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More Banners by Naru?! @_@


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Sorry that I must expose you to more of my "banners" but I have too much spare time and need to do something with it, so I do this.

Here are some current banners I've made.

Please tell me what you think!

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Numero Uno:

Meh...this one is ok. The picture is of les than wonderful quality. And the font isn't all that readable. I like the quote though. It is a really cute, mooshey little saying. I think it fits well with the picture. I do think something is missing though. Perhaps it is the empty black space over on the left, but it just doesn't feel complete. I'm not sure how else to express that.

Numero Dos:

Alright.... Now that is more like it. ^__^ Peeps do rule. I'm liking the cute little peep with a party hat. It's just so cute! I think the large bubbly text just makes it more so. That font just seems made for that banner. It's silly, and it's cute; What more do you need?

Numero Tres:

This one seems a bit more laid back. It is very simple, yet it does have spots where it doesn't look so simple. I like how you have faded the image of the girls into the "blocks" one. The textured effect the blocks bring in add alot to the banner. Very cool.

Numero Quatro:

Ohhhh....yet another animated one. Neato. For starters....I can't read that font. I'm sure teh quote is awesome, but I just can't read it. >__< The image quality is ok, not great, but still ok. The animation itself is smooth and orderly. What are those pictures from? Just one quick thing....it is 402 x 127. Did you mean for it to be that tall?

All in all awesome stuff. I always enjoy looking at your art, so keep it coming! ^__^
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  • 3 weeks later...
ah! i didn't notice it was that large!! I'll re-do that one... It says "why do people always fear what they dont understand?"

Thank you very much for the compliments and advice! I'll get working right away!! =^^=

I love Peeps as well! They are just so cute!!! [not to mention they are so darn good!]

Thank you so much!

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