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Art Can I have some tips?


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[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Arial]I try hard and the drawings are pretty good, im getting better. But they just dont look like real anime or manga style... and i want them too. I would like them to look almost a little more cleaned and well difined, but its hard because i can exactly get all of the detail right... been practicing, getting nowhere.
Any help?[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Yeah, Turkey-sama's right...
Anyway, see, it all differs from the point of what you mean as 'real anime'.
There is a hellish lot of anime styles (Clamp/Chobits, Hellsing, FLCL - they look all so different...) Just try to get that feeling of animesh'ness...^_^...
And remember Hayo Miyazaki.
When he was young, he tried really hard, but all of his drawings were pretty lame (yo, no offense you Miyazaki fans out there!) as what he did were mainly copy-offs from the anidrawings he liked. In the end of it all, he burned all of his paintings which he did trying to draw-off from his favourite masters and invented his own style of drawing anime. And now, he is the infamous Anime Master. So, learn from his example. ^_^ (yukk... You did understand what I meant here, did you? That was rather wigglish written :wigout: )
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I took the liberty of posting the address to [URL=http://fanart.theotaku.com/artist.php?user_id=22261][COLOR=Blue]aneemaykid's fanart page[/COLOR][/URL]. If he wishes me to take it off, I'll gladly do it.

Well, now that I've seen them, I believe they are very good on the hair/eye/fold department. The only problem I can see in them is the lack of depth, which seems to be what you mentioned in your first post. I can't really comment on how you can get better at that, but I bet somebody else can.
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Try other mediums such as ink pens, using paintbrushes and such. I think the most used style for manga nowadays is black ink using either micro pens or paintbrushes. Of course there are several different sorts of styles.

I particularly like the style used in the FLCL manga, it's very un-anime like.
E.g. [url]http://www.atomictoy.org/dump/flcl.gif[/url]

The syle in Naruto has lots of lines which add some sort of sketchy depth.
E.g. [url]http://dav.leb.free.fr/mangas/narutoa.JPG[/url]

Yuki Kaori has a very different approach to a lot of manga artists (the most similar I've seen is that used in Alichino). It's much more detailed and has more realistic aspects.
E.g. [url]http://www.comiku.com/anime/ky/kymanga/cain03kafka.jpg[/url]

Try copying other people's styles. I cannot stress this enough, it is really a miracle way to get better. Print out pictures of anime characters and trace over them. This will help you learn new ways of drawing certain features you will be able to incorporate into your own pictures. It will also help you get the hang of anatomy and how it works in different poses.

Find several manga and anime artists with similar styles. If you need help with this I think I may be able to help.

How to draw books are good as well. I highly recomend one called "How to draw manga" by Katy Coope.

Try sessions where you just draw things without thinking so much about proportion and shape and see how it turns out. Think outside the box. That's the whole point of anime. Strange body shapes and such, it has to be intresting. Check these people out, and note how they use certain anatomical rules.

Very slender, spindly looking things. Kinda evil too.

There is not definite shape in his gallery. His characters are extremely intresting cause of that.

She has a very strong and odd style. I think the faces are her trademark.

Very minimalist.

Good luck.
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