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  1. 5th Hokage

    Anime Banning Anime

    i don't think cartoons should be banned because it's art where ever you live heero darkangel do they any protection laws on of art? but I'd say don't worry about it much this kind of stuff gets brought up all the time here in america and most of the time nothing comes of it. but I don't know the politics of your country so I can't be for sure and that was quite rude densuke and the reason people are passionate is because everyone on this forum likes anime so people are gonna be defensive
  2. 5th Hokage

    Anime Anime that need a sequel/continuation

    trigun would definitely be one of my picks too. I'd be really interested on what they'd do with the ending (if you seen it you'll know what i'm talking about) I also think Outlaw Star left itself open for so much more then it gave at the end after the last episode I thought ''wow the next season is going to be great'' but if never came. P.S. I would have put my answer on the thred but I was getting a call and had to log off ( I hate dail-up)
  3. of all the great animes that have had only one season (trigun, cowboy bebop, outlaw star, DNA2, ect)which should be brought back for a second chance.
  4. 5th Hokage

    Anime Is Anime a Big Thing Where You Live?

    anime isn't very big were I live (TN) but I live in a small town I have to go 30 miles to best buy to get anything. I have to go to atlanta or north carolina to find any cons and even they aren't entirely anime cons.
  5. 5th Hokage

    Anime Unique Anime Weapons/Magic

    vash and knives' guns from trigun are unique along with wolfwoods cross the design for wolfwoods cross is just cool
  6. 5th Hokage

    Manga King of Bandits: Jing

    I've been a big fan of the series since bought the first vol. last August and now I just got done reading vol.7 and I can't wait for twilight tales. It's a little darker and adult angeled.
  7. 5th Hokage

    Manga Which Manga title it better? Tokyopop or Shonen Jump?

    both have there perks tokyopop has a bigger selection of titles But shonen jump(viz) has more well known anime titles and is alittle cheaper ,the thing about viz is that haven't been around in america as long as tokyopop me myself I think it's a tie right now