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Anime Chrono Trigger OVA (Not the PSX cutscenes, mind you!)


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First of all:
[B]I am not asking if it exists, nor. This topic is about the real 16 minute OVA that can be found online.[/B]

Last night, while I was checking out some anime online, I found a 100MB file of a Chrono Trigger OVA. First, I thought it meant a compilation of the PSX cutscenes or something, but decided to download it anyway. Little could prepare me for the reality of the video:
It was barely related to the Chrono Trigger universe (story-wise, at least). Instead, if focused on the many monsters of the game, and their own Millenial Fair (the events that began the game).
The story is pretty much a parody of some events in the game, and the pure stupidity can be quite entertaining. Also, the sound consists mostly of MIDIs from the game, and fit the scenes very well (sometimes enchancing the comedic factor). On the other hand, the visuals scream low-budget. The colors are drab, the animation's fluidity is average, and the best effect is an "explosion" at the beginning.

I don't know if I'm allowed to post the site to the Torrent, so I won't. However, I reccomend all Chrono Trigger fans to check it out, since the vast amount of references to the game is excellent.

I also included 3 pics, to prove that I'm not referring to those cursed PSX clips.
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Cool, more Chrono-madness.
I thought it was pretty funny.
But it would have been easier if you linked it directly to the site.
Whatever, I think... I've fought those enemies before.
The fat hula-guy, the onion-thing, I've fought them in Chrono Cross.
Look, there's even Crono in the first pic. (Duuuhhh)
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I didn't post the link because I'm not sure if it is allowed. However, I guess it's safe to say that you can find it if you search on Animesuki. It's really a shame that this OVA was so ignored, since it's a funny, lighthearted take on the famous Chrono universe.
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The OVA was pretty much created as a little 'Thankyou Gift' for all the fans of the Chrono Trigger game. I guess with the success of it, this was a nice little promotional gift to turn customers into loyal ones.

You can tell it's going to be a tad random just by the screenshots but it's good to know how they stuck to the 'real' inhabitants of the world, making them more noticable.

I haven't downloaded this yet, but I will do tomorrow probably.
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Haha, oh yeah, man, I downloaded and saw this, it's coming back to me now. I had no idea what it was going to be but I'm a big enough fan of Chrono Trigger that I was like, "Eh, it's only 100 megs, it has to do with the Trigger, I'm sure it'll be worth it."

Biggest mistake of my life.

Okay, that was some exaggeration. It really was so completely random, and since I didn't expect it to be about the monsters I kept kind of being like, "When are Crono and them going to show up?" Finally with a couple minutes left I thought, "I don't think they're coming ..."

It was funny in its own messed-up, random way, but I certainly didn't think it was a high-quality piece of animation or even a very good story. From what I remember, at least, that was a while ago, when I first discovered BitTorrent ... Ah, those screenshots bring back the memories. Probably one of the more random pieces of animation I've ever watched, hehe.
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