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Sign Up Sonic and friends:The power of the emerald

Mighty kai

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[COLOR=Blue]Sonic and his mates were all busy enjoying themselves. They were all hanging around, swimming, lying about, telling each other jokes and havin a great time. Then all of a sudden someone got incontact with Sonic saying that there was trouble. And they wanted help.The person who got in contact with Sonic was Vector. Head of the Chaotix detective agency. Sonic asks Vector whats wrong. Vector explains that Dr Eggman and Chaos are after a rare emerald called The spirit's eye. It has the power to bring evil spirits to the world.And they are evil spirits of sacred animals. There is 4 of them and these animals are Wolf, Lion, Buzzard and Rhino. And which world is Eggman gonna go to? Thats right its Chris's world. Sonic being as he is decides to go and do something about it. He asks if someone will come and help him. All his friends decide to help him out too. Not long after that Sonic finds out that Eggman has kidnapped Chris and his granpa. "What Eggman has Chris and his granpa"? Sonic asked Vector through the walkie talkie . Vector replied "Yes thats right. Oh by the way me and the boys are coming to help you guys out. After all we are dectitives" Sonic said goodbye to Vector and said to all his friends "right are you all ready"? Everyone else shouted "Yeah lets go".After that Sonic and friends rushed off on their journey and then Tails turned to Sonic and said "Eh Sonic how are we gonna get back to Chris' world"? Right here is a list of characters you can choose from.

And your pro should be like this






type:[speed, power, air]


best friends:

little info:

Rigt then heres mine





description:[URL=http://www.teamartail.com/games/heroes/cg/charmy_12.jpg]click here[/URL]

type: Air


best friends:Vector and Espio

little info:Charmy is the youngest member of the chaotix dectective agency. He is a funny and scatter brained kid. He loves to go on missions with his friends. Charmy is not strong or smart. But he warp himself through flowers. The other two think of him as a cute mascot.

There you go if u have any questions just pm me[/COLOR]
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[color=blue][font=Verdana]Name: Sonic

gender: Male

Age: 13

Race: Headshog


type: Speed
personality: he is very layback and is very arrogant and care free

best friends: knuckles and tails

little info: sonic is very fast he doesn?t really do a lot he is smart but not as smart as tails and strong but not as strong as knuckles but they are nothing when it comes to speed [/font][/color]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Hey guys you can play 2 characters if you wish. Heres the other character im gonna play.





description:[URL=http://www.teamartail.com/sonicx/02/images/060tails.jpg]click here[/URL]



best friends:Sonic and Knuckles

little info:Tails has been a companion to Sonic since 1992. He is one of Sonic's best friends and he is a smart little guy. Tails follows Sonic on his adventures.[/COLOR]
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[color=blue][font=Verdana]Name: knuckle

gender: male

Age: 13

Race: Headshog

description: [url]http://www.teamartail.com/sonicx/01/images/018knuckles.jpg[/url]

type: power

personality: he is stubborn serious and arrogant

best friends: tails and sonic

little info: he is knuckles the echida between him sonic and tails knuckles is the strongest.[/font][/color]
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