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Um Hello *blush*


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Hi I apologise if there was already a greetings section, but I didnt see one, so um.... I would like to tell you all hello.

I am from another forum, and I thought it was time for me to move on.

Usually I am just known as Haruka-

Hmmm I wonder if I should add a few tidbits about myself?

currently I am watching fushigi yuugi.....


umm thankyou for being kind to me!


P.S. Its seems I have already broken the rules of no hello threads, I tried to delete it myself, but I guess I cannot, so once again, very sorry.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]yeah.... this will be closed soon! but oh well! nice to meet you! you sound very interesting and i would like to get to know about you in other posts! and you should have fun here! you can also make an account at [URL=http://www.myotaku.com]MyOtaku[/URL] so have fun posting!

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I will also hug you, newbie. :mechanical hug:

No, I'm just playing. Really. :D

Welcome to OtakuBoards, haruka-san.

Don't worry about accidentally breaking the rule. [I]Oodles[/I] of people make the very same mistake. What's important is that you actually took notice of the rule on your own and displayed an interest in following it. That kind of quality in a member seems rare when people accidentally post an introduction topic. So, your understanding of the matter is greatly appreciated. I know I won't be getting a private message calling me a monster for closing it. heh

I look forward to seeing your posts; I'm sure everyone will get to know more about you through those means. I'll leave this thread visible just so you know that no one's angry at you. :)

Have fun!

Nehszriah seems a bit suspect though with the advertising. :glares in that direction:

At least he didn't put the link in his post though. lol
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