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Art Here is some of my art


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Very good, Very good. Of course, I have to be a critic, cause it's my shortcoming. So here goes! No offence intended.

[B]First picture[/B]
The overall picture isn't too bad, but there were a few things that got me. Firstly, the sword isn't straight- that is, the hilt and the various bejewellings look a tad wonky to me. It's not bad though.
Also, the girl's feet and hands look...well, forced, if you know what I mean. Now I can't draw hands well myself, it just takes a lot of practicing, but if you can do that part right, it improves the drawing immensely.
Her back leg is not quite right either- it's placed a bit too low down compared to the other, and makes it seem disjointed. Maybe a small study of the anime anatomy would be helpful? Sometimes it can just put things back into perspective.
Some of the pencil shading is a little grainy in some parts- I would be careful. Sometimes smudging can be used to a great effect. Of course, it can also totally screw things up. Experiment a little (just pinching Coca Cola's slogans...)

[B]Second picture[/B]Well, It's good. Only one thing here for me, I'm sure that a little bit of darker shading could have added a certain depth to the picture. I know it's supposed to be a silhouette but...well, it's not my choice, but it's what I'd have done. I do like Trigun, so I think it's great ^^

[B]Third picture[/B]
Vash's glasses are off-centre twice it this picture. It's not too serious, but it does make his face look a bit crooked, particularly on the smaller Vash. I notice because I wear glasses, but yeah. Oh well.
Hmmm, is it just me, or did you get bored with drawing buttons? Whenever you do things like that, try and keep them reasonably even in size and shape. It looks really funny.
Also, the lines on the picture are inconsistant in places- it's been smudged around a bit near Vash's face and on the smaller vas's coat. The outlines have faded away, and it looks odd.

But hey, overall, they're still pretty good. I'm just a miserable nitpicker, is all ^^
Sorry to have caused you any discomfort. You have talent!
Just don't forget to keep up the good work, ok? :D
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