and any other trinkets I feel the need to chuck in. Usually my [B]digital camera[/B], but I sometimes forget it. Also, old[B] movie tickets[/B]. I have a bizarre obsession with collecting them.[/SIZE]
  15. [SIZE="1"]I'm currently switching between [B]Fallout 3[/B] and [B]Bioshock[/B], at the moment. (On the PS3; my computer would explode if I tried either of them on it). Bioshock is pretty much amazing, but there's something incredibly addictive about Fallout 3. I ended up having to take a break after spending almost 10 hours in one day playing it without even realising.[/SIZE]
  16. [quote name='taperson'][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"][SIZE="1"]Yeah. I have three & plan to get more. Definitely very addictive.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"]I was desperately trying to resist the temptation after getting my first, but I've already found myself looking designs for a second. I wish I had the guts/lovely body/talented tattoo artist (the one who did mine, I do not think, was up to much) to get one like raven's! That is absolutely stunning.[/SIZE]
  17. [quote name='Shy'][size=1]No worries. I'll tweak some of the lines to keep it vague. -Shy[/size] :whoops:[/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"]Thank you, dear. 8D I hope I'm excused for being timid when it comes to using other people's characters. I'm nervous because I don't know them as intimately well as other participants from the previous RP, so it may take me a little longer until I feel I can do them justice. I hope the ending of my post is a suitable enough place for Gavin or anyone else to jump in with Dawlish.[/SIZE]
  18. [CENTER][IMG]http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee132/Runaway511/almagest%202/Dawlish_Almagest.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://zeitgeistglee.250free.com/Esther.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] [SIZE="1"]When she had followed Dawlish into the party, Esther had tried her best to prepare herself for any sort of eventuality. She was caught off-guard by Macey Ellen?s cold pleasantness, and had dared to hope that, perhaps, the evening would go off without stepping on too many toes. As Dawlish made formalities and began speaking with his family she excused herself, instead preferring to observe from afar. She had not expected such an uproar, however, when one of Dawlish?s younger relations spotted him. She hated confrontations, they made her feel weak and at a loss for how to handle them in any sort of intelligent way. She had never felt herself stupid, but when a person told her in no two ways that she was useless she usually struggled to construct an argument against it. It wasn?t that she agreed with them, far from it, it just seemed as though her brain shut down and retreated and hoped the predator would go away so she could breathe properly again. She also found the situation with Dawlish and his family monumentally sad. For someone as close to her own family as Esther was, seeing a rift on such a scale made her heart ache, not just for the man she loved but for his relatives, too, and their friends. Family networks should have been close things, and a rift like this affected those even without an opinion on either side. She had watched Ivan as he retreated, a hand against her chest and a saddened look on her face. The fact that Dawlish had done something so terrible to incite such rage from his own blood made her feel like she didn?t know him at all, and not for the first time. This was something she felt she should one day discuss with him, but when their heads rested on their pillows and their hands laced together, still clammy with sweat, she found it hard to think of any criticisms of Dawlish Almagest at all. When the lady of the evening herself had drifted over, an air of pleasantness and confidence about her, Esther had had to forcibly unstick her tongue from the roof of her mouth. She was shocked to find conversation coming so easily, feeling quite surreal as she held herself with such an important figure. It seemed different dealing with Dawlish. She sometimes forgot how important he was as a professional, instead of just the man. The idea of going to a show at the House of Grimoire, and being able to say she had been sent by an Almagest filled her head with a childlike buzz that made Esther forget her previous nerves. She appreciated Beatriste?s advice, suspecting the bride knew more than she was entirely letting on, and wandered back over to Dawlish, a smile creeping onto her face as he looked at her appreciatively. [B]"How was your chat with Beatriste Elyse?"[/B] [B]"Good, thank you. She's as nice as the papers say she is,"[/B] her reply had been slightly cheeky, as though Dawlish had been expecting her to flail for words, and she felt more comfortable again. He had that sort of an effect on her. [B]"Now if you're done terrifying your family, this girl would like a dance."[/B] [B]?But of course, Miss Blake. If I didn?t bring you along to dance, why would I have brought you at all??[/B] he said, taking her hands so she could fold them over his own, her form set and the space between them all that proprietary demanded. [B]?So that you seemed as though you actually had friends??[/B] He had laughed at that, and her heart fluttered, though the laugh seemed projected somehow. The laugh of a man in charge, not a private one that only the two of them could share. She was pleased the music was more lively, supposing the musicians were aware that by now more than a few of the guests had enough drinks in them to be less embarrassed and more in the mood for a giggling, twirling faster pace. She had always been a fair dancer, not exceptional, but fair. Dawlish was a fantastic partner, and she felt only more capable because of him. Though she did notice he seemed to be steering them towards another group of people she didn?t entirely recognise, but they clearly knew of him. Her feet followed the steps she had practiced ever since she went to school balls, and Dawlish?s hand rested at the small of her back, guiding her with gentle presses and soft strokes, when he seemed to think he could get away with it. Of course she realised this would be another chance for him to talk, and another time for her to excuse herself while Dawlish dealt with business. She could use a drink, anyway. Better to get rid of the urge now before she got to the point when she didn?t want to stop. [/SIZE]
  19. [SIZE="1"]I don't know if it needs to be changed, but Esther very much doesn't want people to know that she and Dawlish are involved. I realise her dialogue with Bea could also be read as a concerned employee for her boss, rather than outright saying they're lovers, but she did seem to open up a little too easily. Apart from that, though, you wrote her perfectly.
