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  1. [quote name='James'][font=franklin gothic medium]So this is something that could reassure people who assert that the Bush Administration only looks out for its own members, even if they are under some kind of scandal or question.[/font][/QUOTE] Considering that she seems to think that being corrupt herself is perfectly fine I suspect that she'd be willing to cover herself with pardons if her administration screws up.
  2. [quote name='Lunox'][font=trebuchet ms] My bad, I read that too quickly. If there is one thing I like about Palin it's that it got so many people intereted in the presidential race again. [/font][/QUOTE] She's energizing mccain's base to abandon him for fear that this moronic pawn might someday wield power.
  3. Digital only has one disadvantage:the signal either makes it to your tv or it doesn't. No more fuzzy screens. It's either a color in the pixel or it's dead black. If anyone has any questions about the swap or how digital or analog work or how this affects tv stations, ask away. I'm a broadcasting major so I can answer pretty much any question you might have about the subject.
  4. [quote name='Raiha'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Sorry, unamused. In fact. Offended. So she did advocate abstinence only education. But attacks on her daughter are unwarranted and unworthy. Her daughter didn't choose an abortion, she chose to marry her boyfriend and carry her baby to term. Even Obama's said hands off her family. And that's probably the only other time I'll agree with him too.[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] When your mouth says "Abstinence education works" and your family says the exact opposite, you look like a fool.
  5. If you don't know at least the basics of major religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and counter movements such as atheism and agnosticism then your worldview must be at least marginally skewed towards your own thoughts of morality and other such ambiguous concepts when viewing those of another culture.
  6. Which OU are we talking about here? I just moved in yesterday and I'm enjoying it. I know a few people and they're helping me along in these first few days. What's really nice is that one of my best friends just told me that she was here as well. Instead of being 100 miles away she's hardly 60 feet away. It's like a movie moment where you think someone is gone forever and all of a sudden they're right back in your life again.
  7. Intelligent Design is not science, so it should stay out of science classrooms. Evolution has been studied and observed. A scientific theory is a well tested hypothesis that has proven to be consistently accurate. It's not a guess. Ideally children would not be taught about religion until their teenage years. I've seen too many people that teach their own beliefs to their children as fact and it tends to screw with their developing sense of logic
  8. Anyone that thinks that Barack Obama is just a bunch of fluff with no real political positions needs to actually read about him sometime instead of watching a speech and assuming that that is all he has to say.
  9. [quote name='James'][font=franklin gothic medium]Also I must admit, I really get annoyed by this whole "change" question. I'm not entirely sure why everyone thinks that Obama inherently represents change. Is it simply because he's black? Or because he is considered to be a political outsider?[/font][/QUOTE] There are many reasons he is considered the candidate of change. I'll refer you to his own words: [URL="http://www.barackobama.com/pdf/ObamaBlueprintForChange.pdf"]http://www.barackobama.com/pdf/ObamaBlueprintForChange.pdf[/URL]
  10. Hillary should concede because the race is no longer effectively over, it IS over.
  11. Graduated last night. It hurts so much more than I thought it would.
  12. [quote name='Raiha'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]But I take it all with good grace because I know it isn't Big Oil's fault as much as it's the Government's fault. Remove the taxes on gas and suddenly it all just becomes so much less ponderous. But government likes taxing the American people so long as they suffer it in silence.[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] Reducing the tax or 18.5 cents wouldn't do a thing for prices; oil companies would compensate with an immediate 18.5 cent increase. It's 3.89 for regular in Elizabethtown Kentucky. Regular has yet to hit $4 here.
