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[I][COLOR=Magenta]OOC: I'm really sorry for not starting this earlier. I'll make sure everyone knows about it. I've been busy and stuff. I kind of forgot. :sweat:

"Alright Eevee," Lena said as she clapped her hands together, "a one, a two, and a three. Now, TACKLE ATTACK." Lena's little Eevee suddenly talked a nearby tree stomp. Her Espeon was taking in the shade from a tree as Eevee trained.

"Hey Lena," a young boy said as he rode up on a bike, "did you hear the news yet? There's something going down that I think you would like to hear." Lena turned around to have her blue eyes meet with the boy's. The boy had short blonde hair nd was wearing a black shirt. He was also wearing blue jeans and black sneakers. He had a bog with him too.

"I didn't hear anything yet," Lena said as she ran over to the boy, "Why? What's going on Lee?" Lee shook his head and whistled. A two Pichu came out of the bushes carrying a small radio. The news was blarring out of it.

"It has been confirmed that many Pokemon attacks have been reported," the news reporter said from the radio, "A small group of trainers that have been attacked or seen these [B]Shadow Pokemon[/B] are having a meeting in Lavendar Town in the Kanto Region." Lee shhook his head and picked up the radio. He switched it off and looked at Lena. Lena looked a little shocked.

"I remember you telling me that you got attacked by a Pokemon with a strange black aura around it," Lee said as the two Pichu ran over to him, "I really think you should go to that meeting. I'll inform mom on everything." Lena nodded and whistled. Eevee and Espeon quickly ran over to her.

"You've got a point bro," Lena said as she checked her pockets, "but I've got a problem. I'm out of Potions, Pokeballs, and I lost my Pokegear." A sweat drop appeared on the side of Lee's head. He suddenly opened his bag and threw five Potions and five Pokeballs at his sister. He also threw a pink and black Pokegear at her.

"You're lucky I'm always prepared," Lee said as he picked his two Pichus up, "You better started heading to Lavender Town. You're going to need the time to get there since you don't got a bike." Lena shook her head. She then turned toward a dirt road.

"Alright," Lena said as she started putting her Potions and Pokeballs up, "let's go guys and I'll talk to you later Lee." Lee nodded his head as Lena, Eevee, and Espeon started running down the road. They would have to make it record time to make it to Lavender in time.

OOC: Alright guys, for your first post, I want you to find out about the meeting and get some supplys. If your a good guy, you head to the meeting. If your a thief, you head to the meeting as well, but you don't go inside. You spy and then report back to your boss. I want JoyKaiba to organize the meeting because I don't know when I will be able to post again. So Jackie's in charge despite what her bio says. Have fun guys![/COLOR][/I]
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"A group of Traniers that have seen or been attacked by Pokemon are having a meeting at Lavender Town." Xion's radio squaked. He motioned for Rayquaza to come and he jumped on his back. His father had been behind it, he was sure.He grabbed his pokeballs and Pokegear and started to fly when he noticed he had forgot his money. Cursing at his luck, he had no choice but to go back. As he retrived it, he felt a strange aura in the air.

"Go, Arcanine! Rayquaza!" Xion yelled. A member of Rocket was following him.
He got one look at Xion's pokemon, and nearly wet himself. Running off in terror, Xion scoffed and climbed back on Rayquaza. He made it to the Pokecenter in Lavender town and then found the building where the meeting was. He slid the door back open and gazed at the crowd.

Half of them jumped back in fear, the other half getting their pokemon ready to fight.

"Calm down, listen. I AM Giovanni's son, but I revolted and stole my friends, Arcanine and Rayquaza back. I ain't here to hurt anyone." he said, backing away from the door. The mounted tension faded and he sat down.
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]OOC: Alrighty, so I'm in charge of this. Where oh where to begin.

Jackie was gathering thing from around the house that the meeting was being held at. She didn't even seem to notice that Xion had walked in. The people that had jumped at his entrance was just some random people that would be leaving shortly. One of the girls suddenly stood up.