  20. [SIZE="1"]I'll probably whip up a post later on today, at the risk of Esther slipping off into the shadows. I already have a feeling she isn't going to be finding any new bffs amongst the gathered company. :smirk:[/SIZE]
  21. [SIZE="1"]Wuthering Heights? That may be the obvious one, seeing as there already is hint at necrophilia (If I remember correctly), but I'm sure Heathcliff's mood would have been considerably improved if his lady love came back. Even if she was, mm. Peeling a little. I really need to pick up a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It sounds hilarious, and I adore the cover art so much. Hopefully this will spark a new interest in classic fiction, rather than people assuming it dull because it's old. If it takes zombies to do that, all the better.[/SIZE]
  22. [SIZE="1"]The phrase was, I believe, originally 'There is no God', but publishers wouldn't let them use it. 'Probably' was added as an afterthought to go along with advertising standards. Just pointing that out, seeing as a lot of people seem to be mentioning it. @DeLarge: REPRESENT[/SIZE]
  23. [SIZE="1"]I'm part of the British Humanist Association, who were a big part of this campaign, and read quite a bit about it a couple of weeks ago and was greatly amused and encouraged by it. And you know, considering how overly, stupidly PC we are in the UK (we can't fly our own flag during the world cup in case we 'insult someone' of another religion. Just what.) I'm shocked no one complained about the Christian ads being distressing in the messages they were directing people to look at. Then again, they do seem to be immune. No one wants to upset that lot, apparently. It's great to see that policies don't prevent her from doing something like this, and I commend her for putting up a message that I, personally, found both amusing and heart-warming. The way in which religious societies have reacted by quoting passages at atheists in return fire is pretty hilarious, too. I would love to see this explode into an all out war, with each side decorating entire buses and drag racing them, Death Race style, through Piccadilly Circus. There are supposedly buses up here in Liverpool, but I have yet to see one. ): [B]EDIT:[/B] A_M, this is the second thread you've been faster than me at replying in ): I feel inferior.[/SIZE]
  24. [SIZE="1"]Why was this even a 'month' in the first place? As Raiha said, it's only going to accomplish a further rift and make those extremists who will no doubt get involved make such a drama out of everything. I love history. Always have an always will, but it isn't something you can package up and talk about in separate parts. The point of history is cause an effect, changing policies, changing attitudes. Not focusing on one race and what they've achieved, and ignoring the events leading up to it and what resulted from it, if they happen to NOT involve the race directly. As the article said, it should be celebrated every day of the year, and taught within lessons alongside other events from that time period. I'm almost certain that just one month isn't enough to cover all that's happened in African-American history, anyway. Seems like a bit of a cheap deal, to me.[/SIZE]
  25. [SIZE="1"]N.O.B. Detector made me lawl out loud. Gavin and Raiha are the most hilarious couple ever, too. And Vicky's destruction of everything makes her my most favourite character. Also; Des = win. FOREVER. So nice to see really good OB fiction kicking around still, I shall eagerly continue reading.[/SIZE]
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