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From Eroica With Love


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One of the titles currently being released by CMX (DC Comics' new manga imprint), From Eroica With Love is a delightful shoujo classic. Clever, sublimely funny and just a little bit over-the-top, it centers around the escapades of one Earl Dorian Red Gloria, a flamboyant, narcissistic sensualist who moonlights as "Eroica," a notorious art thief. Chance pits him against the disciplined, uptight German officer Major Klaus, and thus the hijinks begin.

I particularly like Eroica's artwork. It's quite old-fashioned, with delicate, graceful lines and impossibly slender characters. That adds a lot to the manga's charm. There's also a great deal of shounen-ai innuendo (the Earl is openly gay) but it's often played for laughs, and generally doesn't extend beyond the level of subtext. Fans of Pet Shop of Horrors might enjoy this series, as it offers a somewhat similar dynamic.

So, has anyone else heard of or read this? It doesn't seem to have gotten that much press, although the first volume has been out for at least two months.

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