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The Chronicles of Alaris


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[size=1][b][EDIT][/b]: New and improved, edited Edition! It's still a little confusing, but it'll become clearer in time. (Yes, it is a ripoff of Warcraft 3. But it may have potential...)

--- Before you read on, please know that there is a lot to read and that you should know it for the RPG. If you can't be bothered reading a long list of information, turn back now ---

[b][u][i][size=2]The Chronicles of Alaris[/size][/i][/u][/b]

The Demon Legion from far off in another Realm has decided to place itself in the middle of the world of Alaris, a strange place inhabited by four main Races and several Ancient Magics.
There is not much to be told about the planet itself, for no history has ever been written in any form. Everything that is known is passed down by word of mouth.
There comes a time, though, in every worlds development, when one species comes out more intelligent than the others, and the race records the history of the world.
There are four Races of Alaris though, each with its own two Hero Chroniclers. They must fulfill the Prophecy, and begin to write the history of their world as one.

[b][u]The Prophet and Prophecy[/u][/b]

Once heard of throughout the lands, the Prophet was also known as the Oracle. He saw what was to come, and helped each race as best he could.
But, once Alaris arrived at the turn of the Century, he stopped telling of what would come.
The Races began conflicting, each trying to gain an extra foothold so they could make their empires.
Nearly five decades into the century, the Prophet came out of his home and told each Race of what he had foreseen. It shocked all, and the Races began to fight harder, striving to build an impenetrable defence around their kingdoms and territories.
The Oracle?s Prophecy told of the coming of waves of hybrid-demons from another Realm. Something by the name of Kalimdor. No one remembers what he said it was called.
The hybrid-demon monsters were told of as huge beasts who dealt massive amounts of pain, torture and destruction upon any who defied their never-ending malice. But no one said they were unbeatable.
Working together was all that Alaris could do to protect themselves, said the Oracle, and that at the end of the century, the monsters would attack.
Until then, helping each other build defences and train warriors and spell-casters was all the Races should do. No fighting should be allowed.
The Races laughed at this Prophecy, and returned to their wars and battles, each trying to build and expand their empire as quickly as possible.
If only they?d done as the Prophet had told them?

[b][u]The Races of Alaris[/u][/b]

{Appearance: [url=http://ew2.lysator.liu.se/loth/c/h/chodorow/pandaren.jpg][color=DarkRed]Click Here[/color][/url]}
We, the Pandaren, have learned how to manipulate the Ancient Magics of Earth to deal damage to our enemies, or heal our wounded.
Geomancers are the Earth wielding magicians of our tribes. We use no weapon but the bamboo rod.
Wardancers, and the Shodo-Pan. These are our heavy warriors who use sharp metal blades to fight with. These men and women fight with such fury that the enemy often turns tail and runs from battle.
Our Pikemen wield large weapons used for both melee and ranged fighting. Hollow bamboo shafts with long sharp spears clipped inside make formidable weapons, if one knows how to use them.
Male and female Pandaren both learn to fight in the same styles, so they can choose which path they want from a young age. There is a diverse range of male and female warriors and spell-casters.

{Appearance: [url=http://www.yosc.net/personal/mochi/naga-duelist.jpg][color=DarkRed]Click Here[/color][/url]}
The Naga are a sea fairing people. They Wield the Ancient Magics of Ocean to heal or hurt, and use many tricky spells to slip out of dangerous situations.
Their snakelike appearance goes well with their minds of backstabbing and treachery.
Naga warriors range from heavy to heavier, wielding large tridents that weigh twice more than their bearers.
The Naga?s Sea-witches twist and turn the Ocean Magic around their slender fingers, summoning great sea beasts of many kinds. They wield small daggers or spears, or fire arrows of ice from bows made of water. This allows their archers a limitless supply of weapons while they are in their home environment.

{Appearance: [url=http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/c/h/chodorow/arundali.jpg][color=DarkRed]Click Here[/color][/url]}
The Night Elves.
Most of their warriors are women, only a select few are men. Their archers are superior and rain down arrows from the trees in the forests of Alaris, driving away any who think to cut down their homes to use for firewood.
Most Night Elves use the wood they find along the ground as their weapons, or if they are lucky enough, they use wood from the ancient trees of Alaris. Their weapons are usually arrows or spears, but some are trained in the use of metal Glaives.
Most male Night Elves are druids, casting earthly spells, like the Pandaren. One must not be mistaken though, for the druids? spells awaken the anger of the Magics of Nature, bringing plants to life and showing the true power of the tiniest of creatures. These men defend themselves with staves of empowered wood. Do not be fooled by the harmless-looking weapons though. The forest is behind them.

