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Writing Karma


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[color=blue][size=1]"Be home by eleven!" Ben heard his mom call from the kitchen as he walked out the door. "Sure you old bat," he whispered to himself as he walked toward his car. He started it quickly, eagerly awaiting the grand roar of its engine. "Ah.. Purrs like a lion," he thought as he drove out the driveway.

It took Ben only ten minutes to get from his house to Paul's, where all his friends waited for him. Paul sat shotgun while the others hopped in the back of the flat bed. "Come on, man! If you don't speed it up, we'll be late!" one of the boys from the back said. "I know that you moron. Zip it," he snapped. He didn't feel like getting instructed on what do to that night.

"What movie are we gonna see again?" Paul asked Ren, one of the boys sitting in the flat bed. "I dunno. Which ever one most chicks are gonna see," he snickered. The others all laughed happily, getting their hopes up for an "active" night.

Three blocks from the theater, Ben saw someone crossing the street. "What the f--" he began, cut off from the screech of the skidding tires. The person crossing the street was frozen on the spot. Her pale white face became illuminated by the nearing truck's headlights. All of the boys began yelling, "OUTTA THE ROAD!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STANDIN' THERE FOR!? GET OUT OF THE F*CKIN' ROAD!!"

Too late. The car came to a hault soon after hitting the pedestrian. The bump jerked the car so badly that four of the six boys sitting in the flat bed were thrown from the vehicle. When the car stopped, the four boys remaining all ran over to their friends. They were bruised and very shaken, but alright.

"What happened to the chick?" Ren asked, looking behind him at the lump on the ground near the car. "Oh *****!" Kevin said, running to her. After a few seconds, he screamed, "She's dead! She's really dead! Ben! You.. killed her!!!"

Ben walked over to Kevin and the girl, took one look at her, then said, "She ain't dead. Leave her." "We can't leave her here! If she ain't dead, we gotta take her to the hospital!" Paul said, walking up next to Ben. "I ain't gonna waste my time takin' her to the hospital. I say leave her! And if you won't leave her where she is, drag her over to the sidewalk or somethin'," he shouted.

The others looked at him in disgust. Some of the people on the block came out of their houses to investigate the commotion. "What's goin' on?" a lot of them asked, looking at the several boys surrounding the girl. "Somebody! Call the paramedics!" Kevin yelled at those watching the scene.

"What are you DOING?! She's not dead! She'll be fine, now let's go!" Ben insisted. The others ignored him and helped carry her into an old woman's house. She'd offered to let them keep her in her house before the paramedics arrived. Ben began laughing hysterically.

"What are you laughing at, young man?" the old woman asked, quite baffled at the boy's behavior. "I can't believe you all are so uptight. What if she's dead? Big deal! It's not like she's really important for anything!" he chuckled, walking back to his car and driving away.

The old woman, who's name was Rowina, said, "After seeing the way he acted and the way you fine young men are acting, I can't see why you were ever friends with him." "Neither can we," Paul said, beginning again to take the girl inside.

As it turned out, the girl was not dead. Her name was Holly Nielson, and she'd been out in the middle of the road chasing after a soda can she'd dropped that had rolled away. But, in the end, she never regained conciousness. She was kept alive for the next few weeks by her parents, but soon the realized that she was gone and nothing could be done.

The seven boys who'd tried to save her stopped hanging out with Ben and moved on to bigger and better things. Three of them even became paramedics.

That night, Ben had gone to the movies, but failed in picking up any girls. He returned home angry and drunk at about one in the morning. He began breaking things in his living room, then was kicked out by his father. The day Holly died, Ben died as well. It was only a few hours after Holly's death, too.

He had been killed in an alley, then his body was driven out to some lake, and finally dumped by the water. His body was found a few days later.

When the murderer (who had also killed four others after Ben was killed) was finally caught and brought in for questioning, they asked her why she had killed all those people.

"Why did I kill them? Why, I'm Karma. It really is quite simple. They all laughed at my death. Now I will laugh at theirs." She began cackling hysterically. She suddenly disappeared, but her laughter lingered.


Karma. It (or should I say "she") has a funny way of sneaking up on you.[/color][/size]
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