"Jackie," the girl said as Jackie turned around, "One of the Trainers has arrived. We'll be taking our leave now." Jackie nodded and watched the family of six walk out. She then turned her attention to Xion. She slightly glared at him.

"What's your problem," Xion questioned as he looked at Jackie. Jackie crossed her arms and started tapping her foot. Xion took a step backward as a Haunter appeared behind her. He must of belonged to her because she didn't flinch when he floated next to her.

"I overheard you," Jackie said as the Haunter floated into her arms, "and I have a major problem with your father. He's mean to my brother, who happens to work for him. Does James ring a bell?" Xion nodded and looked to his right. He spotted a Charizard outside. She had a turqouise ribbon on one of it's horns. That didn't make Xion any more at ease.

"Don't worry about it, " Xion said with a slight nervous smile, "I'm nothing like my father and I feel really sorry for your brother. BTW, the name's Xion. You are?" Jackie slightly smiled and let Haunter go. She then placed some potions in her backpack along with some Pokeballs. She also placed a black and turqouise Pokegear around her neck. She suddenly turned back toward Xion as Haunter floated back into her arms.

"My name is Jacklyn," Jackie said with a sweet smile, "but you can call me Jackie. This is my Haunter and outside is my Charizard, Charlia. We're all pleased to meet you." Xion nodded and looked around. The house, they were in, was completely empty. It was just Jackie and him.

"So," Xion said with worriment, "do you think other trainers will show?" Jackie looked a little worried herself. She wasn't quiet sure. Her Haunter looked just as worried as her.

"I hope so," Jackie said as a slight smile crossed her face, "and if so, Charlia will alert us." Xion nodded as Jackie took a seat. They both hoped more trainers would show up and soon.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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[FONT=Verdana] [COLOR=DarkRed] [B] [I]

"Oh, this is Arcanine and Rayquaza. Your pokemon seem well trained. I am getting sort of anixous waiting, aren't you?" Xion spoke suddenly.

"Rayquaza? Isn't that the legendary dragon Pokemon?" Jackie said amazed.

"Yep. I love the reaction of Rocket Members when they see it. Last time on guy almost wet himself." I replied, amused.

"Hahahahahaha! I wish Haunter had THAT calibur of effects on people. I think your Arcanine is beautiful." Jackie said, laughing

"Thank you. Ya know, its been a LONG time since I have had any small talk. This is kind of fun. I never GET to talk, because most are freaked out at my appearace."
I said sadly. We contiued to sit and get to know each other [/FONT] [/COLOR] [/I] [/B]
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Jake ran through rock tunnel and jumped behind a boulder to avoid one of his pokemons attacks. Since it was dark in the tunnel it would help improve him and his pokemons senses. Jake waited for the sound of another attack but it never came. He looked to the side of the boulder and saw the out line of his pichu's body walking towards him. Jake felt around and picked up a stone. Once his picku was close enough he threw the rock hard at the pichu's head. then quickly moved. His pichu glowed with electricity then charged at the boulder jake had been behind. The boulder was hit and was thrown against the cave wall. Jake just smiles at pichu's work. He had taught his pokemon to use different attacks at the same time so he'd have a bit of an advantage. What his pichu had done was a combination of a quick attack and thunder wave.

"Come on volt. I thought I've trained you never to miss even when you're in the dark" jake said smiling.

Volt didn't say any thing and tried to hit him again. Jake just moved to the side easily and avoided the attack. As soon as he stepped aside he was hit in the leg by a vine and felt him self get cut on his arms. He knew that it was his bulbasaur vino because it had always been a silent attacker and mover. Jake rolled to the side to avoid another attack by vino. Once he moved he was struck in the back and felt him self get shocked. He fell to his back and begun to get up but stopped when he noticed one of vino's vines were in font of his face and volt was behind him using charge.

"Fine. You two win this one" jake said putting his hands up showing that he surrendered.