  13. Foreign policy is the biggest issue we have today. That's the most polarizing issue we have to make up our minds about before november. On one hand we have a candidate that wants to put other countries on a level playing field with us while on the other we have a candidate that is convinced that we just can't bomb enough brown people. Iran will never attack the united states. Ever. I don't know why people think that this is even a remote possibility. They might be kinda sorta close to the bomb we developed 63 years ago. The bomb would never make it to the US and even if it did it wo
  14. [quote name='Korey'][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Time, maybe. Talent? Nah, anyone can learn an instrument if they [B]really dedicated themselves[/B] to it. It's not like people are pre-destined from birth with the ability to dance, be a DJ, or play an instrument. It's all what you decide to dedicate yourself to. But I digress...[/FONT][/QUOTE] That's they key though. Not everyone [I]wants[/I] to take the time to learn. They just want to play the songs.
  15. [quote name='Korey'][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]I think it's overall better just to play a REAL instrument, but I may be wrong. I played Rock Band for a little while and I still would rather go back to real instruments any day of the week. [/FONT][/QUOTE] Not everyone has the time or talent for that sort of thing but they still like to play music. That's pretty much the reason rhythm games exist.
  16. Fake cymbals will never work. This is why harmonix didn't do them in the first place. Just tapping a drum stick against a thin piece of plastic or metal should've clued neversoft in to this fact. And creating your own note charts is not nearly as fun as it sounds.
  17. 5 Hour Energy is the only one that's really worthwhile, and it really has none of the crap that Raiha was talking about except taurine, which isn't harmful as long as you don't take it all the time, just like just about any other substance.
  18. The site is completely useless. It has forumopolis at 4200 views a day when it probably gets that many posts a day. And myspace hasn't been worth 400 million dollars for quite some time. There's a b in there somewhere nowadays.
  19. [quote name='Nerdsy'][color=deeppink]No, it doesn't. Lesser problems should not be ignored simply because their are bigger ones. Hey, you know what else war is more of a concern than? Petty theft. Let's ignore that.[/color][/QUOTE] This is assuming that gay people getting married is a problem.
  20. [quote name='Nerdsy'][color=deeppink]Ah, the old "something's worse" argument. Because if it's not among the worst things there are, it doesn't deserve attention.[/color][/QUOTE] The argument works in this respect; war is a larger concern than questionable morality.
  21. [quote name='Jeremiah']I'm fine with it so long as they don't force churches/mosques etc to perform a ceremony that they are against.[/QUOTE] I don't see any logical reason to expect them to force religious institutions to perform gay marriages when the fact that they perform straight marriages is only because that's what people want. And why would gay people want to be married by a pastor that disagrees with their lifestyles? Why even attend a bigoted church if they're bigoted against you?
  22. [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]By contrast, racial discrimination is [B]il[/B]legal, and yet Affirmative Action is still necessary.[/FONT][/QUOTE] Since when is affirmative action necessary?
  23. [quote name='Drizzt Do'urden']You know, I can't say whether or not I agree with it. I guess it was inevitable, I've been against gay marriage for awhile...sadly enough not for the reason of "Gay is Evil" that floats around. I guess my thing is (at least where I'm from) every major company you work for recognizes gay couples for insurance. My fiancee's cousin is gay. His life partner is on his insurance. They've only lived together for 6 months. And where together only 2 months before that. Meanwhile MY fiancee and I have been together for over 4 years. But I can't get her on my insurance
  24. I just couldn't get into this game and one of the main reasons is the graphics. I find them to be just too little an improvement over the older games in overall model appearance and it feels as though you're looking through a moderate haze to actually see what's going on half the time. There's no reason why they couldn't have made real shadows like they even had way back in GTA III and let you choose perspectives when driving. Over the shoulder running is bad enough. Over the shoulder[I] driving[/I] has never been done in a game before for good reason. I would say anyone interested should
  25. [quote name='Nerdsy'][color=deeppink]I don't think anyone actually believes that a significant number of people will abandon a political party for the other just because their nominee of choice isn't picked. Where are you getting that? [/color][/QUOTE] Right here: [quote name='Nerdsy'][color=deeppink]The one with with the most votes in a contested state is considered the one most capable of beating the opponent.[/color][/QUOTE] This is saying that whoever wins the most votes from democratic registered voters will win the most from independents, which makes no sense whatsoever.
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