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    Im known as the Dark Fool to some, Lord of Wolves to others, and Mad Scientist Who Releases His Experiments (which usually consists of genetically altered cows) Upon Small Villages In Northern Europe. Oh, and also the Bipolar Ferret.
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    Mad Scientist/Freelance Artist/Nether Hunter
  1. [URL=http://img140.echo.cx/my.php?image=caffeinehighfin1yl.jpg][IMG]http://img140.echo.cx/img140/6439/caffeinehighfin1yl.th.jpg[/IMG][/URL] The first comic in what I hope to be a relatively succesful web comic. Comments? Suggestions?
  2. Name: Thomas Kasansky Age: 18 Race: American Personality: Overly dramatic and humerous. He's almost always smiling, and is a very friendly guy. One wouldn't be able to tell he has anger problems bordering on psychotic. He has a strange fascination of people that tends to get him into trouble. Appearance: Shoulder length gray hair, and a deep tan one gets from living on an islands. He has pale gray eyes, and defined canine teeth, giving the overall appearance of a wolf. 135 lbs, 6'5" with the physique of a swimmer. Bio: After being released from extensive therapy for his anger proble
  3. Von rubbed his chin. "Well..." They looked at him. "What?" He smiled, and pointed to the ground. "We dont have to hike..." "Oh...is that wise?" "Answer that with your opinion of me. Am I wise?" "Oh boy..." A huge tremor ripped a gash out of the ground, throwing the other three backwards as the ledge of earth rose upwards. It was still connected to the ground as a giant twisting pillar of rock. Vons eyes glowed a brilliant gold, and as the pillar slowed to a halt near the top of the cliff, he fell to his knees. "Hoo...sleepy all of a sudden...gonna...take...a nap..." "No w
  4. The demon ricochet off the wall as Night hurled him, his blade sliding out of its stomach. The hunter smiled cruelly, glancing at the civilians on the ground. "Leave, before I decide that your better prey." They ran, like rodents fleeing a sinking ship. Disgusting really. Night paused as he saw a demon grab one. It grinned. "What now hunter? I have a shield now!" Night smiled and began to laugh. He took three steps forward, and ripped through the human's body, thrusting his hand into the demon's chest. "You think I hesitate to kill? How stupid of you." [I]Master![/I] Night turne
  5. Night lay against the wall, his mind being torn around by everything that had happened. He was beginning to lose it. [I]this war...is tearing everyone apart...Ziarre...Phoenix...and I havent heard from Rebecca....[/I] He slowly got to his feet, using the sword as a crutch. "Your...wrong about one thing Ziarre...I...wasnt always this strong..." Night stumbled a few steps before collapsing. He glared at his blood. His fist clenched. "No more...mercy...no more...hesitation..." [I]Master Night...I have bad news...[/I] [I]Shirow![/I] [I]Master Selino...is dead...he...died a few m
  6. ((Blayze, bloody_moon is kind of on vacation and cant continue your battle with her)) Night smashed his fist into Ziarre's face. She rolled backwards, turning around in mid roll to regain her footing. Night was already on top of her, slamming his blade down. He moved fast, never giving her a chance to breathe. "You filth! I trusted you Ziarre! You were my family! We were all your family! Filth!" Night slashed at hip level, forcing her to jump. He shifted his weight and slammed into her with his shoulder. She rolled again, but Night forgot about the wings. They bit into his ribcage, fo
  7. (((GAAAHH! I MISS SO MUCH WHEN MY COMPUTER GIVES ME PROBLEMS!)) "RAAAGGHH!!" Von was losing his temper, and his quakes were becoming more erratic. Clods of earth and sand flew overhead. His eyes were flaring with a bright golden light, and he was obviously losing his head. "Coming whenever they howl? Fine! They wont have time to scream!" He crouched down, and raised a huge clump of earth. It took the form of giant hands and crushed three of the creatures. The howls were barely heard through the grinding rock. Von glared at them. "Useless! Useless!" "Von! We need silver!" He wh
  8. ((oh jeez...sorry folks. Ive been gone for sooooo long...)) Night was leaning on his blade, kicking corpses away. Kira helped him clear the carnage. When Zet returned, Night shook his head. "This war has taxed us all to our limits. Ziarre has betrayed us, Phoenix has lost his faith...so far, only your three have proven completely loyal. Kira, you, and Rebecca..." Shirow whimpered at his masters words, licking his hand. Night ruffled the wolf's head. His depression was evident as he dragged his blade behind him. He stared at Selino, sleeping in an alcove. "....." [I]NIGHT![/I] T
