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Hugh and Nathan banner and a dracula avi.

Prince Van

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Here's what I want.

[*]Hugh and Nathan from Castlevania:circle of the moon fighting side by side.
[*]Two different pictures with each fighting on them.

I want Nathan on the left and Hugh on the right.

[*]On the left side I want it to say, you're the master's son......
[*]and on the right I wnat it to say, ...But you got his weapon.
[*]And Cloud strife written somewhere in the middle.
[/list] [list]
[*]Dracula in demon form looking down at them.
[*]Dracula's castle above them.
[*]or just black.

and on the avi I want dracula in demon form.

It's hard so whoever does this or something similar I owe you one and thank you in advance.
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