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  1. I loved the Gravi OVA. I think it could be just because I wanted more, and it gave me an extra little taste. I really loved the end [spoiler]where Tohma says in English "It's... Gravitation." lol. It's like the corniest line ever, but I just thought it was great.[/spoiler] I think it gave me a chill at the time. ^^; I've been so impressed with the quality of the TV DVD's, I'm really looking forward to seeing the OVA on DVD as well. I saw it a while ago (I still have it on my PC actually) and the video quality is horrendous. Sound was also a little muffled sounding if memory serves correct
  2. Personally, I just don't have the time anymore. Or rather, I don't want to bother dedicating myself to reading a novel with the small amounts of potential reading time I have. When I was younger I read something like 9 novels in a few months while I was out of school. Little reading factory, I was! These days though, I just give in and listen to my mp3 player or play my GBA SP while I'm on the train. But when I look around during my morning transit, the vast majority of the normal (non-trashy) looking adults and classier young people do read books. It is not uncommon for me to be in a car
  3. [quote name='Mage15']I know some people and gays are open with their fellings, bu to take it to a level of dressing like a women draws the line for me.[/quote] *nod* And it does for many, myself included. Many gay people are somewhat feminine, but doing that is an extreme. Personally, I used to get angry because of the stereotype it adapts in many heterosexuals' eyes towards gay people. Honestly though, these days drag queens intrigue me. I've never actually seen a performance in real life, but from what I've seen on various gay-themed television it looks like something fun to go watch!
  4. [quote name='`hEvN][COLOR=RoyalBlue']Get Backers should definitely have a second season. The ending is just a bit too quick. I never knew how many episodes there was until one day, when I was watching an episode, it finally ended. I was like O.O and wished there was more of it.[/COLOR][/quote] I wished there was more too, but how long was GB? 49 or 50 eps or something, right? That's quite a bit. They managed to pretty much conclude on two different stories (both based in Mugenjou) quite nicely. But I agree; there was a lot of possibility for more. They kept it very open. I would have preferr
  5. I'm a little surprised that there aren't any BC'ers around! Anyway, I'm a 19 year old male from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I have a large interest in digital media and film, I've went to university for such, Interactive Arts. (I skipped some grade school so I moved out of my parents? house and into the city quite early.) My instructors told me that I have a talent in digital film, so I would like to pursue that more closely. I'm also gay, and I'm grateful that I can be in such an accepting place like Canada. Currently, I'm working at Electronic Arts Blackbox studio in down
  6. [quote name='Monkey_Orange][COLOR=DarkOrange']Well, actually it's more about certain Anime characters as opposed to actually being in the Anime itself. Make sense?[/COLOR][/quote] Makes total sense. I've had maybe 3 anime-based dreams in total. Never placing me inside a specific anime, but meeting or being with anime characters. They were actually kind of scary experiences. (In an oddly good way.) You know how anime in general is drawn? Big eyes and whatnot. It doesn't [I]actually [/I] look real. But it kind of does to me; It's not actually very far off. You see, in the dreams I've had,
  7. Well don't start it off with chaos. Waking up in a mall to find monsters "all over the place" would be pretty insane I think. Especially if you just have your character wake up in the first frame, we have no idea who she is, why she's in the mall unconscious, etc. If you want to actually make it suspenseful you should have some sort of build-up. I think it was Silent Hill 1 that started with the guy and his daughter on a road-trip somewhere, and then something appeared in front of the car. So he swerved and crashed. When he woke up his daughter was gone, and he wandered into the town... to fin
  8. Well, I got my hands on Gravitation Vol. #1 by Right Stuf. Sadly, I'm a little disappointed. For the record, I've seen this entire series [I]multiple [/I] times on fansub, and it is one of my absolute favorite to date. I think I'm going to get my little dub rant out of the way. Typically I can't stand dubs, so excuse my lack of tolerance. ^^; First, I was extremely relieved to know that Right Stuf got the license to this series, because I certainly did not want it butchered... And they put quite a bit of effort into the US distribution, but ohhh my goodness. I think the first painful part
  9. You're very welcome! I'm glad we helped you talk it out a little. I wish the best for you and your family. And may there be minimal conflict in the future. ^_^ If you ever feel the need, you may contact me via PM. ~adempton
  10. I don't know who is to blame for the arguement, your dad or your mom, but from the sounds of things your mom isn't in very good shape. Personally, I don't let anyone take crap from my dad since he almost ruined my life many times. And I've had to call the police multiple times so I wouldn't be hesitant to do so now. (But thankfully I won't have to since I no longer live there.) I really don't want to see you getting yourself involved in the fight, because if your dad is abusive like mine was, it means you're suddenly going to be on the line. Don't get yourself hurt, but if your mom is in [I]re
  11. Assassin... speaking from experience here: The second your dad does anything that is obviously wrong, such as hitting you or your mother, it is perfectly all right to call the police. That is illegal and wrong. Physical abuse is not right. But if the fight is just verbal, unless you want to get involved, there isn't a lot you can do, bud. The headphones idea might be your best bet. ~adempton
  12. I like them. I agree that they'd benefit greatly from color. They actually look like pictures that would belong on cards in a CCG. Such as... [URL=http://www.anistop.com/MagiNTCS.jpg]MagiNation[/URL] or something. And that isn't an insult, just an observation. I liked CCG's in my day. ^_^ You'll get the hang of scanning when after you play around with it enough. You can adjust a lot of contrast settings and whatnot to darken your lines and/or get rid of unwanted ones?even without graphic editing software. But try to get some editing software on your computer! You should learn how to use i
  13. Well you've pretty much decided it for me! I'll watch it. ^_^ Thankfully my friend has all of the episodes ready to go. I bet he'll be happy that I've finally decided to give it a watch. I actually bought a mini mouse pad from Japan off eBay in one of my weird anime merchandise splurges. It looks like [URL=http://i16.ebayimg.com/03/i/01/b1/e1/24_1_b.JPG]this (Click here)[/URL]. It's pretty cute. ^_^ I was getting a little tired from the same old interaction between the Naruto characters anyway, this should be nice for a change of pace. I have a feeling I'm really going to fall in love wit
  14. I had attempted to watch Hunter x Hunter a while ago by recommendation from a friend who told me it had a lot of similarities to Naruto. I watched the first episode or... four. And I wasn't very impressed at first. I don't really know how to describe how I felt. I mean it wasn't [I]bad[/I], but it felt dated. I was vaguely reminded of Dragonball. (Not Z, the first one.) I consider that to be a huge insult to the series so I must stress, "[I]vaguely[/I]." ^^; I saw the initial cuteness, but it just didn't interest me that much early on. Then again, I wasn't really introduced to many of the char
  15. [QUOTE=Shi no Tenshi]1. It will help me learn skills that I will need when I leave home. [/QUOTE] Big time. It really sucks if you move out 4 cities away and you have to call your Mom because you have no idea what settings to select on the washing machine in order to not totally wreck your clothes. [quote name='Shi no Tenshi']It does annoy me when my brother doesn't do anything to help around the house. It annoys me when my dad does nothing to help around the house. It annoys me when my mother thinks she has to do everything around the house then bitches at us cause we do nothing. Blo
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