{Appearance: [url=http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/c/h/chodorow/tauren.jpg][color=DarkRed]Click Here[/color][/url]}
The Tauren are the last of the main Races of Alaris.
These humongous bull warriors are mostly male, and their size suggests you keep your eyes off their women.
They know of both the Magics of Fire and Storm, and this allows their Spirit Walkers to send hazardous flaming tornadoes toward their enemies.
The Spirit Walkers wield lanterns of their deceased?s burning souls, blasting holes through anything by using the pure brute force of their wills.
Tauren Warriors are rarely seen. Or, accounted for, really. Every time a group is sent to locate one, the group goes missing. Maybe the maps are wrong?
All we know is that the Tauren Warriors are a force to be reckoned with. They use no weapons, only the large horns on their heads and the pure muscle of their bodies.
There are female Tauren, but not many. They aren?t as fierce-looking, and are more Satyr-like {Appearance: [url=http://avalon.gargoyles-fans.org/ftp/pictures/drawn/flyx/satyr.jpg][color=DarkRed]Click Here[/color][/url]}. No one really knows what kind of warriors or spell-casters they are, but they look more agile than their male counter-parts.

It is between the four main races of Alaris that the conflicts arise and take place.
Two of each Race was born on the same night, a baby boy and girl of each, and they would take the lead in these conflicts, trying as best they could to return the four Races to peace before the coming of the century.
If their goal was not achieved before the Prophecy had fulfilled itself, the eight must quest and destroy the new enemies, leading small bands of troops with them into battle, destroying the hybrids until the leader was reached.
The rest was up to them?

[u][b]Okay, so here?s how the Sign-Ups will work:[/b][/u]

There are eight main characters.
I will post my Sign-Up last, so everyone has a choice of which Race they want to be from and whether they are male or female.
Do not forget that there must be four male characters and four female characters.

You can make up any names you want, but keep in mind that each of you should have names that hinted as to which Race you are from (eg: Luna Shadowleaf of the Night Elves and Borre Bravehorn of the Tauren. These are just examples, so feel free to let your imagination loose).

Each character is the same age, about 19 or 20, because everyone was born on the same night. So said the Prophecy. :p
In the Description area, you can search for a picture if you want to, but keep in mind that it?s hard to find a good one.

You?ll have to use your imagination for the opposite sex of most races.
The female Tauren picture link is there, and male and female Pandaren look very similar.

For male Night Elves, imagine what a male elf would look like, and turn his skin a light blue-purple color (all of the Night Elves have the same blue-purple skin color. Some have dark blue tattoos though, and they?d be different on each of them).

Male Naga are harder to think of. They have more serpent-like features on the upper-half of their bodies. They have a large jaw, like a large crocodile or dragon, instead of the humanoid head, and they are very bulky and muscly. That?s all I?m going to say about them though, I want you all to use your imaginations.

Ok, now, you should remember that I mentioned that each Race has its own band of warriors or spell-casters. Use the Warrior-type names supplied, and if there are none, make one up (just the name. The layout for warriors and spell-casters should be there). Keep in mind the gender of the Warrior-types. You cannot have a male Naga Sea-witch, for instance, or a female Tauren Warrior (that just wouldn?t be right?eww?).

Please only sign up for this RPG if you can post well, and I?d like for the recruitment forms to be filled out to their best.

If you can?t post a Sign-Up Form and don?t want to loose a place, PM me and I?ll see what I can do. Don?t post a half-filled Sign-Up and leave it until later. These will not be accepted. Sorry.

[b][u]Ok, here?s the Sign-Up Form:[/u][/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Keep in mind what I said above.

[b]Age:[/b] After the first Sign-Up, everyone will have to have the same age as this for it to fit in with the storyline. It should be 19 or 20.

[b]Sex:[/b] Male or Female

[b]Race:[/b] Pandaren, Naga, Night Elf, or Tauren.

[b]Warrior-type:[/b] Read above in the Sign-Up tips section.

[b]Appearance:[/b] I?d like at least a paragraph of how the character looks. If you want to use a picture, I hope it?s good. You can use the pictures from above if you like. Make sure with the Pandaren that only one person uses the picture I posted above (if anyone uses it).

[b]Weapon:[/b] Again, you?ll need to double-check appearances and what I?ve said about each Race. Warrior-type influences weapons. If you can provide a picture, that would be excellent. If not, describe how it looks.

[b]Personality:[/b] Don?t go overboard with a three-paragraph response, but don?t under-do it either. Just a half-paragraph should do. Tell us what your character is like.

[b]Biography:[/b] This is where we get to the interesting part. No one has heard from the Oracle/Prophet in 25 years, and most from each Race think nothing of the Prophecy foretold. Explain how you heard about the Prophecy, and how you grew up dealing with the fact that something this big could happen (will happen) and how everyone told you it was nothing, just a hoax. Explain a bit about your family and how and why you were trained to be whatever Warrior-type you are. From there, let your mind roam a little and go on more. Expand on a few things until you reach 2-3 paragraphs (don?t ramble, but when you?re typing the Bio up, go back and check that you haven?t skimped on any information. Write the Bio in detail).

There will be more information that I will post after the first few Sign-Ups, about how the eight of you get together or whatever. I need to work on that a little?But for now, just work on posting a good Sign-Up.
If I?ve left anything necessary out (anything that?s really, desperately needed), please PM me.


(It would probably help if you have some sort of knowledge about the Races of Warcraft 3 with this RPG. Most races for this RPG are minor ones from the W3 game)

Also, I the introduction doesn't make sense, say so at the top of your Sign-Up and I'll fix it so everyone will understand it (hopefully).[/size]
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