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Writing A Ripple (short poem) [E]

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Well it's in my sig so please read and comment on it. It's not long but I like short poems as well as long ones.

[center][color=navy]A Ripple[/color][/center]

[center][b][color=blue]I float above water.
Face toward it, body flat.
A tear falls and never ripples,
I fall and no one turns.[/color][/b][/center]
[center][color=#0000ff][/color] [/center]
[left][size=1][color=red]Edited to include the poem in the post, so that when you edit your signature, the poem will still be available to read. I've also rated your threads. Please don't forget to rate them in future. -- Lady Asphyxia[/color][/size][/left]
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Inspiration? Well I'd say from another person's point of view that it comes from the hatred of being just another person to be stepped on to help society get higher in statis. I really don't know where most of my poetry comes from. I just feel a really strong emotion and let it flow and consume my every thought until I'm done with the poem. Usually my poems aren't this good but I have one other I like and I may post it right after I finish this one if I can find it. And about depressing, I don't really try to make them sound that way, that's just the way I feel and so, in the end, it becomes the way things come out. I don't know. The idea of water and floating, though, are from my love of floating and feeling almost wieghtless, and I love rain too because of how much more tranquil it can make me. I can be in a reallly bad mood and be ready to kill someone for real and then it'll start to rain and I'll walk around outside for about a minute or so and I won't be mad anymore. I just like water and I don't really like the idea and parcial realization of how useless I am to everyone no matter how much better I can do than other people, my opinion is still nothing and no one cares, even if I'm right (which I'm not saying I am all the tiime). I hate being forced to bend to the will of anyone when I know I'm right, but I especially hate it when the only reason I'm forced to bend is because that person has authority over me. I know I may sound like a rebelious wierdo but I just don't like doing what people say just because they tell me to. Well I guess that sums it up. I suppose inspiration comes from everything someone thinks about.
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