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Which Systems do you have?  

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  1. 1. Which Systems do you have?

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Which gaming platforms do you have, And how many games do you have for each? Also, Which game is your favorite(for each)?

Gameboy color-15
Definately Dragon Warrior monsters. I have 2 copies and have put nearly 500 hours into it.

Gameboy advance(SP)-15
Pinball of the dead. Best. Pinball. Game. Ever.

Nintendo DS-3
Super Mario 64 DS. I owned it for N64 for several years and it still feels fresh.

Animal Crossing. Another game to reach 500 hours

Spyro 2 for having the perfect learnig curve.

Burnout 3. My first true adrenaline rush from a game.

Chu Chu Rocket. I beat it several times over and loved making my own courses

Unreal Tournament. Nothing does FPSing better.

Streets of rage. Nothing like a good brawl.

Goldeneye. I actually stayed up 'till 2 o'clock playing 3 player battle on the 23rd. It has that much staying power.
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[color=darkred][b]Atari:[/b] Really helped me waste the days away when I had those boring school holidays. I'd say my favourite game for it was Robocop, though the Robocop games moved up in the world later on when the SNES came around.

[b]Xbox:[/b] This didn't really inspire as much as the other consoles I had did. I dunno why, I guess it's just mainly because many of the games released for it never made an appeal to me. There was the odd game every now and then (like Panzer Dragoon), but I usually found that they got tedious during hours of constant play. Some of the newer games sound great though, like KOTORII, and Fable, but I don't have an Xbox anymore so they're the least of my worries at the moment.

[b]N64:[/b] Even though it was the SNES that first kicked off my love for Nintendo, the N64 did everything in its power to take that further for me. I mean, the N64 is home to a fistful of classics, including some of my very favourite titles to this date, such as Mario 64, SSMB, StarFox, and Goldeneye.

[b]GBA/SP:[/b] By far the most played system in my household. Not only are there some awesome, awesome titles for it, but it's handheld, which I absolutely love. Believe me, RPGs suit the format of the GBA so well that it's almost as if they were created for it. There's nothing better than having an SP by your side during long travels, especially with an RPG -- levelling up is one of the finest things you can do when stuck in aforementioned situation.

[b]GameCube:[/b] It's not that great, really. Well, compared to the GBA it isn't, anyway. However, I feel that the GCN totally smashes the other 3rd generation consoles, but that's just up to preference. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is a must have for any GCN owner, as is the first game, and a whole load of others, too. I don't think I had the same feeling with the GCN as I did when the N64 came around though, mainly because the N64 had many more games to offer that were worth buying, or at least playing. The last game I think I got all giddy and jumpy about for the GCN was Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

[b]SNES:[/b] YES! This is the one that did it for me. I still have my old SNES, and I've bought every revamped game to appear on the GBA that started on it that I loved so truly. Shows how crazy I am for the system. To be honest, in comparison to what's in store now, the SNES can beat it. The only major drawback of it are the horrible, small control pads, with their terribly small buttons, and the stiff shoulders... but hey, colour coded, so who's to complain? :D

[b]DreamCast:[/b] Nothing special here. Long story short, Chu Chu Rocket, Resident Evil: Code Veronica (even though the PS2 version is better), and Crazy Taxi (which was still terrible). I heard good things about Soul Calibur, but I'm not into fighting games and that, so I never really got the chance to test it out.

[b]Playstation:[/b] I love the PSX for all the same reasons as the SNES; it's original, and simple. Many of the games that followed its released may have been awful, but man were they fun. Jumping Flash, and Battle Arena Toshinden are good examples, though Toshinden transformed itself later on in order to turn it into a more adaptable fighter for those into that sort of thing, though that pretty much destroyed it for me.

[b]Playstation 2:[/b] Man, has this been nothing but a disappointment lately or what? Seriously, I don't like where the PS2 is heading. Much of what has been released is garbage, with the only real mainstay being GTA San Andreas, which I hate. Another thing, what's with the lack of decent RPGs? I see action, stealth, adventure, but hardly any good RPGs. Like the Xbox, the PS2 shines every once in a while, but I haven't lost faith yet.[/color]
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You should try out Burnout 3 or Ratchet and Clank 3. They have each kept my attention for 50+hours. Also, since you seem to be sort of an old school gamer(as I am) You should take a look at Midway arcade treasures 1+2. They showcase what pervious generations have to offer.
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[color=darkred]Yeah, I've been meaning to play the Burnout games for a while now, but there isn't any incentive for me to go out and rent either one of them because I generally dislike car related games, particularly racing games. I loved Destruction Derby though, so I can tell that Burnout won't be disappointing.[/color]
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