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2am creation in need of review


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Greetings to...the ones who are reading this

I come from the depths of insomnia/boredom to bring to you all a creation(i posted this on my website..so please do not think i am "stealing") of mine. I created this before i went dry (somewhere in Feb). I assume it to be a charater known as Vocal...from an anime unknown to me. (I have taken out the horns and wings though..i am sorry)

SO PLEASE! The mass of you. I am begging...hoping...that you may be gracious enough to hit the reply button and throw everything you think at me. I will accept all flames/criticism, comments, boy/girl debates, etc etc...

Maybe I will become undry..
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I say you're a good artist. But you have to put more... I don't know.
Is that guy hugging a girl? If it is, then it's really romantic.
He looks a bit like half-Loki and half-Sanzo.
I suggest using felt-tip pens for your finishing touches.
The depths of your drawings are really good. It's like my brother's.
All I can say is "Keep it up."
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Yeah, it's kewl ^^. Is it just me, or are there spikes sticking into the girl's head from th armband? Heh- thought I might point that out. Anyway, they both seem to look a little unbalanced, like they are leaning to one side. Mmmm. But I still like them- it's good.
Sorry for the short, uncruel post(opposite of what I normally write), but I've gotta go to sleep. I'm sleepy.
Keep it up :D
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