  9. "What doesn't matter?" Jake smiled up at Beth from the grass, staring at her upside down. His eyes were half closed, indicating that he had just woken up. She stared at him for a moment. "Uh, nothing. I was just talking to myself." He rotated his body till he was laying on his stomach, and his left arm twitched as she spoke "Ohhh...I love your accent...soothing." he muttered to himself. He rose up onto his feet, and found he was much taller then her. "Talking to yourself? Ive done that before. But I always lose the argument." "How do you lose?" "How do I win?" She stared at h
  10. Viper moved up the stairwell, heading up first because of his natural tendency to shoot all over the place. If the others were ahead, and a guard appeared, he would probably shoot them in the back on accident. He moved swiftly, never lowering his guns. The chaff gave him a...tingly feeling all over. He moved upwards a few levels at a time, aware of the others right behind him. He saw several cameras, but so far the chaff was keeping them occupied. He paused at the next level, waiting for the others to catch up. He turned to panther. "Chief, three guards up there. Two armed with FAMAS, looks
  11. Night walked away from the prone Selino. He had hidden his friend in an alcove, and made Shirow stay to protect him. He walked back to the others, but took a fearful glance back. He turned to his remaining hunters. Phoenix, Zet, Kira, Rebecca, and a handful of others. Totaling twenty, it was a pretty pathetic force. He sighed, kneeling and staring at the ground. He waited for a few minutes before rising back up, his face expressionless. "Boru has staged a coup. He went against the shadow lords, thats the only reason Cold would be there...this is good, since he thinks we're not nearly as big
  12. Jake leapt down the front stairs, smiling broadly. He waved to a few strangers who were in his class before performing a little jig. Nothing of any particular interest had happened today, but he was in his usual cheerful mood. Almost unnatural at how happy he could get over nothing in particular. He raised his bag over his head, his trim stomach showing from the hawaiian print shirt he wore. He walked onto the grass. He had the rest of the day ahead of him, since he had finished all his work in the library. Finding a large tree, he front flipped in a smooth arc and landed straight on his back
  13. ((Lets get out of the desert then...)) ------- [I]This is...nice...[/I] Von smiled broadly as he continued to walk. He made idle chit chat with everyone as they continued, but never let go of Ciarra's hand. ----*two days later*---- They set foot in St. Helga, which was little more then a small town. A small, deserted town. Von looked around, thinking hard. "...should...should I remember this place? It seems so...familiar, but I cant place it..." The houses were in disrepair, and nothing looked alive. Von tried to open a door, but found it locked. Halas looked at him. "Well, ca
  14. Boru watched with satisfaction as she burned through the Acolytes. He saw several, alongside Cold, dissapear from sight. It didnt matter. He had a new weapon that was ten times more deadly then any his enemies owned. But it was...difficult to control at this point. Experimental to put it bluntly. "Very good Ziarre. I am impressed. However, you lack one thing..." She turned, glaring at him. His claws gripped her throat in a flash, lifting her high. She lashed out, but he tightened his grip. She felt her strength drain. Boru was still smiling. "You lack respect for the one who gave you thi
  15. I never wanted to do something so horrible again, so I quit. I couldnt get it out of my head for three years, and youd be surprised at how such a short amount of time can drag on. I never really felt human after that. So yeah, your right in that I shouldnt have done that, and your right in that I can never make amends, but you shouldve seen what he did to her. In my eyes, he deserved every blow. And the street fights had rules to, so its not that hard to believe actually. We didnt go to extremes or anything. We just fought for the money. Kind of sickening really.
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