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A Face in the Crowd


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[u][size=1]A Face in the Crowd:[/u]

(If you liked "The Giver", you might like this. If not, read it anyway.)


Too many people trying to be an individual? Too many people dressing differently, only to find that their neighbor has the same shirt? Too many people wanting to make a difference, but not wanting to get off the couch and try? Too many people?

It?s gotten old. The world is finally over populated and thousands of millions of people and animals are starving. We?ve finally decided to do something about it: throw the world into sameness.

Everyone wears the same things. Everyone has housing and enough food for the table everyday. Communism you might say; well, not exactly?

There is a child limit; one child per person. There is a driving limit; only one tank of gas per week. There is a grocery limit; only one of each item. You must have at least three trees in your front yard and five in your back. No one may have personal pools or computers and the pets in one household are limited to two.

The advantages: Population is cut down, no one must worry about how much gasoline is left on Earth and people are once again in decent shape, everyone has food, plants (preferably trees) are given a chance to live again, your community is made stronger, and domesticated animal population is also cut down. People no longer need to buy groceries, or houses, or clothing, or necessities, because money does not exist. There is no more crime and everyone is a decent, legal, and patriotic citizen.

The disadvantages: People aren?t given the chance to be different anymore. Everyone is the same; girls have the same haircuts, as do boys, and men, and women. Women wear dresses, men wear casual suits, little boys and little girls wear uniforms. The houses are the same; simple wood and brick homes with the same sized front and back yards as everyone else. Everyone has the same cars with their family name written on it on the sides. People who are not married, or do not yet have a child, live separated from the family residences.

It seems like a good world?


Some people have managed to be different on the inside. Some people see that this type of life style is indeed better, but wrong. Some people want to change it, and are willing to get off of the couch to do so. They have ambition. In fact, they have so much, that they are shunned from society as "the Ambies". (OOC: Alaska and Hawaii are no longer part of America, sorry!) They live in the state of California in the run-down cities of Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Big Bear. The state had been sealed off, almost, in an attempt to keep the rebellious minds of the Ambies away from the good and rather brainwashed citizens of the other states.

But now, after ten or so years of planning, an organization has formed. An organization that is dedicated to finding a big weak spot in this lifestyle, present it to the public, and destroy the Sameness once and for all. The organization is called the R.C.A.S (Right-minded citizens against Sameness) and they have decided to send out 8 spies to go undercover and live like the Sameness people do to find out these faults and hopefully destroy the Sameness and once again, return the diversified culture of America as they once knew it.


You are one of these 8 spies going to the states assigned to your group: Nevada, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Florida, Montana, Georgia, and Texas. Your job is to live like a "regular" citizen and learn the experience. From this, the R.C.A.S is hoping that you will be able to find unobvious faults to present to news presses. (Unobvious = ones not listed in the background story) With your information and the others?, the R.C.A.S may be able to overthrow the Sameness.

Use the following sign up to form your character:


[u]Name:[/u] (Your real name)

[u]Code Name:[/u] (The name other members of the R.C.A.S call you. This may be anything from numbers, to animal species, to colours, to regular nicknames like Skippy or Doc.)

[u]Gender: [/u]

[u]Age:[/u] (Make it around 30 or something. Remember, they have to be a family member.)

[u]Family Members:[/u] (The R.C.A.S has set up a family for you. You need a wife or husband and a son or daughter. Please give their names and ages.)

[u]State:[/u] (Pick one of the 8 states listed above to go undercover in. Note that I have already picked Nevada.)

[u]Bio:[/u] (Include how you came to be an Ambie and please remember that Sameness has been going on for about 50 years, so your character was born in it.)

[u]Physical Appearance:[/u] (Everyone has the same haircut and wears the same clothes and is in shape, so you may wish to do only height and facial details.)

Personality is rather pointless, as they?ll sort of be posing as someone else, so it is optional.

And, for the last piece of info before I give my sign up: I will be PMing one person for a special role in the RPG. I will not tell you what it is, because you will find out later in the story and I will not tell you who is playing the role because that, too, will be found out later. The person I PM should not tell anyone in the RPG either, please.

So, as the last thing: Here is my sign up.

[u]Name:[/u] Ginger Sukley

[u]Code Name:[/u] Gerry

[u]Gender:[/u] Female

[u]Age:[/u] 28

[u]Family Members:[/u] Husband, Sam, 32 and Son, Kaden, 3

[u]State:[/u] Nevada

[u]Bio:[/u] Gerry was born in Ridge Town, Connecticut and grew up to her two parents, Mike and Joann. As a child in school and in the neighborhood, she was never liked much and never had many friends. She mainly stayed in her backyard, playing with her two cocker spaniels, Tidbit and Salsa, and only rode her bike if one of her parents was with her, for fear of being teased.

Ginger grew sick of her life and one day, in the newspaper, heard about the Ambies and the forming of the R.C.A.S. That?s when she decided it was over for good. At 3:00 in the morning when the entire city was sound asleep, Ginger gathered her most important belongings and loaded her backpack with food. From there, it was a long, hard journey to California.

She was 18 years old when she reached the border of California and, asking around, she found the R.C.A.S quickly. They immediately took her in and she became one of their best supporters. This is why she was chosen for one of their spies in the mission.

[u]Physical Appearance:[/u] Ginger is a very good looking girl with long, thick, wavy, red hair (hence her name). She has long eyelashes, full lips, and she?s about 5?6".

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