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Hi everyone. I'm not sure if any of you remember me (this place seems so different now) but I just thought I'd say hello and such. I thought I'd bring up the issue of times once past (since I don't want to get into any trouble for just posting a reintroduction.) How have events that previously transpired lead to turning points in the present? Recently, I've been meeting many people that I've not spoken to since about six years ago. It made me feel as if I shoud return to places where I've enjoyed myself or try to reinvent those memories. I was wondering if anyone else felt like that recently, because a few of my friends have as well.
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Ah, you're high on nostalgia! (I'm new here, so I wouldn't know you but I'll reply anyway!) That can be a good or bad feeling. Like running into people you knew long ago on the street (or merely noticing them). A lot of things can bring it out, smells, sounds (music you listened to when you were really happy/sad/thinking about something specific)... and even anime! ^^;
Honestly, I've gone back and watched some old recorded VHS tapes of dubbed anime I was into way back in the day. Whoa, memory factory!! (And then you realize how bad some of the old dubs can be after having so much more experience with anime... >_<)
But yeah, if they're good memories, go back and reinvent them! They'll come back to you.
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