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Ok. I would llike to hear some ideas from you guys for an art project I want to do over the school holidays so I don't get bored.
Here's some pointers for your ideas:

1. Has to have anime on it (well duh)
2. No crossovers. ( For example, having Yugi Mutou in a DBZ painting.)
3. I would prefer to do it on a paintboard but if it's a good 3D idea, put it down.
4. Could you give me enough information about the idea in detail. The painting is going to cover a canvas that is 3 metres by 1 metre. Or any 3D object no bigger than a small table.

So go for it! I have pictures for most anime I can use but if tthere is one that you need it specifically on there. I will credit any ideas I use.
And please be specific! :)
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