He heard his pokemon cheer hearing that they won. Vino brought jake his back and jake picked it up and put it on his back. Both vino and volt jumped at the same time at hit each other in the head and landed on the ground. They both got up and started fighting each other. Jake just let out a sigh. His pokemon never got along with each other and that annoyed him but the fact that have to be working with other people annoyed him even more.

"Stop fighting you two. You can ride on my head this time volt. You'll have to ride on my bag vino" jake said kneeling down.

Volt cheered and jump onto jake's shoulder then onto his head. Vino climbed on top of jakes bag as jake stood up. Once they were seated jake started heading out of the cave and started for lavender town to meet with the people he'd have to work with to go after the shadow pokemon.
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"That have seen the shadow Pokemon are meeting in Lavender Town." Said the radio. "Well.....how about that....." *whistles* "CHARIZARD, COME!" A large Charizard called over the trees, and landed with a great gust of wind in front of Rose. " Well, old friend, it looks like we're going to Lavender Town."

As they arrived in Lavender town, Rose spotted a trainer with a very fierce-looking Rayquaza. She decided that she would ignore him. She released her Umbreon from its pokeball so it could stretch its legs, and headed for the poke' center.

After finding out where the meeting was being held she headed back to the building that she had seen the Rayquaza at.
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]Jackie tapped her fingers on the table as Charlia suddenly started making noise outside. Jackie stopped tapping her fingers and quickly stood up. Xion looked at her as she walked over to the door.

"What's wrong with you," Xion asked as he watched Jackie turn the knob of the door. Jackie just shook her head, swung the door open, and stepped outside. The slight pink tint to her face disappeared as Haunter appeared next to her.

"What's up Charlia," Jackie questioned as Charlia suddenly landed on the other side of her. Three trainers suddenly caught Jackie's eye. A girl with a Eevee and Espeon were coming from the left route. Another girl with a Charizard and Umbreon were coming from the Poke Center. A boy was also coming her way. He had a Bulbasaur and Pichu. Jackie knew they weren't with the thieves because they didn't have the offical crest of the thieves. A sigh of relieve escaped her lips as someone tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up to discover the boy with the Bulbasaur and Pichu.

"Is this where the meeting being held," the boy questioned as the two girls walked to his sides. Jackie smiled and nodded. Her Pokemon smiled and nodded as well.

"Yes it is," Jackie said as she put her hand out. "and I'm the head of it. My name is Jackie and these are my Pokemon, Haunter and Charlia." Haunter and Charlia nodded again as the boy shook Jackie's hand.

"Well," the boy said as he dropped Jackie's hand, "I'm Jake and these are my Pokemon, Volt and Vino." Volt and Vino happily said thier names as Jackie smiled brightly. Jackie then looked at the girl with Eevee and Espeon.

"I'm Lena," the blonde said cheerfully, "and this is Eevee and Espeon." Jackie bent down and petted both Eevee and Espeon. Both Pokemon said thier names happily. Jackie then stood up and looked at the girl that had Charizard and Umbreon.

"My name's Rose," the girl said with a smile, "and these two are Charizard and Umbreon." Jackie and then giggled slightly. She suddenly stopped and turned toward the door.

"Alright guys," Jackie said as Haunter floated into her arms, "why do you come in and meet Xion." Jake, Rose, and Lena nodded. They then followed Jackie inside as Rose's Charizard stayed outside with Charlia.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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"Hi. I am Xion, and this is Rayquaza and Arcanine. Come on in. We were chatting about our pokemon." I said as if you were friends that I had known for a time.
They looked kind of shocked at seeing Rayquaza, but soon got over it.

I sat down again and gave Rayquaza a piece of meat from a plastic bag. Reaching in, I grabbed a hunk of ham and gave it to Arcanine. They muched on the meal contently.

"Anyone want something to eat? There is cooking stuff over here, and I know how to cook. besides, Arcanine can help me."[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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