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  1. [color=Blue] I partially disagree and partially agree. I mean, as the pledge of allegiance is a national (state) motto, it probably shouldn't include anything religious, but to go so far as to say all that **** should be changed because it bares religious semblance is absurd. There're only two things they (the Supreme Court) need to look at, "separation of church and state", and "freedom of speech." [/color] [color=Blue] If they simply remove religious ideas from the government, and leave it at that, all problems are solved. Names of things or things people carve on statues are
  2. Well, about two nights ago I accidentally fell into a lucid dream (where you know your dreaming but you don't wake up instantly because of that knowledge) and I didn't know how to wake up. Something bad was happening (though I can't remember what, but it scared me) so I put myself into a truck and drove it into a wall and screamed "WAKE UP!" I thought it was the coolest thing, though a bit creepy if you ask me :p
  3. [size=1][font=arial][b]1. What religion are you CURRENTLY following? If you don't have one, then why? [color=Blue]I used to be Mormon, but I don't really know. I've been on and off (to extremes) since I was at least 8. I remember telling my mother that I didn't want to get [/color][/b][/font][/size][size=1][color=Blue][font=arial][b]baptized when I was eight and that I was doing it because everone else was. [/b][/font][/color][/size][size=1][font=arial][b][color=Blue]I still go to church because my parents make me, but I surely wouldn't go [i]every[/i] sunday if I had the choice. Perhaps I'd
  4. I wouldn't mind A Perfect Circle set, if you could do that. (The band, by the way.)
  5. Sora


    The first queue to addiction is hostile denial...
  6. Just so people know, this RPG isn't closed. I PMed Oblivion and it's still up, though more people would be greatly appreciated before we can begin.
  7. That was actually pretty lame, to tell you the truth. I can't do much better, but really now, what a topic... The topic itself and the ideas that you tried to convey weren't too horrid, but I really didn't like the wording. Just figured I'd comment as no one else has.
  8. I don't mean to be an ***... but what is it with people and these type shows? I mean every likes something different, totally acceptable, but it just seems to me that there was about twenty people that said "DBZ IS DA SHIZNIT!" and everyone said "Hey... they're cool right? I want to be like them... They like DBZ? Oh, ok then." I mean, I won't lie, that's exactly what I did. Now I realize how dumb that is, but I'm curious if that's what everyone else is doing. I mean it's Poke'mon, Digimon, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh... they're all the same thing basically. Very little variation
  9. I agree with both kuroinuyoukai and ? Nomad Tical ?. I mean both ideas make sense, and as in alot of things dealing with science and religion, both work together, though sometimes people don't realize it. I'm leaning more toward the scientific/biological point of view as that's the hard stuff that can be proven, but in situations I've known of, a person's hormones were screwed up, thus messing with them psychologically and thus giving them what Tical would call an "energy low?" They then went out to scream at people and attempt to kill people randomly and had plotted out how they would do it a
  10. I like the first part with the random thoughts because I know exactly how you feel. You shouldn't try and constrain it to a pattern, otherwise it's like a cross-linguistic poem and it loses alot of what was initially meant. I'm not one for the whole ryhme thing, so that's a minus for my critique, but otherwise it conveys a full (, yet broken) message that I'm nearly totally sure most people won't get, so it multiplies the emotion from it. It's very artistic, and I appreciate a little difference from the generic "poets." The humor is an added bonus, I suppose.
  11. [size=2]Actually, I think it's (homosexuality) related to a chemical imbalance a person is born with, but I may be entirely wrong and I'm not trying to offend anyone.[/size] [size=2][/size] [size=2]And as for them telling you what to do or say... you shouldn't bend to the whim of another person. That means you're insecure about yourself and need to build some self-esteem and learn that there is literally someone for everyone. There's a personality to match yours, so you don't need to change yours to match someone else's.[/size] [size=2]**[/size] [size=2]On subject, girls hit guys,
  12. I'm actually quite dissapointed that nobody would have been interested in a Mechassault type RP. That would've been fun, but it seems to me the idea stays the same and the name changes and everyone's back in, so either way. James has a good idea going, it sounds like a real console game from what I'm getting from it. As for what you originally posted, Illusion, I despise the idea of "a good versus evil" thing. Nobody just says "Alright, I'm evil." Everyone thinks what they're doing is "for the best", if it is or isn't is irrelevant, people always try and do what they think is right. For a gang
  13. I'm just getting a step up in a place in this RP set, I'll wait until you post in the Undergroud to go into deep detail. [center]***[/center] [left]Name: Mouse[/left] [left]Age: 19[/left] [left]Gender: Male (Unless you need it otherwise, it's really irrelevant as far as I can see)[/left] Personality: He's usually quiet and only speaks when he gets revelation to do so or has a person feeling that he should. Everything he says is with purpose, though it may not be apparent to others. (It may be something as "off" as his purpose might be to make them wonder what the purpose is.) Background:
  14. Mine was pretty easy, I got it back when kingdom hearts was just starting to get big so nobody had already taken it.
  15. Gracious much. It's a-da cool, thanks.:animesmil (I can't wait until I find photoshop again...) The ava is too big, but I can handle that in paint.
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